Best Starter Skateboard Brands For Beginners 
A In-Depth Guide For The Top Boards to Buy

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Attempting to discover the perfect skateboard for you can be hard for newcomers to the sport. Finding the right bearings, trucks, deck and other components can be a daring task for anyone new to skating. But today we are here to help you discover the best skateboard for beginners and one that you will love. 

A Quick Glance At Our 5 Best Skateboards For Beginners

Why should I buy a skateboard?

Skateboarding isn’t just a ‘sport’ for lots of people, It is an activity that can venture your mind into a new area that you never knew. Skateboarding can allow you try something you’ve never done before, it's the perfect challenge for those people looking for a challenge. For someone just starting out though, we do recommend reading this guide to find the best skateboard for beginners.

Skateboarding is also a great social sport, you can discover fellow skaters and learn from the best skaters around you, skateboarding at parks and streets can allow you to connect with more people around your community, after all skating is one of the best community sports in the world!

Skateboarding is also a great way to build confidence and perseverance. To learn how to ride you need to practice, practice and more practice, to learn how to perform the best moves and tricks takes even more dedication. Practicing the same thing over and over and even if you keep failing, if you keep failing but you keep going, you are gaining perseverance into your personality, something that not a lot things can.

Another great thing about skateboarding is the health and fitness benefits! Now, you may hurt yourself in skating many times, you may scrape your knees and elbows many times, but skating actually has many health benefits. Skating is all about balance and this will help strengthen your core, your legs will also gain strength as you have to use your legs a lot in skating.

Overall, there are many different reasons to start skating, we definitely recommended skating as you will learn so much about yourself and you will challenge yourself to new levels, have a go!

Where can a beginner ride their skateboard?

There are many different places to learn how to skate. You don’t have to go to a skatepark to learn how to skate, for beginners you could even learn in your backyard. We recommend beginner skaters learn the basics of the sport before venturing into the street, such as moving and rolling around on your board, there is a full guide to all these movements here!

Once you are confident enough that you have the basics of skating down you can start to venture the streets or paths in your area. If you would like to venture the streets we recommend you have a very quiet road otherwise just ride around on a path and learn. You can then learn at a skatepark where hopefully you can learn from the more experienced riders around you!

What to look for in good skateboards for beginners?

There are 7 main different parts when looking for the best beginner skateboard setup, there is the Deck, Bearings, Trucks, Grip Tape, Hardware, Wheels, and Risers. Now some of these things are more important than the others such as the deck is more important than risers but everything has a purpose. Throughout this review, we will go over the best specifics of each.

Beginners Skater Deck

There are 3 sizes for decks, there is 7”5 inches deck width, which is for ages over 13 or shoe size of 9. There is the Mid Size where the deck size is 7”3 inches which are for 9-12 years old or size 7-8 shoes. The Mini size deck is for younger children with it being 7 inches and recommended for children between 6-8 years old or size 4-6 shoes.

When it comes to the decks there is also different material, there is mainly either Maple or Bamboo material. Maple is more sturdy where bamboo is less but bamboo is more flexible and light. It depends on what you're looking to do with it, if you're carrying it around a lot, it's all up to personal opinion on the material when it comes to choosing best skateboard for beginners.

Beginner Skater Grip Tape

Grip tape on skateboards is very important, especially for beginners. Grip Tape is usually used so you and your shoes can have friction, otherwise, you will slip off the base. Grip tape comes in many colors but normally comes in black, but can also come clear so you can see the companies artwork. Grip tape cannot be reused once it's been used, so you have to purchase new grip tape for your deck when your current grip tape starts to lose its friction.

Beginner Skater Wheels

Skateboard wheels allow you to move, and the wrong wheels can ruin a beginner skateboarders experience. Wheels are normally 54mm-59mm which is the perfect sizes for all beginners. Durometer measures the hardest of wheels from 0-100 by putting a number with an on the end.  A 78a-87a is perfect and the best for beginners.

Beginner Skater Bearings

Bearings are measured by ABEC ratings. An ABEC-9 rating is the most expensive but the best type of bearings, and ABEC-1 rating being the most unreliable. Bearings are normally created from steel but can also be created from ceramic, the difference is quite minor between the two.

What Buying Options Are There?

One By One

This is when you purchase every part to create a custom board, this is not what we recommend for adult beginners as you should just buy a good complete package and learn to ride rather than trying to get the most ‘advanced’ and ‘cool’ board. When starting out, it may seem like a cheap way for buying your first skateboard but once you add up all the parts you need (and put it together) you are better off getting a complete assembled setup.

Fully Assembled

This is what we recommend for when selecting one of the best skateboard brands for beginners, buying an already assembled board with all parts put together and ready to ride, straight out of the box.

Best Skateboard For Beginners - Rated & Reviewed

The Krown Rookie Skateboard is a great choice to start your skating adventure!

Comes equipped with hard and firm grip tape that is quite reliable. The deck is 7”5 inches which are perfect for a beginner rider.

The deck has many different cool designs and colours! Also comes fully assembled ready to start your skating instantly which is exactly what we recommend for beginners. The Krown Rookie comes furnished with ABEC-7 Bearings and 52mm High-Rebound wheels.

 This is a great all round choice for all beginner skaters!


Reliable Grip Tape

7"5 Inches Board

ABEC-7 Bearings

Fully Assembled


Fully Assembled

Hard To Perform Advanced Tricks With

The YF YOUFU is a great beginner deck!

The board is very sturdy being created from maple wood which creates a strong base for all beginners. The board comes with ABEC-9 Bearings and firm aluminum trucks.

The board comes with full cover grip tape to enhance your exciting ride. The wheels are anti-shock and super soft ready to withstand any terrain. The board comes fully assembled and ready to ride wherever you would like.

 This board is incredibly easy to ride , and definitely should be considered when looking for good skateboards for beginners!


Fully Assembled

Anti-Shock Wheels

A great starting point for beginners

ABEC-9 and firm aluminum trucks


Not For Professionals

Grip Tape Can Create Bubbles

The KPC is perfect for all beginners (even though it says pro, it's still great for beginners)

 The board's deck is created from pure Canadian Maple for a steady ride, with a 7.75-inch deck it can hold big or little people!

The combination of the black grip tape and black aluminum trucks create a great look for the board as you roll down the street!

Fully assembled with a wide selection of art and colors, this board is a great starting point for every beginner!


Great For Cruising Around

Strong Canadian Maple

Wide Selection of Art and Colors

Fully Assembled


7.75 Inch May Be Big For Some People

Hard To Perform Tricks With

This Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard is one of the coolest and slick looking boards around.

This board will look great rolling down the street. The board is slow but this is good for beginners to start to learn how to ride.

The board comes with strong Grip Tape and High-Rebound PU wheels for a soft and smooth ride. This board will create a beautiful 80’s vibe and will keep it alive with a strong 8 Ply Maple deck.

Overall this board looks great and performs great, and is why it deserves its spot on our list of the best skateboard for beginners!


Amazing Looking Board

Strong 8 Ply Maple Deck

High Rebound PU Wheels

Beautiful 80's Vibe


Slower Board

May Peel Over Time

The Minority is marvelous for all beginners due to its easy to turning capabilities and smooth ride.

 The board comes equipped with ABEC-9 Bearings with 52mm PU wheels, perfect for that smooth cruise, and amazing for learning how to ride. This board also has great style with some attractive designs to choose from. 

A 100% maple deck will keep your ride alive for longer and it's even a flexible board too! The board is environmentally friendly and comes fully assembled ready to ride!


Attractive Art

100% Maple Deck

ABEC-9 Bearings

Enviromentally Friendly


It Better For Cruising


Learning and getting your first skateboard can be a hard and daunting task, but all these boards are great beginner skateboards for adults and we recommend you purchase one if you are looking for a beginner friendly experience! Good luck! Check out our other pages on the  Best Skateboards!

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