Freeride Longboarding Decks
Best Guide to Selecting the Top Boards

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Freeriding is all about the cool tricks, and showing off the most advanced tricks you know while going down a hill or even just cruising! But if you want to learn how to freeride to your maximum ability, there are some brands that are better than others to learn and perform your tricks. So we have created a list to help you discover the best freeride longboard!

Our 5 Best Freeride Longboards

What Is Freeriding?

Freeriding is downhill were you try to hit the maximum speed. But it's not about just cruising along the road, the ways skaters like to describe it, imagine a mix of downhill, tricks and cruising combined and then there you have it, freeride!

Freeriding is a mix of fancy slides and tricks so you can tear up the hill your on. Freeriding is an exciting style and way to skate, it's all about the movement and tricks while going down a hill. The video below gives you a good ideas about what it is all about.

What makes a "good" freeride longboard?

To be able to freeride to your maximum potential, a good freeride deck needs a different selection process to other types of riding styles.

The Deck

The deck shape should be drop-through, drop-platform or top-mount for the best stability and balance while performing your slides.

Your deck shouldn’t have a lot of flex to prevent wobbling while riding. Flex is great for slower cruises but when you're going at a high speed you should have a sturdy board so you don’t end up with many scratches.

The deck length should also be 34” - 42” for better stability and this will help with freeriding and you being able to perform those cool tricks. Your deck width should be between 8”-10” for a stable experience.


Your wheels should be soft but large. This will stop all the crazy wheel-bite some rides get and soft wheels will allow you smoothly ride downhills so you can perform those cool freeride tricks.

Top Five Freeriding Longboards - Rated & Reviewed

Below are the 5 freeride decks we've selected that we recommend if your looking for the best freeride longboard. Whether your looking for a cheap or premium selection, We've covered all bases and reviewed the best and the worst features to help you select one that will suit you perfectly.

The Playshion Freeride Longboard is one of the best and complete boards for freeriding!

Comes with original graphic design onto the grip tape and on the bottom so your board can look great while you ride.

The deck is 39” long which is perfect for freeriding, providing good stability and the deck is created from 8 Ply Maple for a sturdy and safe ride.

The wheels have a 70mm diameter which is nice and large and also has a nice and soft 78a with high-rebound technology with the wheels, the wheels will help your nice ride flow smoothly!

The Playshion comes complete out of the box, ready to ride and show off your skills to the world instantly! Overall this Playshion drop through has the perfect combination of wheels, deck, and safety to create a perfect freeride experience.


39 Inches Long

Original Art Designs

Comes Complete Out Of The Box, Ready to Ride

Large and Soft Wheels


Stiff To Turn

Have to have good control to control this board

The Rimable Freestyle Longboard is one of the sturdiest around.

 This board is created 9 Ply Maple for a safe and protected ride. The deck is also Top-Mount which is great for freeride and will create a table and safe ride for everyone!

 The deck is 42” long and slightly concave which will allow your feet to slot right in which will increase turning speed and allows a faster and smoother ride. The grip tape is also great on this board which allows a strong stand on the board and will provide grip and safety.

7” aluminum trucks provide stability and a low center of gravity which will help with turning and control at high speeds. The wheels on this board are 70mm in diameter and 78a with strong PU for a smooth and exciting ride!

Overall the Rimable Topmount will enhance your freeriding skills and allow you to reach the next level!


One Of The Sturdiest Around

Strong and Grasping Grip Tape

Top-Mount Deck Created From 9 Ply Maple

Concave Deck to Turn Quicker and Sharper


Deck is a little thin

No Kicktail

The White Wave Freeride Longboard is great for showing off your greatest slides and tricks!

Comes in many different customisable colors and shapes allowing you to find your perfect color. Equipped with multiple layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with clear grip tape, this board guarantees a safe and sound ride for every rider!

Includes ABEC-9 Bearings for those sharp turns and also has a 70mm Diameter wheels with High-Rebound Technology for a smooth ride.

The White Wave Bamboo is great for anyone, beginner or expert and will help your freeriding adventure!


Customisable colors and styles

Multiple Layers of Canadian Maple

ABEC-9 Bearings

High-Rebound Wheels


Tight Bushings

Not a lot of Concave

The Quest Rorshack Freeride Longboard is perfect for al freeriders!

 The deck comes in at a perfect 34” and has multiple layers of hardened Maple and Bamboo for a strong foundation for this beautiful board.

Includes ABEC-7 Bearings which will allow quick and sharp turns for those intense slides and tricks while freeriding. The board is furnished with 6-inch aluminum trucks and Durable 65mm Wheels which will enhance your freeriding experience.

 The board doesn’t have a lot of flex and will provide a safe and sturdy ride for every user!


Multiple Layers Of Maple

ABEC-7 Bearings

65mm Durable Wheels

Not alot of Flex


A Slower Ride

Art May Peel Overtime

The Bomb Longboard Complete will fulfil all your freeriding needs with a great all round choice.

Comes in two insanely cool colorways which make your board pop on the road! The deck has multiple layers of hard Maple with ABEC-9 Bearings equipped with the board, this board has everything that you will need to have a great freeride experience.

 The drop-down deck is 41” long which will provide a low center of gravity for those quick tricks.

 Comes complete and ready out of the box and will be a great combination of fun and take you the next level of free riding.


Two Cool Colorways

Multiple Layers of Maple

ABEC-9 Bearings

Drop-Down Deck


Bubbles May Appear Under Grip Tape Overtime

May Have To Loosen Trucks For Some Tricks


Freeriding is a new and exciting way to express your longboarding love! Learning how to freeride is hard and freeriding without making the right selection could mess up your experience. We definitely recommend you purchase a longboard from above!

If you'd like to read our list of other great reviews then click the link to learn about other awesome styles.

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