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The Importance of Stretching: How to stretch, the benefits and more

Not only can stretching improve flexibility, and can improve posture and much more.

Through this article, we’ll go over why stretching is so important and how to get the most out of stretching!

What are the five benefits of stretching?

1. Increases Flexibility

This is the most well-known benefit of stretching. Regular stretching can increase your flexibility and help you perform everyday activities. 

Without stretching, your muscles can shorten and become tight, which can put you at risk for strains and muscle damage. Flexibility is crucial for exercise, and stretching will increase your flexibility, which is a huge benefit.

2. Improves your posture

Your posture is something that is quite important and making sure you can keep proper posture is vital for everyday life. 

A recent study found stretching specific muscle groups can promote proper alignment, which will improve your posture.

3. Reduces Stress

Stress is something that we all have, at times, something that is impossible to avoid. We all live busy lives, and decreasing stress is essential.

Stretching has been shown to reduce mental tension and can help reduce anxiety and depression. Reducing stress is a massive benefit of stretching, so if your under a lot of stress, try and do some stretching.

4. Reduced Pain & Stiffness

Muscular tension can cause huge discomfort, and many studies have shown that performing stretching can decrease stiffness in the body. 

If you have muscle cramps, stretching will help reduce these cramps, and that is a massive benefit of stretching.

5. Enhanced Performance

If you have ever done any sport, you know how important stretching is before training and games. 

Stretching is proven to improve agility, power, and speed, which are the three key components of sport. Stretching will massively improve your sporting ability and allow you to reach your peak.

Why stretching before exercise is important?

Following along perfectly from our last point, why is it important to stretch before exercise?

Before jumping into high-intensity training, it’s very important to warm up first. Stretching helps prepare your body for exercise. But make sure you warm up before stretching, warming up gets the blood pumping around your body and helps raise your body temperature.

Stretching “cold” muscles can actually lead to injuries, so make sure you warm and ready. When stretching, make sure you really stretch your muscles. Stretching should also not hurt, so if it hurts, stop the stretch and retry. 

Depending on the stretches your doing, there are many different types of stretches you should be doing, so ask your coach or look up stretches specific for your sport. There are so many different stretches for different sports; it’s impossible to list every stretch.

Overall, make sure you stretch before exercise because it can prevent injuries and allow you to reach your top performance!

Sometimes, stretching can be overlooked as something not important, but we are here to tell you that there are many benefits of stretching, and you should always try to stretch before any exercise

Is stretching every night good?

Stretching is overlooked as a way to help you fall asleep much easier. It’s something so simple but will allow you to fall asleep much faster and improve your quality of sleep.

Stretching can help you focus on your body and breathing, not your everyday stress. Taking some time to reflect on your day and stretching is a good way to clear your mind, and can be compared to meditation.

Stretching doesn’t only offer mental benefits, but even more physical benefits. Stretching can help relieve muscle tension and reduce cramps.

Here are three stretches to help you sleep every night.

1. Neck Stretches

Neck stretches are perfect for relieving head tension and can help clear your head.

  1. Sit down in a comfy chair or bed, and place your hand on top of your left ear.
  2. Bring your right ear towards your right shoulder, and breath in 5-10 times.
  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 on the opposite sides.

2. Forward Bend

This stretch will help loosen your back and hamstrings, allowing you to sleep comfortably. 

  1. Sit down and extend your legs in front of you. 
  2. Reach your arms out, reaching out, and attempt to touch your toes. 
  3. Relax your head and tuck your chin in.
  4. Hold this pose for up to 2 minutes.

3. Lunge

The Lunge is a classic stretch that is a perfect stretch to perform before bed.

  1. Go into a low lunge, put your right leg in front of you, and extend your left leg back.
  2. Breathe deeply, focus on lengthening your spine, and open your chest.
  3. Hold this pose for 10ish breaths.
  4. Repeat swapping leg positions.

Why stretching is bad?

Throughout this article, we have been boasting about how important it is to stretch, but let's flip the switch. Let's look at some negatives of stretching.

Stretching is vital to help your body, but there are two types of stretching. Dynamic and Static Stretching.

Dynamic stretching is when you are moving while stretching, static stretching is when you still during the stretch.

Now static stretching can be seen as bad to do before workouts but still good for improving flexibility. So before exercise, try to do as many dynamic stretches.

You can also over-stretch. This occurs when the muscle is pushed beyond its normal limits and can cause instability within a joint. If you stretch too much, you can cause tendon or ligament damage. So make sure you stretch, but no too much that you’ll injure yourself.

Is it good to stretch every day?

You don't need to stretch every day, stretching 2-3 times a week will do fine in slowly improving your flexibility. Stretching the same muscles every day can hurt your muscles, so try to spread it out.

If your muscle isn’t tight, you don’t need to stretch it. But if you are looking to improve flexibility or something else, doing it every 2-3 days and making sure you don’t overstretch your muscles is important to remember.

Does stretching burn fat?

Stretching isn’t just about stress relief and becoming more flexible, and it can also help you on your road to maintain a good weight. 

Stretching will not make you lose weight, but the benefits you get from stretching will help you lose weight, we have listed these benefits above, but benefits such as feeling less stressed, getting better sleep and reducing pain will all help you lose weight and burn fat.

So the side effects of stretching will help you lose weight rather than just stretching.

What happens during stretching?

When you stretch, the muscle fiber is pulled out, and the muscle is stretched, making the fibers lengthen, and this is what improves your flexibility. 


In conclusion, for everything in life, stretching can help you. Sleeping, exercise, and everything in-between can be improved by stretching, so stretching is very important, and we hope you have learned something about stretching throughout this article.

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