Best Pre-Workout Snacks: Get The Right Fuel For Your Workout

Before getting into a workout, you need the right fuel and energy levels so you can work to your full potential, that is why a Pre-Workout Snack is vital to a workout.

A Pre-Workout Snack provides you with the right amount of nutrients so you can reach your full potential during your workout. Today I’ll show you what the five best pre-workout snacks to get the most out of your workout!

What Do I Eat?

Putting the right nutrients into your body will help enormously and give you the energy to have the best workout possible. We’ll be going over the three primary macro-nutrients and explaining what they do for your body.


Your muscles use the glucose from carbs into energy for your body. Carbs are essential and should always be looked at before eating anything before a workout. Carbs are a great way to get energy into your body and get your body prepared for your workout.

Some common foods with lot’s of carbs in them are:

  • Bread, Rice, and crackers all contain high amounts of carbs in them.
  • Vegetables such as Potatoes and Corn have a high carb count also
  • Dairy foods such as milk, yogurt, and ice-cream contain high amounts of carbs

All these foods are great for a pre-workout snack, but if you keep scrolling we’ll uncover what you should be combining for the best pre-workout meal!

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Protein is a macro-nutrient that is one of the vital parts of building your muscle mass.

When protein is broken down in the body, it helps to fuel muscle mass and boosts your metabolism. Around half the bodies dry weight is from protein. Protein is a vital part of your everyday life and is essential for a pre-workout snack.

Some common foods that contain high amounts of protein are

  • ​Meat, Fish, Eggs
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Seeds and Nuts ​


Our body can’t make fat from scratch, so it is vital that we eat some fatty foods. Even though fatty foods are typically looked down upon, our body needs some fat to keep going with everyday life.

Fat is an excellent source of energy for longer, but lower intensity exercises. This is because our body breaks down fats into energy as it needs it, so longer workouts will break down more fat in your body and turn it into energy.

Some common nutrients filled food that also includes a good level in fat are

  • Avocados
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
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Timing Your Food

Well, for me I like to eat around an hour before my workout, but this is a very personalized part of a pre-workout ​routine.

The general agreement between the fitness community is that you should eat a larger meal if you are eating 2-4 hours before your workout because your body can digest lot’s of that food at that time.

However, only eat a snack if you are eating 1-2 hours before your workout. However, many people need to eat at different times before there exercise to see what time feels best for them, it also depends on what you are eating and how fast your body can process that and turn it into energy.

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Other Things To Consider

Even though before a workout you should be thinking about if you have the right levels of energy before, you also need to consider other things. A significant thing to consider is if you have had enough sleep, if not your workout may be sloppy and you will find it hard to focus during your workout.

Another thing to consider is if you are hydrated before your workout. There are a long list of negative effects that will occur if you are not hydrated, so make sure you stay hydrated during and before your workout, and have an
enjoyable workout!

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Here are 5 of the best Pre-Workout snacks!

1. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is full of carbs, and it is so tasty! If you're working out in the morning or around lunchtime this a great early morning meal that provides all the nutrients and energy you’ll need to get the most out of your workout. Oatmeal is also very easy a quick to get set up and eat and your body will digest oatmeal very fast.

2. Hummus and Carrots

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This a fantastic meal, but is commonly overlooked. This classic yet forgotten snack provides all the nutrients you could ever want. It works great before a workout, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Smoothies

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Smoothies are one the best ways to gain energy before a workout but require a little more time. If you want lot’s of energy use full-fat yogurt to stock up on energy, and you can use a wide variety of fruits such as blueberries, orange, strawberries, and bananas which are all amazing smoothie options. 

4. A Piece of Fruit

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If you are running low on time but want something that will give you lot’s of energy so you can reach your full potential during your workout, look no further than a classic piece of fruit. A piece of fruit like a banana, apple or orange are excellent sources of nutrients!

5. Egg on Toast

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A classic breakfast meal, but is also a great pre-workout meal. It has a high amount of protein and carbs in this quick and easy to make meal. Another great benefit of this meal is that it tastes great and is one of the best Pre-Workout meals you can get your hands on!


Overall, all these meals will provide everything you’ll need to get the most out of your workout. Make sure your sleeping, drinking and eating before a workout! Get out there and work hard! If you're looking for anything to do with skateboarding,
skatesphere has much more avaliable!

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