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How to ice skate – Learning How to Ice Skate For Beginners

​A Simple Guide on How to Ice Skate For Beginners

Ice skating is such an enjoyable experience. If you are thinking of trying it out for the first time, then it is indeed a good move. Ice skating does not have any age limits or any restrictions whatsoever; you only need to have good health and be physically fit. You may be in fear of falling or sliding off, or you probably think that it looks silly. 

This activity is not only fun but also an excellent workout to keep your body exercised and hence preventing some health conditions, and it is this worth trying out. If you find enjoyment in it, then it is time to work it out. This article is meant to guide you through an enjoyable experience if you are ice skating for the first time.

learning how to ice skate


You need to wear some protective garments while going out for ice skating. The weather is so cold, and you need to protect yourself fully. You will need a pair of gloves, a warm jacket or a sweatshirt depending on your preferences. Avoid exposing your skin due to the cold temperatures and also for protection reasons. Wearing shorts would be risky, especially when you fall, you are likely to peel your skin off.

Get the perfect size of skates and also buy some pairs of warm socks to avoid blisters in the cold weather. The type of skates you choose can significantly impact on your skating experience. Over-sized shoes or smaller shoe sizes may be uncomfortable to skate with. Therefore you must fit them comfortably as you choose your ideal skates. Keep your laces tied up.

The skating experience

You have everything that you need in place, and it is thus time to skate in the ice. You should ensure that there a no people rushing or pushing to get on the ice quickly. You could be patient or choose a different location to skate to avoid spilling or living the blade in the ice.

Simple steps to ice skating

If you have a rail around you or a hockey board, then you could hold firmly on to it for a better balance. You can now step up and begin skating in the ice. Ensure that you slightly bent your knees to avoid falling. Trying pushing one foot to the other in slow motion until you get used to skating in the ice.

If you need to switch from one foot to the other, you could lift one foot off the ice at a time as you push the other foot forward. You can as well get an idea from what other experienced skaters are working it out, or you could as well seek some guidance from them.

In case you are accidentally falling backward a then you could bend your knees and support yourself fully with your hands on the ground. There is nothing to tense about as long as you follow the guideline keenly. If you feel that you are falling forward, then you as well need to support yourself on the ground with your hands. You will not peel off your skin since you are already in gloves. Do not try to get rigid; this way, you are likely to injure yourself on the hard floor severely. If you are not hurt, then there is no reason to long on the ice. It could be risky lying on the ice while other people are still skating. Someone can quickly run over you and incur serious injuries.

Take time to balance your feet on the ice before you can start skating again. You could roll over into your feet with both hands on the ice as you try to stand on the ice firmly. Remember to bent down your knees as begin skating again. You could as well get help from other people if you are afraid or use a rail to support yourself. It only gets difficult if you tend to be rigid or afraid. Feel free and keenly follow the steps to an enjoyable experience.

how to ice skate faster

Ice skating tips for beginners

Do not look down

It is common for beginners to keep looking on their feet. This could be risky as you could quickly run over other people. It is always recommended that you focus on the direction you are going to promptly identify any obstacles or anything that you could collide with.

•Get a decent pair of skates

The type of skate you get for your ice skating experiences is a crucial thing to factor out. Get skates that can comfortably fit you and serve you for long. Tie skates are mostly preferred for beginners.

•Get a friend to train you

You need to master out the basics, and you can as well get a friend to help you learn and master every trick for better skating.

•Skate in the right direction

There is always the direction guided upon on which to skate. It could either be clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on the guideline. Taking a different could be risky, and you are likely to hurt yourself or others.

•Make use of rinks or some nearby posts

You will probably be afraid of ice skating for the first time. You are a bit sure how to get started nor how to valance yourself on the ice. If you have a nearby post or rink, then you need to make use of it to support yourself while stepping up or whenever you want to stop.

•Don't lean backward

Leaning backward will only get you falling from your backside. It is this advisable always to keep your knees bent in the forward direction.

learning how to ice skate


Ice skating is indeed an enjoyable experience that you should try out. However, you need to follow the proper instructions to get started and have a better skating experience. Take it easy, and it only gets difficult if you become rigid and resistance to moving while staking. Master out the skating basics and let a friend guide you through it. It is fun, and you will also be able to keep your body fit through the regular workouts.

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