How To Longboard: Learn How To Longboard

How To Longboard In-Depth Guide​Longboarding brings so many people joy. This charming sport has kept an enormous mass hooked within it since it’s existence. Whether it’s about commuting or just fun riding, there’s a bit of swag about longboards. If you’re a beginner in the longboarding arena, it might seem a daunting task. Don’t panic …

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History Of Skateboarding

History Of Skateboarding: Where It All StartedFor many people, skating is more than just a sport. For many, skating is a love and a fundamental part of many peoples lives.However, skateboarding has a long 60-year history, from surfing to the start of skating competitions, all the way to the new skating fashion trend, we’ll be …

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importance of exercise

Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise: The Real Benefits Of Working OutIt can be tough to find the motivation within yourself to drag yourself to exercise. There are many types of exercise you can do, but I know personally it’s hard to see the motivation to get out there. However, there are many good reasons that may motivate …

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best pre-workout snacks

The Best Pre-Workout Snacks You Can Eat

Best Pre-Workout Snacks: Get The Right Fuel For Your WorkoutBefore getting into a workout, you need the right fuel and energy levels so you can work to your full potential, that is why a Pre-Workout Snack is vital to a workout.A Pre-Workout Snack provides you with the right amount of nutrients so you can reach …

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Best Dynamic Stretches: The Most Crucial Warm Up Excersises

Stretching is one of the essential parts to a workout; a good stretch can really improve the quality of your workout Also, proper stretching can protect you from nasty injuries, so make sure you always stretch before your workout. Here are some things you should know before you get into the ten best dynamic stretches! …

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Skateboarding approved for 2020 olympics

The 2020 olympics has finally approved venues for skateboarding at the 2020 games, the decision comes after the first permanent venue for 2020 Tokyo games was opened. The approval of the skateboarding at the 2020 Olympic Games is huge for skating and should increase popularity of  the sport throughout the coming years.

The Most Dangerous Skateboarding Stunt Ever!

Skaters are generally known as thrill seekers outside of the community, they would rather be cruising down the city streets than be stuck behind a office desk.  But sometimes things get taken a little too far, like the example in this video. While things ended safely, we don’d condone or recommend anyone trying a stunt like …

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