Top Longboards For Beginners
Buyers Guide to the Best Starter Brands & Decks

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​Longboarding is one the fastest growing styles of skateboarding right now! Longboarding is very fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately ​if your just starting out, it can be very hard to find the best longboard for beginners without the right advice. Because having the right longboard can make a big difference, especially if it’s a good board made just for beginners!

​Quick Pick: Here's Our Top 5 Best Longboards For Beginners

  1. VOLADOR 42inch freeride longboard complete cruiser (drop through deck - camber concave)

  2. MAGIC UNION 41 Inch Maple Drop Down Longboard Complete Skateboard

  3. Rimable Pintail Longboard 41 Inch

  4. Playshion Freeride Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Complete 39 Inch

  5. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Benefits of Longboarding

Some of the best advantages of longboarding come in health advantages, with the first one being longboarding drastically helps improve your flexibility and stretching. This can help you become more dynamic with more flexibility and power, this can help with moving more smoothly and powerfully. Cardiovascular conditioning is also a huge benefit of longboarding, helping you improve your lung capacity; Longboarding frequently can help improve your stamina levels and help you feel better overall!

T​ips To Look For In Beginner Longboards

​Longboarding can cater to a wide variety of different types of people, from complete beginners to people who are speeding down crazy slopes. Selecting a good longboard brand all depend on your style of riding. If you're looking for the best longboards for beginners to do crazy flips and tricks, you would probably want to go with something like the Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard, but if you're just looking to ride to school, go with something like the Playshion Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete. Longboards really all depend on your style and what you're planning to do with them. Either way, the next step will be learning to ride, but that will come with practice like the video below.

Decks Of Longboards

A longboard has 3 main different types of decks. They all refer to the way the trucks are mounted on the board. There is drop-through deck, where the trucks are mounted through the deck and on top of the deck. Top-mount is the polar opposite of this style of deck, where the deck is mounted onto the trucks. Drop-Down is where the ​deck starts on-top of the trucks, then the board drops down and rises to the next truck, the drop-down deck has been rising in popularity lately but is quite hard to control and ride, so we don’t recommend it. We recommend Drop-Through decks for beginners as they are easier to control and because the deck is closer to the ground due to trucks being mounted on the deck.

Materials Of A Longboard

Most Longboard decks are created from Maple or Bamboo Wood! Maple is hard and solid which makes it better for riding on more rocky and unsteady areas, but bamboo is more flexible and light, better for control and cruising. ​Our recommendation when selecting the best longboards for beginners, We recommend Maple​ as it provides more stability for beginners, which is really important.


Wheels on a longboard are also very important, they allow everything to move! The most crucial things about wheels are the durometer, which refers to the softness of the wheel, the more softer, the more grip and control you’ll have over the ​ride, we recommend a 78a to 84a durometer wheels.

Our Best 5 Beginner Longboards  - Rated ​& Reviewed

This Volador Drop-through Maple Longboard is one of the best beginner longboards around.

This deck is created from strong maple, giving it a shock absorbent and flexible deck, with the strength to ride through rough terrains. 

​Another cool thing worth mentioning is it also has great aesthetics, meaning your board will pop on the road. ​Also comes with durable 78a wheels enhancing your smooth ride.

The board is 42 inches which is perfect for a longboard. The ​material used is also environmentally friendly, farmed from sustainable wood sources. From out testing, this is our favourite and would have to be one the best longboards for beginners.


Great Artwork

Created From hard maple for a smooth ride

Arrives fully assembled

ABEC-9 precision bearings


Not Great For Tricks

Quite colourful designs, not perfect for everyone

This Magic Union Drop-Down Longboard is perfect for all beginners.

Built for all ages and built for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding this ​deck is perfect to start your longboarding adventure.

Made with strong and hardened maple, it will be sturdy and ready for any obstacle. The body is quite light, only coming in at 7.7lbs (3.4kg) meaning its very easy to move around with and easy to carry.

​The artwork is also printed on, which helps ​the art to stop peeling of on the boards. This ​brand comes with PU wheels allowing it to outwear most boards and give it a longer life-span.


Great board flexibility 

Strong PU wheels

Light and easy to carry

Art comes printed on, preventing peeling


Doesn't go as fast as other boards

Very tight bushings

Bearings may be stiff

This Rimable ​deck comes equipped with soft PU wheels and a strong Maple deck.

This makes it perfect for weaving and turning quickly perfect for the streets.

The Rimable Pintail is a higher speed than the others, meaning it's better for the beginners learning how to cruise and turn in tight spaces.

​Also comes with high-speed bearings which is great for those beginner high-speed cruisers out there. The ​artwork comes with this beautiful Blue Surf look and a slick top of the board.


Strong Maple Deck

Good​ for tight areas

High speed bearings

Soft PU Wheels


Weaker Grip Tape

May be harder to control then other boards

The Playshion Bamboo Drop-Through board is perfect for all beginners.

Now, this deck is made out of Bamboo, buts it still very sturdy! Some advantages of a bamboo are the deck is more flexible and provides and good aesthetic appeal to the board. 

The board comes with highly responsive PU wheels which are perfect for that smooth ride. The wheels are 78A giving a smooth and nice feel.

The wheels are highly rebound and perfect for beginners. The drop-through deck keeps you nimble and able to twist and turn at any moment. The ABEC-9 bearings are created from bearing steel reducing friction on the road or any terrain.

The art is beautiful with's it bamboo look. This ride is perfect for all beginners!


Flexible and sturdy bamboo deck

Light and easy to carry around

78A wheels created with PU allowing a smooth ride

Great aesthetic look


You may not enjoy the bamboo 'feel'

Bamboo may wear and tear quicker then maple

The Ten Toes Emporium Bamboo Board is perfect for beginners!

This​​ is another sturdy bamboo deck, the bamboo gives it a flexible but is still very sturdy.

​Also comes equipped with lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks. The board is 44 inches of beautiful bamboo, perfect for cruising around town.

This board also enhances itself with Anti-Bite technology which is great for beginners. The board is High-speed and accurate with precision ball bearings which allows a smooth and clean ride.

The artwork is also very customizable coming in a few different colors.

 Overall, this board is perfect for all beginners!


Sturdy and flexible bamboo

Anti-Bite technology

Precision ball bearings

Lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks


A noisier ​ride

The board is raised quite high

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With longboards popularity rising and more and more people getting into longboarding, these are great brands for all beginners and of all ages to start your longboarding adventure. So when looking for the best longboards for beginners, ​​​​use our guide to help you make a informed decision.

 It also​ is a great and efficient way to travel A to B and is something we definitely recommended picking up. ​

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