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If you’re looking for the perfect skateboard, one which will allow a first rate experience, the best durability and allow you to have a relaxing and enjoyable ride, then you have come to the right place.

Skateboarding has really evolved in the last decade and has expanded to a worldwide pastime whom many people are starting to enjoy. When looking for the best complete skateboards, there are so many different options on the market that it can be really hard to pick out the best of the best, so we are reviewing 5 of the best skateboards on today's market!

Our Top Pick - Santa Cruz Skateboard



Great Bearings, Wheels and Deck.



Priced Very Cheap For The Amazing Quality


Our Rating

This board is one of the highest quality boards available on the market, available at a very affordable price from a very reputable brand.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Best Skateboard Brands

Benefits of Skating? 

There are many obvious benefits and features of skating such as health, but we would like to dive deeper and explain some of the top reasons you should pick up one of these great rides.

Health is a huge benefit to skating, overall fitness can improve when skating and flexibility is also another huge health benefit, being flexible is quite important when skating because you have to move your body in all sorts of awkward positions.

Skating can also benefit the mental side of your body. Endurance can be improved drastically by skating, when you are skating you have to keep practicing a trick over and over and this can really improve your endurance. Pain Tolerance is also another benefit of skating, you will probably pick up many bruises and scrapes throughout your skating life and this can mentally improve pain tolerance. Even though most physical activities are proven to relieve stress, skateboarding is a great activity to relieve stress, it can help you clear your mind and relax.

Factors to Consider 

Before making any buying decision, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to narrow down the selection process. The very last thing on the list should be about price because if you just go looking for the most cheap skateboards for sale, you will probably end up with something that is totally unsuitable for your riding style. So in saying that, here are some things to keep in mind.


Experience is a huge factor when choosing a skateboard. If you have lots of experience riding skateboards and are quite comfortable, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem for you. But for skaters who are not so experienced, making a selection on the best skate decks can be a little harder. We recommended picking a larger skateboard and one not specifically made for tricks. We believe you should choose a street/cruiser board if you’re really looking to learn.

Your Style

There are many different types of good cheap skateboards you can choose from. The key to making the perfect choice for you is not so much about price, but getting the right style. Cruiser decks will allow a nice street skate and are the first choice for getting from place A to B. There are also shortboards which are perfect for doing all sorts of tricks. This guide is based on only the top skateboard brands though, so the styles will be mixed in this guide. There are also other styles like the Longboard, Electric, Penny Boards which are all their own separate categories and all have their own styles of skating.


Safety is really one of the most important things to consider when purchasing. Skateboarding injuries send around 26,000 people per year to hospitals, so safety is a big thing when skating.

Firstly, we will discuss safety gear. Safety gear is the most important thing to have when skating. The Helmet should always be worn, because in the case of a fall wearing a helmet can really save your life. Knee pads, Elbow Pads can also be worn to make sure you have a safe ride without getting those nasty elbow or knee grazes. Shoes is also a really big safety component of skating. Wearing enclosed and durable shoes that have a good grip can keep your feet safe if it gets caught on the street, wearing flip flops and grazing your feet can really sting and leave a bad bruise.

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Some other general tips for skating are, make sure your skating on safe terrain, paths with glass, holes and other debris can break your skateboard.

Personal Height & Weight 

Your own personal height and weight are definitely factors to consider. Good skateboard brands obviously come in many different sizes, width, and weight limits so making sure you check the deck inch length so you get the right one for you personal weight and height as this is something to keep in mind when purchasing a skateboard for you.


The boards are usually made from 7-ply maple wood, it is a extremely hard and tough wood which makes it very versatile for making skateboards and can handle quite alot of wear and tear. If your looking for the best, then our top recommendation would be a maple board.

Wheels, Bearings etc.

Most complete decks will come with their own specialised Wheels, Bearings and other basic skateboard parts. Making sure these specific parts are top quality is really important. Getting a deck with ‘bad’ bearings or wheels can ruin the rider experience when riding. Sometimes, cheap skateboard decks will need new bearings or wheels which will add some more cost onto your board.

Best 5 Skateboards - Rated & Reviewed

The Santa Cruz Skateboard is on this list for good reason. It will provide one of the best skating experiences available on the market.

Firstly, the artwork has some of the most eye-catching graphics/art on this list. The beautiful colour contrast and slick logo creates really appealing artwork. Also it is created very intelligently, with a versatile cruiser shape in the board. That means it is really great for a wide range of riding styles which is a great and unique thing to have in a skateboard. The deck is very sturdy and durable meaning you can endure the roughest of terrains and not have to worry about snapping the deck in half. The trucks and wheels are some of the finest quality parts available, allowing you to make nice and quick turns.

Overall, the Santa Cruz has a variety of pros. You will have great success in all riding styles and this will allow you to get the best experience out of your ride!


  • Eye-Catching Graphics
  • Versatile Cruiser Shape
  • Sturdy & Durable Deck
  • check
    High Quality Wheels and Trucks


  • Wood is Quite Thick

The Punisher brand is a high-quality, well crafted ride which will allow you to get the best out of your skating!

This board is well-crafted and well thought out, the body is crafted with a mild concave in the middle so you can gain superior control when turning and riding. The deck has also very unique and nice graphics with heavy duty grip tape attached on the other side you can gain a firm grip when riding. Comes with custom ABEC-7 Punisher bearings which are top of the range bearings which will provide you with nice turning ability. The deck is also very durable and made out of 100% 7-ply Maple which makes is very sturdy and safe to ride on.

No Assembly is required so you can hop on and start riding as soon as it arrives!


  • 100% 7-Ply Maple Deck
  • Unique Graphics
  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • No Assembly Required


  • Not The Best for Tricks

Globe brands are some of the best available today, and this board is no different!

This board is crafted at the highest quality, with some of the finest wood and craftsmanship used. This allows it to have great turning, tricks and carving potential! Comes with 62mm, 78a Wheels which are perfect and will allow a smooth and relaxing ride. With clear grip tape attached on the top of the deck, you can still see the beautiful artwork but still get a comfy and sturdy grip on the board. Another bonus is it comes complete and fully assembled, with that this board has some of the best aluminum trucks available so you can take full control over the ride.

Overall, the GLOBE has one of the highest quality craftsmanship and materials that a popular skateboard brand can offer, creating a great and enjoyable experience for all riders.


  • Clear Sturdy Grip Tape
  • Aluminum Trucks
  • Fully Assembled
  • 62mm, 78a Wheels


  • angle-double-right
    A Louder Board

The Rimable skateboard is one of the most unique and greatest you could pick up on today's market!

Rimable skateboards are always of the highest quality, and this board is no different. This wide variety of boards is really unique. They have a wide range of colours and artwork to choose from so you can choose the graphics that are right for you. This board has super-smooth bearings and wheels allowing you to have a smooth and relaxing ride. They are also high-speed wheels and bearings so if you are looking to some of other styles of skating, this board gives you that option. The boards deck is created from fresh materials and is created with high-craftsmanship, it is 22” allowing even the smallest of people to get a nice and enjoyable ride.

With so much options and range of styles to choose from, Rimable is one of the best skateboard deck brands available today.


  • Wide Range of Colours and Artwork
  • High-Speed Wheels 
  • Made from Fresh Materials
  • Smooth Bearings


  • A Smaller Board
  • Not the Fastest Board

Krown Skateboards have been producing some of the most exclusive and high quality skateboards for a long time now, and this board will provide you with some of the best riding experience available.

The deck is created from sturdy and durable maple so you can ride through the roughest of terrains. This board is also really lightweight and portable so you can bring it around with you easily. The Mild Concave with the board allows superior turning power and gives you much more comfort for the best experience. This board has high-rebound wheels and precision ABEC-7 Bearings which will give you a really fast and explosive ride.

With this board coming Pre-Assembled and coming with some of the finest parts available, you can be sure you will get a good ride out of this board.


  • angle-double-right
    Lightweight and Portable
  • angle-double-right
    Mild Concave
  • angle-double-right
    Deck Created From Sturdy Maple
  • angle-double-right
    ABEC-7 Bearings


  • angle-double-right
    Not the Greatest Trucks

What is the best brand of skateboard?

I believe there are many amazing brands of skateboards, good skateboards are very hard to find due to the amount of junk on the market today. I believe one of the top skateboard brands is Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz have been providing amazing boards for a long time and they don't seem to be stopping. Another brand that many skateboarders adore is Rimable. Rimable's model and skateboards have always been some of the best. Another amazing board is the atom drop deck longboard, but that's very different to a skateboard. But overall I believe the best skateboard brand available is Santa Cruz. 

How much does a good skateboard cost?

A good skateboard will always come at a higher price, but make sure you always check the price of a board everywhere before purchasing. A complete skateboard should come with everything you need, and this costs much more than just a deck or anything else. Skateboards such as the boosted dual+, boosted mini s and inboard m1 model are all expensive because they are electric skateboards. But here we are talking about normal skateboards, so how much do they cost? A good skateboard will cost above $100, but cheaper ones will be around $50-$70. 

What are the best skateboards to buy?

The best skateboards to buy all come under your preference. If you want a beginner board look at Rimable. If you need a advanced board look at Krown. The best skateboard depends on what you are looking for and what you need to achieve.

Is Cal 7 a good brand?

Cal 7 is a very underground brand that many people won't know about. Cal 7 doesn't make it on this list, but its very tight and it probably deserves to be in the top 5 best skateboards.


In Conclusion, all these boards will provide you with some of the best riding experiences available on the market today. All these boards provide a new and unique benefit accompanied with some eye-catching graphics. That's why we recommended purchasing these boards if you are looking for the ultimate riding experience. 

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