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Quest Longboard Review: Are Quest Longboards Any Good?

quest longboard review

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard from Quest longboards isa board that really will provide an amazing experience. -- it's incredible approach to glide around town in class and style while being eco-friendly and fast.

Among one of the most popular longboards on the current market, the Quest Super Cruiser longboard is well known for being among the best decks out there. This is because of being cheap, secure, durable, and being a genuinely quality board.

Quest Longboard Review: Quest Super Cruiser Review

Here's our in-depth review of the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard!

It's constructed from walnut hardwood and multi-ply Artisan bamboo. The board has superior wheel attachment and excellent all-around riding adventure, the deck includes wheel  and a kicktail.

It contains Hollow risers and has trucks made from aluminum — these and wheels with a diameter of 70mm. The wheels have an 80A durometer, which is attached to the trucks through Precision ABEC bearings, the wheels are very high-quality.

Usually, this means you require a longboard or skateboard to match your preferred lifestyle--and Quest does not disappoint. While not among the most famous longboard companies, such as Sector 9 or even Arbor, they surely have held their own through time, creating a name for themselves among riders.

Despite this non-widespread-popularity, they have established a market, by focusing on riders and always asking any improvements they want to see. As a result of this "do-it-all" mindset, they have created excellent cruisers, boards, and more. So you can be sure of the high-quality of these boards.

Since the beginning, they have been very environmentally-conscious. So, all their bamboo and maple are sourced naturally. Their history might not be long, but it is filled with abundance and morality. Up to now, they have landed a place in my leading brands in skateboarding.

The board also has an amazing deck, and all the parts of the board work together to create an amazing experience.

Quest is a business that is proven itself time-and-time-again they're the masterminds behind what folks desire.

Together with the Super Cruiser, Quest appears to have taken the expression longboard rather literally. This item is massive. The Super Cruiser is based on other over-sized commuters, however.

They're somewhat tricky because of their function, can't take much abuse with no repainting, and have a tendency to snack on little parts of road debris (pebbles, twigs, etc.).

However, for some longboard of the price tag, they're far better than average. They're a amazing board t, and their rigid and strangely shaped bushings may be strange, but they're ​a reliable board.

The Super Cruiser, such as most of the Quest boards, uses Quest trucks and wheels.

Are Quest Longboards Good - Reviewing The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo and The Quest Skateboard

Among the very first things that everyone sees when they consider the Quest Super Cruiser is the decking is made from premium quality materials. It's created out of a wood multi-ply Maple. The Maple that's employed in the initial decking moves through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure it will defy the excess amounts of strain and force it is going to endure throughout the riding procedure.

Adding to the firmness of the plank would be the 7-inch aluminum trucks at the 70 millimeters PDU wheels. The trucks and the wheels are designed to encourage a good deal of weight and also to consume a good deal of force without repainting or breaking. A bigger rider may feel secure when they're on this board.

Why The Quest 44 Inch Longboard Is Good

This longboard is long enough, and that's the reason it's regarded as the perfect longboard. It's the ideal longboard as it's considered not too brief or too long. The period of the plank is set in 44 inches. This is far better than these planks, which can be very long. Many riders don't like extremely longboards as they cannot possess a comfy ride with these kinds of boards. Due to the perfect length, it's easy for anyone to use it; for example, beginners who wouldn't find it challenging to restrain the board. When the boards are too brief, then it may be tricky to ride it also. The length is simply perfect, and everyone will love riding it.

The longboard is superbly designed, and that's the reason why almost everybody is pleased using it, as may be understood in the fantastic reviews and recommendations. It utilizes 44 inches deck, and it's constructed using a mix of many cherry and wood bamboo. This usually means that the board is sturdy and not just that, it's lasting and can serve you for a lengthy time. The wheels are made up of PU, and they're rugged also. The key is made up of aluminum stuff and so forth. Another thing worthy of notice here is that aluminum and PU stayed the best stuff for the building of wheels and trucks.

This skateboard is made for both the novice and experienced riders. For beginners that the board is perfect for them since it doesn't just allow them to understand the ability; it permits them to grasp and perfect the ability too. It gives experienced riders the chance to display their riding skills. Riders don't eliminate balance when using the board since it contains black grip tape.

quest longboards

When you receive the walker, you may find it is already assembled. This is excellent since it implies that you aren't likely to bother yourself gathering the components, they're already built for you. If you prefer, you may apply additional decorations to relish the look.

Taking this longboard out to your way, I frankly didn't expect that much out of a plank this cheap. But, I was amazed looking at the notes I'd taken after a challenging week and several miles of riding.

Among the principal aspects I came off after riding this board was how eloquent every ride was. Every element, from the wheels into the trucks to the primary body of the plank, helped remove the feel of rocky streets and left me only gliding through the roads.

Additionally, I discovered that, while generally, I'm a lover of longboards using semi-flexible decks like the Loaded Vanguard, the rigid deck functions for its Super Cruiser.

But if you're trying to find a board for cruising, the primary thing you're likely to be considering is how simple it's to push the plank (it's simple, I replied this directly above) and just how well the board turns. All things considered, these pesky pedestrians will not go from the way so that you're likely to get to maneuver around those slowpokes yourself.

I tried the tightest turns and carved onshore near me that had sharp 90 degree turns, narrow corners sharp turns on mountains, and I am pleased to report the Quest Super Cruiser fulfills this condition also.

Expert Opinion

This is a prevalent board. The experts can clarify the reasons:

The substance is quite significant quality. The wood is extremely durable but is made to be flexible. If you don't enjoy the surf-like texture of this board, you could always tighten the trucks up to get a cleaner journey.

Riders of all weights and heights had no troubles using the plank. The board retained equilibrium for the majority of riders and supplied the ideal match.

Customers that purchased it for their kids ten decades or older had no difficulties with the board concerning sizing.

It's an excellent entry-level longboard. You receive a longboard that is made from excellent stuff without paying a steep cost. It is absolutely a fantastic value for the money.

The longboard includes rust and rust-resistant trucks, which means that you don't need to think about riding in wet conditions.

It's an extremely comfortable ride. Many say it has a surf-like texture yet keeps equilibrium.

The other elements, such as the wheels, trucks, and bearings, are of adequate quality. They may be updated, but many clients enjoyed the functionality right from the box.

Cons of quest boards

There are some drawbacks that clients have brought upon this particular board:

Although it's flexible, some riders discovered it had been a little too rigid for their liking. They attempted to correct it but could not get it directly without sacrificing equilibrium and sturdiness.

The paint finish was not clean enough, and a few clients minor scratches from the tail. While noteworthy, these items did not impact performance.

Seasoned riders believe that riding the board directly from the box is not optimal. They thought that it had higher quality wheels and bearings. But following these updates were created, they were happy with the board.

Clients that weighed 200 pounds discovered that although the board itself was permanent, the components were not durable enough. The trucks or bearings sustained damaged in a couple of weeks of usage; therefore, it might not be perfect for heavier ride

quest super cruiser longboard

Q: Is your deck good enough for town transport?

If you would like to use it to get town transport, then you've got to be sure the terrain is smooth. The wheels can take little barriers, but they aren't great enough to take intense abuses and barriers.

Q: Is the board good for beginners?

A: Yes, even beginners can ride the longboard, so that they are going to find it favorable enough. But you will have to keep one thing in mind that is, the deck comes very long in dimension and is supposed to be for cruising, which means you may feel uneasy about using it initially, but the encounter and exercise can enable you to be an expert.

The trucks do an adequate job if you would like to find some more functionality, but for this, you need to tighten them. Should they keep on unsatisfactory you, then it is possible to elect for substituting them.

Q: Is the deck long lasting?

A: Obviously, the deck is more lasting. The deck of this longboard was made up of walnut and bamboo to create it enough hardy to ride.

Individuals may learn how to skate with this very durable skateboard and may also master a particular set of abilities.

It's durable and sturdy and will get you through numerous falls without breaking up and creating a massive dent in your pocket.


We hope your are able to make a decision and purchase this board as it really is high-quality. Check out our guide on the Best Longboards

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