Best Skateboard for Kids 
Parents Guide to Little Children’s First Skate Decks

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More and more kids are looking up to skating professionals and saying, ‘I want to be like them’ and that means more and more kids are wanting a skateboard for their birthday or Christmas. Skating for children is a dream come true and is like a car for them, its really something they've never experienced! That's why we've help put together a list of the best skateboards for kids to help you weed out the choices and give you our top picks for your child.

Best Skateboard For Kids - Quick List

Sizing for kids

When making a sizing selection and picking the best beginner skateboards for kids, sizing for children can be quite difficult and is something that seriously needs to be taken into consideration, especially at different ages. For example a 5 or 6 year old will need a different type compared to a 7, 8 or 12 year old. You want a board that isn’t so small that when they step on it that it snaps, but you doesn’t one that is so large their feet can't fit on it. Remember that width is more important than length, so we recommend 6-8 inches in width for kids, this will be best and allow them to fit perfectly on the deck and get the most out of their new ride.

Safety for kids

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for kid skaters, as a kid, you may make decisions that could be unwise, and kids could severely injure themselves. Here are a few pointers to keep kids safe while riding.


Obviously, the most important thing to have is a helmet, because if you bang your head on the concrete, we're not talking about a minor scratch, we're talking about a trip to the hospital. Make sure your kid always has a helmet, even if they may be too ‘cool’ for that, safety is the best cure and the #1 priority.


Shoes, now if you wearing flip-flops while skating, that's not the smartest idea. If you going skating on the street with no shoes, that's also not the smartest idea. We recommended that kids always have enclosed and sturdy shoes so they can enjoy a safe ride without ripping toes or anything like that.

Arm Pads, Knee Pads, and Gloves

Now, these items are all luxury items if you would make sure your kid really protects him or herself, even though we definitely recommend you purchase these items so you can stay away from those nasty scratches and bruises, these items are not necessary and you can ride quite saftley without them.

Why should I purchase a skateboard for my child?

Many other parents also wonder this, here we’ll list a few points about the positives of skating for your child.


Some children don’t have a hobby, and they a looking for one, maybe they play no sports or do but are looking for a challenge. It's also a great way to get your kid outside as you have to skate outside, it's the best way to get your children off the tv and embracing the sun. Just look at the video below to see how much fun these children are having learning to ride.


For most youngster, this is the first real transport they will receive. It’s great for kids to go see their friends down the street and is a great way to get your kid use to the real world and how the roads really work.

Our 5 Best Skateboards For Kids - Rated & Reviewed

The Rimable Complete Skateboard is perfect and safe for all kids. This plastic cruiser will supply a fun and safe experience for every rider.

The deck is 6” wide, which is perfect for every kid. Furnished with Smooth PU wheels and High-Speed bearings, this brand is sure to give a good experience for every rider.


Safe For Children

6" Wide

High-Speed Bearings

Smooth PU Wheels


Hard to Turn

A Little Noisy

The Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard will keep your child safe while providing an enjoyable ride!

The deck is crafted from hardened Canadian Maple which creates a strong foundation. The deck is also 7.5 inches wide which is perfect for all children. The deck also has strong black grip tape which will give your child a strong stance and less chance of slipping.

The art comes in a few different customisable colors so kids can choose their favorite type! The Krown is equipped with ABEC-7 Bearings, 52mm 99a Wheels which allow a smooth ride every time!

Comes assembled and ready to ride out of the box, so your child can start enjoying the Krown straight away!


Crafted from Canadian Maple

7.5 Inches

Strong Grip Tape

52mm 99a Wheels


Tight Bushings

May Chip Overtime

The PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man is perfect for all those spider-man lovers out there!

This board has some great art and has a solid deck with 9 Ply Maple wood deck, and a double kicktail design for better and control so you can make those quick and sharp turns. The board comes equipped with carbon trucks so you can make those smooth turns.

With the board having great grip tape, you can be assured this will be a great ride for kids.


Cool Spider-man Graphics

Solid 9 Ply Maple

Double Kicktail Design

Carbon Trucks


Only Supports upto 100lbs

Tight Wheels

The Rude Boyz is a perfect beginner and kid-friendly board, so your kid can enjoy the best experience of riding!

The board comes customisable in two amazing designs, one a blue silky design, and another being a cool black design! The board is recommended for ages between 3 and 5, the board is the perfect size for this and the board is a very durable board. The board comes ready out-of-the-box so your children can enjoy it instantly!

With ABEC-7 Bearings, 54mm Wheels and a concave deck you can be assured this deck will provide a strong foundation for every kid rider!


Kid Friendly

Two Customisable Designs

Durable Board

Ready Out of the box


Recommended between 3-5 (you may have a older child

Grip Tape may get bubbles

The Minority Maple Skateboard is for a little bit of an older demographic of kids, and it will not disappoint!

The board comes equipped with some cool snake art and will make you pop out on the street! With a few different customisable designs and 7 Ply Maple and a Mediate Concave makes it ideal for tricks.

The board comes equipped with ABEC-9 Bearings so you can make those tight turns, with 52mm and 99a hardness, all kids will enjoy the feel of this new and exciting board!


Older Demographic

Cool Customisable At Choices

7 Ply Maple

ABEC-9 Bearings


Graphic may chip off the board evnetually


If your a kid looking for a board, or a parent looking to purchase your son or daughter a board, we definitely recommend the boards named above, they will allow the best experience for everyone!

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