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Best Complete Skate Decks for Women

top skatebords for females

There have been girls skating for years and years now, but only now has it really exploded. With famous girl skaters and the best pro female skateboarders such as Patti McGee and Leticia Bufoni leading this revolution, there has never been a better time to get your hands on a girl skateboard deck! For years and years, the skateboarding market has just targeted teen boys, but the times have changed, and more and more girl orientated decks are being created.

So if you have been looking to pick up a girls skateboard deck, but don't know where to look, or even where to start, we have listed our top 5 best skateboards for girls!

Quick Look At The 5 Best Skateboards For Girls

What's the difference between a male and female skateboard?

The main difference to consider between a female skater and a male skater is their height and weight differences. So when picking the type of actual ride, you need to pick one that is comfortable and best for your weight and height. Other than that, good wheels are still good wheels, good girl skateboard decks are still good decks, good bearings are still good bearings...  you get the idea.

Width on a skateboard is more important than length, length is good if you're trying to go professional doing cool ramp tricks, that's where lengths important. For girl skate decks, width is more important due to foot placement. If your 5”3 tall, you would want a 7.5-inch deck, you can obviously vary a little from that measurement, but that's a good base line. If your buying for a kid or under someone under 5”3 I would recommend a mini cruiser, you can still buy a 7.5-inch deck obviously, but you may not have as much control on the board as you would normally.

Wheels are also important for a girls skateboard, as they are the engine. Girls are statistically lighter than men, so harder wheels are recommended so you don’t trip over those road bumps or cracks. We also recommend over 50cm+ in diameter, so you can ride smoothly and safely.

Once you've worked out your selection criteria, the next step is to actually pick a board. But before that we've added this video below to show some of the amazing and awesome things that female skaters can do, enjoy!

Top 5 Women Skateboards - Rated & Reviewed

The Punisher brand is a great girls brand and one of the best on our list. It is great for a relaxing and will provide a smooth ride for all girls!

The deck is crafted from 9 Ply Maple allowing a smooth and sturdy ride, so you can enjoy an undisturbed ride. With a perfect 7.75 inch width deck, and a Mild Concave for superior control over your ride, you can feel in control throughout your ride. 

The Punisher is furnished with ABEC-7 Bearings for those tight and quick turns, the artwork also has beautiful Cherry Blossom art which makes you pop when you are riding on the street. The Punisher doesn’t require any assembly so you can get on the road and start riding instantly.

Overall, this is a top, well-rounded choice for all women skateboarders.


9 Ply Maple

Deck is 7.75 in Width

ABEC-7 Bearings

No Assembly Required


Paint and Art May Peel Off Overtime

May Need To Loosen Trucks

The Kryptonics Complete Skateboard is a perfect skateboard for all girls.

With a deck crafted from layers of hardened 9 Ply Maple so you won't have a cracking deck anytime soon, you can be certain it can withstand the hardest of terrains. The deck's double kicktail design neglects that horrible wheel-bite some other brands can get, and allows stronger control when riding or cruising!

With hard steel 5-inch aluminum trucks and polyurethane-injected wheels, this will provide beginner girl riders, or even advanced girl riders with the best and well-crafted ride!


9 Ply Maple

Kicktail Design

No Wheel-Bite

5-inch Aluminum Trucks


Recommended for 8 years or older

May have to lube bearings over-time

This Roller Derby can provide an exciting and safe ride for every girl.

Firstly, it comes with some of the coolest art around! The deck is equipped with strong grip tape so you can take a strong stance when riding and not be scared of just slipping off. With a 9 Ply Maple deck and a double kicktail, the Roller Derby comes with a great combo that will assure a strong foundation for all girly skating venture!

With 50mm and Injected PU in the wheels, the wheels are big and smooth so you won't get tripped over those cracks or bumps in the road. With ABEC-5 Steel bearings, you can ride in those tight areas that you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Another benefit is it comes already assembled, so you can hop on and show off your best skills instantly, this is great for advanced and beginner girl skaters.


9 Ply Maple

Double Kicktail Deck

Strong Grip Tape



A Little Noisy

Slower Compared To Some others

Again, punisher provides beautiful boards that all girls can ride! This Punisher skateboard is perfect for those fast and adrenaline pumping ride.

If you are looking for a high-speed ride, this is the one for you! With 7 Ply Maple, so you can also enjoy a stable ride, you will be impressed with the sturdiness and speed of this one! With ABEC-7 Bearings and Heavy Duty grip tape, this is a well-rounded and stable board!

The board has a mild concave so your feet can control the board with precision! The board also has beautiful art and graphic design on the bottom which makes it stand out from the rest! This board comes pre-assembled, so you can hop on as soon as it arrives!

Overall this board will give you a great experience, whether you’ve never skated or you’ve been skating for 10 years, you will not be disappointed!


A High-Speed Board

7 Ply Maple

ABEC-7 Bearings

Beautiful Bearings


Not the greatest bearings

Board May Chip Overtime

The Yocaher Complete Skateboard will definitely make you excited when you ride! The board has some of the coolest art on a girl skate deck that I know!

The great things about this board are that it comes in a few different customisable styles, so you can discover the one right for you! With a sturdy construction to the board with strong pure Canadian Maple and a low-concave for outstanding control, this board will take you to the next level!

The board is furnished with 99a wheels, you can be assured you won't be falling over those obnoxious pot holes or cracks. With Premium Grip-Tape and ABEC-7 Bearings which are great for that high-speed you may want to go, this board is an all-round machine!

Overall, this board will enhance your skating life and take you to the next level!


Customizable Styles

Sturdy Consturction

Pure Candian Maple

99a Wheels


The Concave in the Board is Quite Different  to Other Boards, May Take Some Time to Get Use to.


Overall, girls have been really entering the skating scene, and as more enter, everyone will want a board that can really allow them to reach there skating potential, and if you are looking for that, I would recommend purchasing one of these best skateboards for girls!

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