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The Best Longboarding Gloves Reviewed - Best Sliding Gloves of 2019

For most people, this accessory would be just a bonus safety equipment and something not that important, but for really dedicated riders who are looking to sliding, longboard gloves are a vital part of being safe when sliding down steep hills.

Here's our review of the 5 Best Longboard Sliding Gloves!

1. IMPORX Standard Longboard Downhill Slide Gloves

The IMPORX Longboard Slide Gloves are some of the best slide gloves available today. With an array of features which allow it to be one of the best longboard slide gloves and also one of the longboard slide gloves with finger pucks.

The IMPORX longboard slide gloves are medium size and have a Velcro and Metal Buckle so you can find the perfect fit for you. When I put these gloves on, I felt comfortable in the gloves. This is because of the fabric of the gloves which allows it to be very breathable. The gloves also come with removable and replaceable slider pucks which are very high-quality.

Overall these are some of the best cheap sliding gloves and are great if you are looking for a reliable pair of longboard sliding gloves.


  • Comfortable Gloves
  • Cheap Gloves
  • Very Breathable
  • Comes with Replaceable Slider


  • Not the best looking Gloves

2. Loaded Boards Freeride Longboard Slide Gloves

The Loaded Boards are the best sliding gloves for longboarding on this list. These sliding gloves have everything you would want in a pair of longboarding slide gloves.

The protection on these gloves is off the charts. The gloves have Viscoelastic foam knuckle pad for stability and a hard outer construction for extra durability. If you're looking for comfortable longboarding gloves, these slide gloves are some of the most comfortable skate gloves on the market. This is because of the Coolmax Lining and vented mesh for premium comfort.

Overall if you’re looking for some premium sliding gloves for longboarding, these gloves are perfect and will provide excellent protection for your hands.


  • Great Protection
  • Amazing Durability
  • Very Comfortable Gloves


  • More Expensive Gloves

3. Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

These longboard gloves are made from leather, which makes these slider gloves one of the best and unique gloves available today.

These skate gloves include tear-resistant fingertips which are vital for longboarding slide gloves because fingertips are the most prone part of the hand. The gloves also ensures a perfect fit with a heavy-duty, wrap around Velcro wrist strap which allows for any size hand to fit perfectly. These loaded slide gloves are made from leather, which allows for exceptional durability. Another thing I liked is the design, it’s very slick and isn’t clunky like most sliding gloves.

Overall these gloves are very high-quality with great design and high safety precautions. If you’re looking for heavy-duty and loaded longboard gloves, look no further than triple eight slide gloves.


  • Tear Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Great Design
  • Made From Leather


  • Puck Replacement Kit Sold Seperately

4. Sector 9 Men Slide Gloves

Now we’ll be doing a sector nine slide gloves review. Sector 9 is one of the most reputable brands in longboarding right now, and these gloves continue their tradition of high-quality products.

These gloves have the best design on this list. With three different designs ranging from green and a Hawaii colorway, you can look great when riding. The pucks on this glove are great for smooth slide and speed control but are known not to be very durable and the pucks come off a little too quick. These gloves have new 3mm Anti-vibration technology so you can take over your slide with premium control.

These downhill slide gloves also have a loaded slide gloves size chart, so you discover what size would be perfect for you!


  • Cool Colorways 
  • Reputable Brand
  • Anti-Vibration Technology


  • Not Very Durable
  • Pucks Come Off Fast

5. Andux Land Skateboard Slider Slide Glove HBST-05

The Andux Slider Glove is one of the most innovative slide gloves available on the market, with a variety of benefits that come with these gloves.

The first benefit of purchasing these gloves is it comes at a very low price, and maybe they aren’t as high-quality as the other gloves on this list they are still good for people who are looking just to casually longboard slide.

These gloves with standard removable, replaceable round slider pucks so if your pucks fade, you can replace them. The Heavy-Duty Velcro wrist strap allows for the perfect fit every time so no matter what size your hand is, you can fit in these longboard gloves very easily. These gloves still provide excellent protection and durability but aren’t made out of the best material, so you have to observe the gloves if you are looking to use the gloves for a long time and frequently.

Overall, these gloves are good for casual people who are looking for an occasional downhill longboard experience, and still, want to be protected from that nasty longboard road rash.


  • Cheap Gloves
  • Can Fit Most Sizes
  • Excellent Protection
  • Removable Slider Pucks


  • Not Made From The Best Material

What are slide gloves?

Well, for many people looking from the outside these gloves might seem like another money grab, another accessory that you don’t need.

These gloves aren’t needed if your planning to cruise around town, or ride casually to school or around campus. However, if you’re looking to take the next step with longboarding, doing things such as carving and sliding, you’re going to need gloves.

The purpose of these gloves is to allow you to take full control of your longboard. If you don’t have gloves with the write padding and pucks, longboarding slide gloves are useless because their primary purpose is to allow your hands to touch the ground when going at high speeds which will enable you to control your board.

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What are pucks?

What are pucks is a question I had when I first was researching this topic, but I learned quickly that pucks were nothing more than padding on the gloves which protects your hands. The best slide pucks are the pucks with lots of widths so you can withstand the roads force even more.

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What type of longboard is best for sliding?

People might be on this article wondering, why would I need longboard gloves if I’m not planning to go downhill? Well great point, and you don’t. If you're not planning to go downhill or slide on longboard gloves are just an extra accessory. However, if you're looking for an actual longboard that will help you to get the best results when trying to slide, we have a detailed article on the best longboards for downhill!

Prices of longboard gloves?

Some of the best longboard gloves come at actually a very reasonable price for saving the skin on your hand.

If you’re looking for the best sliding gloves for longboarding or just good longboarding gloves, you could be looking at between $30 - $50. However, these are premium gloves and will provide the best experience.

If you’re looking for some cheap sliding gloves and some cheap sliding gloves for longboarding, well you can still find some very high-quality gloves. These gloves can cost between $15-$30 and always will protect your hands from the road but won’t have the advanced features that the best longboard gloves have with them.

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How to make your own slide gloves?

Now, this is something we don’t recommend doing. It’s possible, but firstly it’s a very dangerous and risky act. If your confident in your skills and you think you can make safe longboarding sliding gloves then go for it. However, if you don’t have much experience in the field, we recommend forking out the $30 it will cost you to purchase slide gloves, and you won’t have to take the risk of injuring yourself.

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Where can I buy sliding gloves?

Many places sell sliding gloves, you can find them at bargain prices all over Amazon, and other online stores. Many gloves can be found in select in-store longboard glove shops. You can even purchase some low-quality longboard at Walmart.

Size of Longboarding gloves?

Many slide gloves have adjustable wrists so you can find the perfect fit for you. However, some don’t so you will have to compare your hand to the measurements and find the perfect fit for you. The best longboard gloves won’t be too tight on your wrists as that will cut off your circulation. Longboard gloves should be breathable but not slip straight of your hand.

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Longboard Glove Materials

The best sliding gloves will be made out of Leather, but this material is much more expensive. However, if you’re looking to use your gloves regularly, then leather is the choice for you as leather slide gloves are much more durable.

Synthetics are also a very common material that longboard gloves are made out of. Synthetics are a great material and aren’t that different to leather other than leather is a little more durable. The cheap longboard slide gloves would typically be made of Synthetic material.

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Longboard gloves are vital for people who are looking to ride fast or downhill longboards, so if you want to keep the skin on your hands, I recommended you purchase one these gloves mentioned above. All these gloves have many benefits and will provide excellent protection so you can feel safe when riding your board.

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