Best Longboard Trucks

Best Longboard Trucks: The Best Longboard Trucks Reviewed

When we talk about longboard trucks, we usually think of a simple and a dull piece of metal that pulls the wheel together so we don't fall.

However, Experienced longboarders will agree that the longboard trucks are as crucial as the wheels or the deck, so if you want to enjoy this exciting sport, you need to have in mind the importance of the trucks of the board, not only for your safety but also for your experience as well.

Before jumping into business, we have to know exactly what we are
dealing with, so I took the time to study the longboard truck parts so we can know better these parts of the board, this will help us choose the truck which is a better fit for us.

Here is our review of the Top 5 Longboard Trucks!

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

These are great trucks! They are solid and very Affordable. Worked perfectly on any weather (rain, even mud), if you plan to level up your truck game from the old ones that come with the board, this might be a perfect option, not only for the price but for the durability that It offers. Also, if you plan to make some nice custom board, these trucks are sold in many color option, the only issue is that the paint can wear out very quickly if you are not careful, so have that in mind if you are one of those who likes a colorful board.

Also, it can be said that these are some tall trucks, this can be good
for many, because it can hold many types of wheels, but have that in mind if you want some "low" board. These are one of the best longboard trucks, and definitely the best longboard trucks for free ride.


  • Very Durable Trucks
  • Solid Colour Choices
  • Variety of Colours
  • Tall Trucks


  • Paint Wears Quickly

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks

These are some good looking trucks, it provides a double-pivot in its design that at first try you will not notice, but after some rides, you will know exactly what I'm talking about, especially when you lean. Some don't like it, but it sure is different from the other trucks around, for me it earns a spot on this list just for that. 

However, don't worry, because these truck  have some other features such as very smooth ride and excellent stability and some solid construction, which makes them great for some freestyle. If you are not looking for some specific truck, this can be a good option. I like it because of the freedom it provides, but even with the freedom these are still some of the best precision longboard trucks.

Maybe the downside can be that because it is so focused on being the best longboard for freestyle, it lacks in some other departments. Other than that it's a good board and worth the buy, coming in at a very affordable price also. These are definitely some of the best carving trucks longboard, and are good longboard trucks for sliding also.


  • Double-Pivot Design
  • Smooth ride
  • Solid Construction


  • angle-double-right
    Not good in some departments

BEAR Grizzly Longboard  Trucks

When I tried these trucks, I was a little nervous, this company has an excellent reputation, so I was wondering if these trucks can keep up that name, but that hesitation quickly became nothing when I started riding.

 Great trucks, have some solid construction and give many grips when leaning. One thing that I notice is that they have eight bolts instead of the usual 4, so you can work with the adjustment of the wheelbase, nice touch there! Very high versatility and perfect for beginners who don't know much about the multiples issues with trucks, you can pick these and ride your board. These features make these trucks very stable, and allow them to be one of the best freeride longboard trucks, along with being very cheap, making these trucks one of the best cheap longboard trucks.

The only bad thing I could say about these is the downhill issue, and yes, making a clean downhill ride with these trucks is not easy at all! You have to be very experienced to handle with these in high-speed. Nothing huge, but it can be annoying some times, prefer some other trucks for that. With these trucks not being the best downhill trucks, they excel in other areas such as being good longboard trucks for cruising, along with being the best longboard trucks for speed.


  • Solid Construction
  • High Versatility
  • Very Cheap
  • Very Stable Trucks


  • Not the best for downhill riding

Gullwing Trucks Sidewinder II Lime Green

Some edgy trucks right here, I like them just because you can turn at almost 90 degrees and it has some nice feel, some say that these are some revolutionary trucks for the turning. 

I would say it gives them personality and people likes them for that, and I would say they are better than the sidewinder in some matter but overall I think these is some overrated trucks, but I think it might be because of me, and I would prefer others before choosing these, but I understand that people like them so much.

These are only some options you can choose from, but the possibilities
are endless, there are many things you need to have in mind before choosing the perfect truck, so I want to make a little buyer's guide for anyone who is a little lost can find a good source that addresses some of the most important issues with this matter.


  • angle-double-right
    Trucks can turn at 90 degrees
  • angle-double-right
    Trucks have some personaility
  • angle-double-right
    Best drop through trucks


  • angle-double-right
    Not good colour varitions

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Trucks

There are two words to describe these trucks, on the web these are described as "Carving perfection" and I know that's how the company was described in the web, but it can't be further than the truth than that. Know when it comes to this, opinions mine can be very different, but I mean, all the colors are gorgeous and shiny, I'm very used to being a little disappointed when I open the packages, and the trucks are not the exact color as in the web, but the color in this one was so shiny I have to give it a point just for that.

Also would like to point out that these offer a lifetime warranty, so you
know the materials they are no joke, not many companies do that, consider that.

Maybe the only down point I would give to this is that these are not
recommended to high-speed rides, you will be ok, but they're so many better options.


  • angle-double-right
    Colours are similar to the online images
  • angle-double-right
    Lifetime warranty


  • angle-double-right
    Not good for downhill
  • angle-double-right
    Much better options available



top ten longboard trucks

Precision vs Cast Trucks

The first thing it would be the famous precision vs. cast trucks. The issue
with that is that precision trucks are way expensive than cast trucks, mainly
because of the materials involved in the process of making these, some people
say that this difference is not worth it, I can agree with them in

I always that if you have the money and you are an experienced boarder,
go ahead and pay, but mostly I recommend to stick with the cast trucks as long
as you need, these are some excellent trucks that will work perfectly for
beginners and medium borders. The best longboard trucks are normally precision, but there are still some amazing cast trucks available.

longboard truck brands


An important matter than I don't see in many posts about trucks are
the rake and I think is because it is a very hard feature to understand fully, so
I will keep it as simple as possible; the rake is the ratio between
turn and lean, and you can also see it as the axle from the center of the hanger
rotation usually is measured in millimeters.

After we understand this, we need to know what a positive rake will give
us like a fast turn or a strong return to center after we lean, what a negative
rake will give us like a decrease in the height and a waker return to center.

Some people say that zero rakes are perfect, but it merely a personal
matter, so I recommend try all the options and stick with the best suits for
you and your needs.

the best longboard trucks

Axle Width

Moving on to axle width, an issue that is not often mentioned in recent
articles mainly because this art are lost, but I would like to mention it
because several years ago there were many concerns with the axles, then, the axles were usually 10mm, and some brands are still doing the 10mm axles, with the idea of having a strong hanger, I don't know if its nostalgia, but I really like when brands still do this, so we can remember other times (the little details, my friends). Axle Width is very important for the best longboard trucks to have.

best carving trucks

Pivot Point

Pivot point, as we mentioned before, are where the truck's pivot goes in
the deck, usually are three types of pivot: standard, cylindrical and circular
pivot, the cylindrical is the most common of the three and provides a better
turning when it comes to response time, I always recommend it when you are starting and don't know what to choose. As many of these issues is a personal matter of what you choose, you have to know that these wear out rather quickly, So you always have to check on them so you can always have fresh ones. There are companies that make very high-quality urethane pivots so that you can check them if you like.

best cruiser trucks


The famous kingpin. So we have been talking about the kingpin, mostly because it is one of the most important parts of the truck, but you better know your kingpin if you want to move forward on this, so this is a little guide on how you can handle the kingpin.

First, you have to know that there are two main types of kingpin, the
traditional kingpin (TKP) and the Reverse kingpin (RKP), the main difference is that the reverse kingpin are designed for longboards, so when you see longboarders talking about kingpins, they usually refer to RKP, because of the orientation of the RKP, grinding and slappies are way harder to do because we have to remember, they are not designed for that, they can obviously be done, but we have to understand that the RKP are made for speed and not for tricks, that's why we use them in longboarding.

lightweight longboard trucks


With the hanger, the most crucial part of the truck, the big aluminum piece, these are usually made by sand or mold casting. The design does not vary between disciplines (at least not too much), mainly because of its geometry.

The Baseplate

best carving trucks longboard

The base-plate: Is the little metal part that is bolted to the deck, the indentation that you will see is the pivot cup, is where the hanger's pivot goes. These usually have one hollow cavity, where you put the kingpin bolt.

The base-plate is very important when you put together the board, you have to pay attention to the kingpin position and pick the right axle for your width, so keep that in mind. Some good longboard trucks for carving and good downhill longboard trucks will have good hangers and other parts of the truck, but there base-plate will be made out of bade material, so care and make sure that you are buying the best quality longboard trucks.


best longboard trucks and wheels

Bushings: These are the grommets in the kingpin, is the only adjustable
part on a set of trucks, so you have to know how to use them well. Remember that tightening or loosening the nut will give you the possibility to get a better turn on the longboard.

Nuts and washers:

I know! "what a silly thing to be worried about", well, let me tell you, my friend, that when it comes to these parts, everything is essential, even the nuts, because the axle nuts use some particular materials that keep the deck still, so we don't fall, you always have to check the bolts before trying a new pair of trucks. The best longboard trucks will always have the highest quality nuts and washer to ensure a safe ride.

good trucks for longboard

Finding the right longboard truck can be as hard as picking the perfect
apple from the market; it just all depends on what you need. There are many forms and models for trucks that suits different needs that you may have. Do you want to speed? Do you need a better grab to the ground?Maybe you want some elasticity for your turn on the roads! You better know your trucks before making a decision, but no worries! I will help you with that in a second.

Longboards trucks are sold in many shapes and colors, so you have to be
very careful and know your board before making any decision and remember that not all trucks will work as intended in all boards, these are very specifical products that are not made for all boards.

You have to have in mind specific issues that can affect the trucks
Themselves, like the truck width, the shape, and design and if you want to do a specific cruising style (Yes! you have to choose some specifical trucks if you want the better experience for cruising).

Remember that the trucks are mostly sold in pairs, but always remember
to check, because there are models that come by a unit. Also always check your deck size before buying anything.

What are the best trucks for longboards?

So finally, I will tell you the best longboard truck. Finding the best trucks for longboard isn't a easy thing to do as some trucks do the downhill style much better, and some might be the best longboard trucks for freeride, but right here i'll be giving you the overall best longboard trucks. These trucks are by far the best longboard trucks for speed, and by far the best cheap longboard trucks, and will provide you with an amazing ride. The Best Longboard truck is the  Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard TrucksThese trucks are the highest quality and the best longboard trucks overall.

what are good trucks for a longboard


In conclusion, there are many things to have in mind when you want to
have the perfect truck, but if we learned something in this article, is that
there is no such thing as "perfect truck" because there are many
variables, it depends on what exactly we need, so I would say, that know and study your longboard, know exactly what you want to do, and then proceed to buy your perfect truck. If you're looking to discover the Best Longboards, Read Skatespheres Review!

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