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Santa Cruz Longboard Reviews – Santa Cruz Skateboard Review

santa cruz longboard

Ever since that time, they've been in the forefront of skateboard design and invention. Their goods are contained in the vast majority of skateboarding events which have occurred at the latter portion of their 20th century and during the entirety of this 21st century.

 They did so by challenging how people saw skateboarding brakes when they devised sealed posture bearing wheels. In a month or two of unveiling this layout, Santa Cruz was generating over 70,000 of those exceptional wheels each month.

 Among those following skateboarding creations from Santa Cruz was that of incorporating complex picture designs for their boards. Included in these is the Sun God, a layout that's still extremely common today.

 When they began to start their longboards they discovered that a similar reaction from the consumer because Santa Cruz was a renowned manufacturer from the very start. They maintain all of the standards to obtain attention from the consumer. The majority of the goods are durable and long-lasting. These longboards are created out of particular care both for novice and the experienced rider. So enjoy our santa cruz longboard reviews and santz cruz skateboard reviews!

Lion God Rasta Drop Santa Cruz Longboard Review

Santa Cruz's Lion God version is a cruising-oriented drop-through layout, which will be decked out from the Pan-African colors of red, gold and green. The Lion God consists of nine plies of maple, and it's substantial taco-shaped concave, but it doesn't have any drop down.

 This Santa Cruz fall through includes Road Rider 180 trucks, which are so named due to their 180mm aluminum hangers. Their 45-degree baseplates are aluminum, along with the 180s include traditional barrel-conical bushing mix.

 The classic, high-rebound Road Rider brakes are 72mm tall using a cushy 78a durometer. They're soft and grippy, and they manage debris nicely. They'll do the job nicely for a little while, but an update is likely to make the Lion God a decent back board.

 The surf-inspired Cali Pintail conveys images with seminal skate artist Jim Phillips. It's nine layers of walnut, has a subtle W-concave, also can be 9.58 inches wide and 39 inches . If this sounds brief, take a look at the other Santa Cruz pintail, the Mahaka Rasta, together with is 43.5 inches . The Cali includes a brief 5.4-inch tail to permit for kick turns. Additionally, it includes clear grip tape to flaunt the artisan-like woodgrain.

Board Review

The Santa Cruz Pintail includes Road Rider 180mm, reverse-kingpin trucks. The wheels would be the grippy and quick 72mm Road Riders using a 78a durometer. A posture update will help it become a fantastic around-town cruiser.

 Much as with other skateboard and longboard businesses, Santa Cruz uses in-house components to compose its own endings. The distinction is that the wheels and trucks straightened on Santa Cruz longboard decks come from legit companies which are also under the NHS umbrella.

 These brands provide Santa Cruz complete longboards a border in quality over a number of other longboard businesses.

 The whole inlay of Bobba Fett features with this board. It sports mapa burl, rustic burl, padouk, black walnut timber veneers, and it's then hand assembled.

 This exceptional deck has been given its sequential number together with a certification of authenticity, which means that you may be assured it is a real product that's certain to be of a high quality.

 This board steps at 5.75 x 16.38 x 37.17 inches and features a twelve month guarantee. This Bobba Fett designed plank from Santa Cruz is a popular solution for those that love the Star Wars collection, in addition to people who only need a top excellent board to flaunt their interests and character.

 This plank steps at 8.375 x 32 inches and is made by 100 percent American Maple. Since this board just uses the maximum quality materials, it is possible to ride it for as tough as you would like without anxieties of it cracking or breaking .

 The Rasta Dot Skateboard includes the Santa Cruz emblem in the conventional Rastafarian crimson, yellow and green design.

santa cruz skateboard review

The board includes a moderate concave which makes it ideal for performing tricks such as kickflips and ollies without difficulty.

 As with other boards in the current market, this can be manufactured in china and includes a guarantee, which means you will not need to worry about replacing it for a substantial quantity of time.

Santa Cruz has been a board business in the 1980s, and it remains one now. These setups are about the deck. Nine-ply Canadian or American hard rock maple is your recipe du jour.

 The majority of the additional components in those finishes are high quality, however, the decks are top-tier.

 Santa Cruz utilizes a small modular plan from its own longboard lineup, where the exact same form is going to be decked out in distinct paint and images to include more goods. Land Shark versions come and go, but the layout remains unchanged. The exact same is true for its pintails and drop-throughs, along with many other present contours.

 Until lately, Santa Cruz outfitted almost all of its whole longboards using Bullet trucks, which can be just another name in the storied NHS history. Bullet trucks are strong and well-engineered, although maybe somewhat less well-known as sister firm Independent.

 The recent versions include Road Rider trucks, that are not actually an improvement within Bullets. Riders get eloquent turns way.

Wheels of Santa Cruz Skateboards

Older versions of Santa Cruz longboards got OJ II wheels, and it will be a title in the time when Santa Cruz has been on peak of the skateboard market.

 The first urethane skateboard wheels wore the Road Rider title, but these really are still an upgraded version with new urethane.

 They're gummy, and they've phenomenal grip and a buttery ride. Road Riders are excellent cruiser wheels, but freeriders and downhill riders might want to create a shift.

Bearings - An Area For Improvement

This is a tender place. NHS possesses Bronson and Independent, both manufacturers of precision bearings. For some reason, however, Santa Cruz uses generic bearings on its own longboards.

 They're fine in the beginning, but they soon start to break under heavy usage. Some could get quicker, but others are going to rattle and slow their roster.

 Santa Cruz may nevertheless find the chance to outpace its competitors with fantastic bearings out of a sister business, but until then, a brand new pair of decent rollers will be in order.

 Until then it is a fantastic idea to find another pair of bearings, like Bones Reds or some other from our listing.


 There we have it the top four Santa Cruz decks for this particular season. We hope you found this listing informative and beneficial, in addition to teaching you about the numerous choices which are available on the industry.

 Santa Cruz provides a premium choice on boards on many different topics like TV shows and films, in addition to the classic brands which have been popular because skateboarding has been around.

 The business provides a number of the very best wood in the company, attached to a decent, but not hardware.

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