Benefits of Exercise: The Real Benefits Of Working Out

It can be tough to find the motivation within yourself to drag yourself to exercise. There are many types of exercise you can do, but I know personally it’s hard to see the motivation to get out there. However, there are many good reasons that may motivate you to start exercising.

Exercising is proven to have many health benefits, mentally and physically. So we’ll go over ten interesting benefits of exercise!

How Long Should I Exercise For?

This is a very common question, but it’s hard to pinpoint an answer. However, the fitness community has a consensus that you should be working out around 30 minutes a day to gain these benefits. However, it does depend on the exercise and the intensity you are performing the exercise. You can do much more than 30 minutes a day for even more optimal results!

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How to increase physical activity?

There are a few ways you can increase your everyday activity! You can combine some of these to rack up 30 minutes of exercise every day, even if it’s broken up exercise!

  • Go Shopping
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clean the house
  • Play with your pet
  • Bike instead of drive
  • Sit less, stand more
  • Plant a garden
  • Walk your dog
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Take short walks on lunch breaks

Overall, make sure you are having fun. Our intention isn’t to make you feel like you need to exercise. Instead, we want you to see the benefits. However, make sure you enjoy exercising otherwise you’ll find it very hard to do it every day. Find a sport or a hobby that includes exercise you can build a passion for exercise!


So here are the Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise!

1. Happiness Boost

Multiple studies have shown that exercise is proven to increase your everyday happiness. Exercising was found to produce the hormones called endorphins, which are commonly known as the happiness hormone and create positive emotions in your brain. Exercise is also known to reduce stress and anxiety and can produce your brain’s sensitivity to the hormone serotonin, which helps relieve depression. Overall exercising will give you a considerable happiness boost and allow you to live your everyday life in a better state.

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2. Better Sleep

Having sleep problems can be a real bummer, and actually, ruin many days. However, exercise can improve sleep in many ways. Firstly exercise can help increase the amount you sleep. When you exercise, you have to expand lot’s of energy, which will help you feel more tired at the end of the day. However, exercise can also improve sleep quality. Exercise triggers an increase in body temperature, which promotes sleep. Physical activity allows your body to increase the time it spends in deep sleep, with is the phase which restores your body. Overall if you are having trouble sleeping try to get some exercise!

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3. Improves Brain Health

When you exercise, you can improve brain health, which leads straight to improving your memory. During exercise, you increase the flow of blood and oxygen in your body, and your body will secrete more hormones which promote the growth of your brain cells. Overall, exercise helps improve your memory and your brain growth!

4. Strengthens Bones

Exercise helps strengthen your bones enormously. Weigh-Bearing exercise causes new bone tissue to form, and this causes bones to grow stronger. This helps to prevent bone breaks and improve your body overall. So, if you want stronger bones start doing more exercise and your bones will become much stronger!

5. Improves Flexibility

Personally, flexibility is one of the hardest things to build up, and I have terrible flexibility. However, I have been trying to improve my flexibility and way you can improve your flexibility is by exercise. When you exercise your muscles are warm, and this allows you to stretch them further than usual, and over time you will be able to stretch more and more, further and further. Having better flexibility can improve posture and lower your risk of sports injury!

6. Boosts Creativity

After exercise you might want to take a shower, which you should still do but after that get creative! A recent study shows that an exercising boosts creative up to 2-3 hours afterward due to your body moving blood and oxygen around very fast!

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7. Self-Confidence

Having confidence in yourself and your own body is one of the most essential things in life, but it something that lot’s of people struggle with. Something that can help you with self-confidence is exercising. If you can prove to yourself, you can exercise every day, and you can prove to yourself that you are good enough, with in-turn improves self-confidence and allows you to strive for bigger and better goals.

8. Boost Metabolism

Your metabolism is a summary of everything your body does. Every time you eat your bodies cells break down the cells into energy which allow your body to function. Metabolism is the process of your body processing food, and exercise can make this process much faster. When you exercise, you are putting pressure on your metabolism to work faster so you can get the energy to exercise!

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9. Boosts Immune System

Exercise is proven to help your body flush out bacteria out of the lungs and airways, and this helps reduce the chance that your body gets a cold! Moderate exercise helps flush out your body and keep it clean from nasty bacteria, and you will also have much less chance of contracting a cold! So overall if you hate getting sick and want to reduce your chances of catching a cold, go out there and do some exercise!

10. Boosts Life Expectancy

Last, but not least exercise has been proven in a new study to help increase life expectancy! Normal-weight people who exercised for around 150 minutes weekly were seen to live approximately 5 years longer than people who didn’t perform regular exercise. This is a huge find, so go out there and start working!

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Overall there are many great and compelling reasons to work out and exercise, but make sure you are having fun and enjoying what you do! Thanks for reading and have a good day! If you are interested in skateboards and lognboards, here our page on the Best Skateboards and on Best Longboards!

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