The Idea

Skateboarding and Longboarding is such an awesome sport and pastime, and the team here at Skatesphere love nothing more than grabbing our boards and either going for a cruise through the town streets or trying to perfect our tricks.

But we did notice that there were quite a few people that really wanted to “give it a go” but were worried about falling off, getting injured or they just thought they couldn’t do it.

That’s why we created Skatesphere, to give our readers well-informed information, tips, and guides all relating to skateboarding and empower people to join in on this amazing sport and lifestyle. Things like staying safe while riding to all the different types of riding styles and so much more.

Our Mission

With our passion heavily entrenched in skateboarding, Skatesphere started as a simple hobby site but has now grown thanks to the awesome support of our readers. Our mission is to continue to give our readers the most up to date guides, tips, and trending news happening in the scene.

So if you’re new here, we invite you to stay a while and look around, we know you’ll enjoy what you’ll find. Also, perhaps someday we’ll see you out on the skatepark.



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