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Best Skateboard Backpack: Best Skateboarding Backpack and Skateboard Bag Reviewed

Skateboarding is not limited to pulling off tricks anymore. It's evolved and is currently used for transport on roads combined with being a recreational activity!

Now skateboarders ride round the streets to markets, schools, and much more and they must have an organized means of keeping and carrying their skateboards protected when not being used. As a result of this, you may be on the search for the Best Skateboard Backpack!

Carrying out your board in your hand for long periods of time isn't the solution.  Let us help you discover the Best Skateboard Backpacks on the market today! We have a peek at a few of the best backpacks that hold skateboards.

Quick Answer: Top 5 Best Skateboard Backpacks

1. Best Skateboard Backpack: Eastsport Skater Backpack Review

Eastsport are committed in creating a perfect skater backpack that packages the needs of skaters, providing them enough room to carry all of the necessities that they would like to.

The straps on the bag make sure that the board remains secure and safe.

This bag has a a lot of room on the inside, allowing you to fit laptops, books and much more alongside your board.

It weighs about 1.5 lbs and has cushioned rear panel to supply you more comfort and support and reduce the strain on your shoulder, neck and back. The double velcro skater compression straps will make sure your skateboard is secure.

It is created from 100% cotton, and it's a gorgeous layout that comes in 4 different colors. It's a waterproof bag, and the fabric can shield it from the water.

It includes features that match every skateboarders needs, and its own budget-friendly cost makes this one of the best skateboard backpacks.

It includes a lifetime warranty so that you can replace it whenever you would like.

The liner is also 100 percent Polyester. The zipper closed can keep your valuables secure. It includes an inner sleeve for notebooks.  The side pockets are tight, and it has a drop sleeve to your sunglasses. So if you're looking for an amazing bag, this is for you!

2. Best Skateboard Laptop Backpack: Vans Skater Backpack Review

The Vans Treflip backpack is just another item in Vans proud history. It's made of sturdy polyester, and it includes several external pockets and an internal laptop sleeve.

The  shoulder are very sturdy and won't snap like some other bags. The bag doesn't have alot pockets and this may hinder its effectiveness, but the amount interior space can compensate for this. Vans' Treflip is a high-quality backpack that generally priced in the mid-range of the backpacks with this list.

This skater backpack is a budget-friendly backpack that is made of 100 percent Polyester ensuring amazing durability and relaxation.

Together with the dedicated notebook storage, a large main compartment, and two protected straps on the front, you'll be able to easily take it into your college, when your traveling, or your office.

It provides a lifetime guarantee, so if it ever breaks you can be sure Vans will cover you. It's a goggles or sunglasses pocket that's not 100% lined with a soft cloth.

This bag works great for weekend excursions, and it could easily match your laundry, notebook, and small products. The straps at the front may carry boards with deck dimensions of marginally 9.5".

This is the perfect bag for the casual skater, and will allow you to easily take your board wherever you go!

3. Best Skateboard Holder Backpack: ELEMENT Mohave Skater Backpack Review

This list would have been incomplete without this well-known brand. The Element Mohave backpack models are among the best choices out on the industry.

There are numerous colors and dimensions available to select from. The backpack has a capacity as it could comfortably carry your board along with other things.

To attach a plank to this shredder back, you merely use the straps that readily click to release and fold.

In 28 liters, the inside is big without wasting space, and it's also padded to protect your possessions. The plank straps are adjustable and contain ultra-convenient centrally situated plastic buckles.

4. Best Skateboard Bookbag: DC WolfBred Skater Backpack Review

Even though it has ample, weatherproof external pockets, the Wolfbred does  not have many pockets, but it's still an amazing high-quality bag.  Its sturdy construction means it's going to last, and its elastic plank straps will accommodate all sizes of boards. It is a  classic bag and possibly the best skateboard back on this listing.

It's constructed from 600D polyester, and there's double stitching on the sides which makes sure the bag lasts for a long time.

It sports notebook compartment where it's possible to continue to keep the 15-inch notebook computer. 

If you are looking for a backpack that you can take you your stuff in, and also feel comfortable this is the bag for you!

5. Best Backpack with Skateboard Straps: Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack Review

This backpack is perfect for the everyday skater!

It provides an 100% smell proof carbon filter, and a skateboard secure straps so you can take your skateboard anywhere. 

This backpack is perfect for all skateboard riders and will allow you to easily bring you skateboard anywhere you go. It also has a nice design and looks good. 

It's a very durable bag that is guaranteed to last a while due to the fabric used, and it's also a very secure coming with a combination lock so you won't have to worry about anyone opening your back and stealing your belongings.

Things to consider before choosing a skateboard backpack!

skateboard bag

You have to think about a couple of aspects before purchasing. There are a couple of critical qualities you want to search for in the backpack to make sure your needs are catered too. The ideal bag is one that's, functional, and stylish. With all these types to select from, it might be smart to read on and find out how to choose your backpack!

Purpose of Usage

You have to look at where you're likely to utilize this backpack and what attributes you need. As an example, if you're supposed to use this backpack for daring activites such as camping, hiking, or travel on rough terrain, then you have to decide on a backpack with a considerable quantity of storage to store your skateboard and other essentials necessary for survival in tough places. If you're supposed to use the backpack in wet regions, you have to start looking for a water-resistant bag. If your looking it too use it daily, you may need a backpack that will last. You might choose to carry your notebook to school, or college, and for this, you will need to search for bags with specific notebook sleeves that can keep your computer secure. Additionally, most of all, you have to search for backpacks with straps that keep your skateboards nicely set up.


Skateboard Backpacks aren't like regular backpacks, and their dimensions and capability ought to be analyzed carefully to make sure they will fit, not just your board but whatever else you might choose to carry. Skateboarders frequently have to take nearly everything in their back. If you're merely carrying your skateboard into your local skate parks, you could  purchase one that is smaller but still is big enough to carry your skateboard. But if you're carrying your papers, your notebook, or even clothing, you have to start looking for a backpack having more quantity to accommodate all of your possessions together with the skateboard. Things such as Dakine Skateboard Backpacks are very large and different from normal skate board backpacks.

girl skate backpacks


If you're supposed to carry your skateboard or your possessions in a close area, you may overlook comfort. But if you're supposed to use the backpack regularly and to get a somewhere far, relaxation isn't something that you can compromise. You have to start looking for a bag that doesn't damage your shoulders or back. Instead. Instead, you should search for backpacks that are intended to decrease the load on you and make sure you are comfortable for extended periods of usage.


Skateboard Backpacks are used quite roughly. They are frequently thrown around and thrown. They undergo very demanding usage. Because of this, they need to be extremely durable to be certain they don't readily damage too shortly. You might search for totes with a polyester coat or substances which are durable and based upon your use, maybe also water-resistant.

Design Of Skateboard Bags

Considering all the above-mentioned important features considered, you will finally also wish to search for something which looks cool! There are many distinct styles, colors, and brands according to your budget and style sense that there ought to be a skateboard backpack to fit even the most style-conscious skater.

Reasons to Have a Skateboard backpack.

Here we're speaking about using backpacks throughout skateboarding; however, you may also use them while heading for trekking, overseas excursions, college, meetings, or colleges. It gives multipurpose to the backpack.

Together with the skateboard, you can fill your laptop when going to school, clothing while going for trekking and notebooks as well as other gadgets when visiting a meeting.
They're great for use in any action suiting all of the prerequisites that you need in a backpack by carrying all of your stuff correctly.

1. Maintaining your belongings in an organized manner

The very best skateboard backpacks comprise lots of roomy pockets to help keep your requirements in an organized manner.

There is a notebook compartment for keeping your notebook securely, then a significant compartment supporting notebook compartment to keep your laptops, clothes.

Well, each backpack comprises distinct pockets, but complete every package gives space for maintaining your material in an organized manner so that whenever you want them, you put them on time since you know exactly where you have set your keys or sunglasses or publications.

2. Protect your stuff

The skateboard is fastened properly inside both straps along with your notebook in the cushioned notebook compartment.

How to find the perfect skateboard backpack for you

The dimensions of backpacks are usually measured in gallons. Moreso, the extent of a normal backpack will vary from around 15 liters to 30 liters. However, what does this mean? Here are a few little things that will help you understand these dimensions when purchasing online. First, an instance of a 17-liter skateboard backpack would be your Santa Cruz Plaza backpack on the list.

Broadly, this backpack will fit a small laptop or tablet computer, and they frequently feature one major compartment. Larger isn't always better when it comes to skateboard backpacks since this size tote is ideal for skaters who'll wear the bag regularly while skating areas and who don't have to attract a weekend's worth of equipment together everywhere. Should you use your backpack for this, a bigger bag will get a hassle as the excessive area also means more fat and less move-ability.

 On the opposite end of the spectrum, we can go until the 30-liter variety of backpacks. A good instance of that is your Element Mohave backpack on the list.

As you could imagine, more distance means that you can bring more things along and also a 30-liter backpack is capable of transporting a full-sized laptop in addition to a weekend's worth of clothing and equipment. When you're searching for something with more space than day luggage but less than the usual travel-size tote, you're going to want to check around the 22-27 liter assortment of bicycle backpacks.

small skateboard backpack

Even though a durable and tough design is fine, the truth is that not everyone requires it. Skateboard backpacks possess material characteristics that help them resist usage that is harsh or traveling.

However, when you are attempting to make an educated purchase decision and these features come at a cost, you should not cover more than you need! Below are a few hints. If you're planning to bring your back to the skatepark daily and place it down to the asphalt floor often, think about a tote with a reinforced bottom section that's frequently seen in much more premium-level bags.

If you are planning to wear the bag from house to your college locker daily and it is not often outside in the components, you likely don't have to pay more with this attribute. Can you select on up your backpack? Otherwise, you don't require a high handle that is perhaps handled, or fortified with vinyl! Can you ride or drive the bus daily? Maybe high-tech water-resistant cloth is not vital for you.

 Knowing your requirements can allow you to realize just how much it makes sense to invest more.

skateboard strap

We have determined that straps are kind of if you are looking for a backpack when contemplating attributes. This is mainly the vital characteristic that distinguishes a glider backpack from a typical backpack; therefore, the only point to think about here is if you need a bag with horizontal or vertical plank straps. This is merely a personal taste. There are lots of characteristics that vary between totes, below are a few points. To begin with, a difference can be made by a tote with two pockets.

 Do you have to divide clothing that is dirty and your clothing while? Otherwise, this probably is not that significant and will make a difference in the purchase price of the bag that you want. Can you bring books areas or your notebook? This can allow you to know if you want a notebook or"networking" pocket. Can you take your sunglasses or cell phone? Some bags feature a particular pocket that is lined with cloth for telephone displays or sunglasses. Can you live somewhere hot or intend to wear the bag while skateboarding?

This attribute comes at a cost, although shoulder straps or A part can make wearing your bag more comfortable in such situations. Do you intend to go on excursions where your luggage is filled with clothing for some time? If this is the case, perhaps the priciest Skunk tote on the list is worth the expense for how you'll utilize the tote.

Among the most typical strategies to attach your skateboard would be to utilize straps. These operate by looping about your board's brakes and around the peak of your backpack and are usually very secure and dependable for most plank and backpack styles.

If your longboard or walker be somewhat thicker, or your purse too mild to attach bungee straps also, you may even use specialized straps that are available on the net.

All these come in a selection of styles and are individually designed to match the sort of board or backpack you've got.

skateboard travel bag

Could these backpacks be Used as school bags also?

This is the very best portion of purchasing a fantastic glider backpack or longboard backpack -- they may also be utilized as normal college bags or faculty bags also, which means that you can double your own usage.

Having a fantastic glider backpack, you won't have to carry around a few luggage -- only toss your college things, skateboard, and other things right into one of our preferred luggage, and you are ready to go

Fit -- Can it be Comfortable Enough?

Because it is a deal-breaker, it is listed. A backpack has to be designed while skating to work, and its own owner must be suited by that layout. Provided that the straps are flexible, fitment will be much more subjective than objective. It's all about relaxation.

Think about what your uses purchase, and for the backpack is going to be. You don't travel much, or if you aren't a school student, think about one of those more packs. The excess distance in a massive pack is merely wasted, and it becomes cumbersome and has in the way. Likewise, if you'll be loading your package, go big. Remember, when purchasing hotter months, you will probably have to place layers of clothes from the package as you skate around. Be certain space will probably be there once you want it.


Whether you're searching for a glider backpack, longboard backpack, or ideas for the best way best to strike a barbell into a backpack, we have covered all you want to know.

Skateboarding and longboarding ought to be fun regardless of the weather; also, you need to have the ideal backpack which could keep up with your speed and fashion and does not violate the bank. If you're looking for the Best Skateboards Guide, Here is
Skatespheres Guide!

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