Best Longboard Brands for Cruising and Carving 
Complete Cruiser Decks Buying Guide

town and city riding and carving

Cruising is a popular way of venturing the streets and is great for transportation. Longboards are great for this and in this post we will show you reviews and guides to help you select the best longboard for cruising!

What is Cruising?

This style started off as a type of way to ride your deck while just coasting along, now there are complete boards dedicated to cruising. But overall it is just riding through Urban areas for a long as possible without tricks or anything, just a relaxing ride.

Are Longboards Good For Cruising?

Longboards are great for this style of riding, they have a good range of specific wheels so you can cruise around with ease. Also they are great because they are long and able to cruise down city roads, paths or wherever you would like to just coast along. I would definitely recommend a longboard over a skateboard to cruise, and we will go through the best of them throughout this article.  

What Should I Look For?

There are a few things to look for when considering a cruiser, there are the deck, wheels, bearings and many different things to look at for each, we'll explain each of those below.

The Type Of Deck

There are two main materials used in the decks, there are bamboo and maple. Bamboo is more flexible and lightweight than maple making it easy to ride and carry around. Maple is the most popular deck material, as it is solid and reliable for longboard decks.

The Type Of Wheels

The type of wheels determine how fast you are able to go. Most wheels are created from polyurethane which allows a smooth ride which is great for a relaxing and coasting ride. Longboard wheels for cruising are normally 54mm-59mm in diameter which is perfect for a city relaxing ride, any larger and you run the risk of losing control while riding. Durometer in longboard wheels is also important, most companies will measure with a number between 1-100 with the letter 'a' on the end of the number to indicate durometer. For cruising a durometer between 78a and 87a is perfect as the wheels are soft and enhance a smooth ride. 

The Type Of Bearings

Bearings are quite important, bearings will come in sets of 8 with 2 bearings per wheel. Bearings are measured by ABEC rating, which starts from 1 and normally goes up to 9. ABEC-1 bearings are normally the worst and don’t have any accuracy on them. ABEC-9 bearings are perfect for cruising as they are very fast bearings. Bearings are created from 2 different materials normally, Ceramic bearings and Steel bearings. Most longboard bearings are created from steel, which is a reliable and normally good product. Ceramic bearings are smooth and produce a good ride. But the material doesn’t always matter so don’t get to caught up in it. 

Our 5 Best Longboards For Cruising & Carving - Rated & Reviewed

The Volador Maple Longboard Cruiser is great to cruise around with.

This brand firstly has some of the coolest art on a longboard. The deck is created from hard and sturdy maple, allowing a un-disturbed ride.

Comes with Durable 70mm PU wheels with a perfect cruising 80a rating. The deck is a spacious 9-inch deck will allow that perfect cruise.

Also has anti-wheel bite technology which will stop those annoying bumps.


Anti-Bite Technology

Amazing Looking Deck

Durable 70mm PU wheels

Spacious 9-inch deck with sturdy maple


The 9-inch deck may be bad for people with small feet

Is low to the ground

The Backfire Drop-Through Cruiser is great to cruise around town with.

The deck is created with hard 8 ply maple to secure a good and sturdy ride and cruise. The wheels are created from PU and have an 83 durometer which is perfect for cruising, giving it a grip to withstand rough terrains but able to cruise smoothly.

Comes equipped with a 7-inch aluminum truck and ABEC-9 bearings, which is the perfect equipment for cruising.

 Overall this ride has everything for a perfect cruising experience.


Strong 8 Ply Maple

PU 83a Wheels

Strong Glue to help the board stay in-tact

7-inch aluminum trucks


Hard To Turn

A Little Noisy

The Magneto Longboard is perfect for those smooth cruises.

The deck is created from pure bamboo, allowing it to be easily carried and the board is also very flexible.

Comes with a slick and fresh look to it. This board is equipped with 80A wheels created from PU and ABEC-11 bearings.

 This board is highly recommended for urban riding and getting from point A to B!


Bamboo deck making it flexible and easy to carry

ABEC-11 Bearings

A slick looking board

Equipped with grip tape


Harder to turn due to the length of the board (you won't really need to turn your board if your cruising)

Not The Fastest Board

The Sanview Cruiser Longboard is perfect for getting point A to B and for those smooth cruises around town.

This board comes out of the box, ready to go and ride instantly! This board also is created from pure bamboo, allowing an easy to carry and a lot of flexibility.

 The bearings are created from strong and sturdy steel, they are ABEC-9 bearings perfect for cruising. This board is great for all ages and comes with great designs on the board.

This board is great for those smooth and effortless cruises.


Comes fully assembled

Great designs

Created from pure bamboo

Bearings are created from and sturdy steel


Hard To Use The Board For Other Styles ( Example: Hard To Freestyle etc)

Art May Peel Off

This Canadian Maple Longboard Cruiser board is perfect for all ages and cruises.

 The board is created from strong 7 ply Maple for a strong and undisturbed ride. This board comes with some pretty neat art on the bottom of the board.

The board is easy to carry around even though its created from maple.

This board is created from aluminum and ABEC-9 Bearings which enhances your polished ride.


Good For All Ages

7 Ply Maple

Easy To Carry

ABEC-9 Bearings and aluminum trucks


May have to loosen trucks

Paint may chip off over time


If your looking to cruise around the town undisturbed and have a peaceful ride, these are the boards for you. It is a great way to get around and we definitely recommend these boards if you are looking to select the best longboard for cruising or carving for a new and fun experience. If your looking for any other types of styles then be sure to check out our other longboard buying guides because skatesphere has all you need.

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