Volador Longboard Cruiser – Full Review

If you are looking for a top quality longboard that will provide you with a sturdy and responsive ride, you’ve come to the right place. When I was looking for a longboard, I had to search through hundreds of longboards which took lots of time and energy, but today I will show you our detailed Volador longboards review because of its great service accompanied with its beginner-friendly design.

A good longboard is one of the best transport options for many people around the world. But there are some things to think about before purchasing. 

Things to consider?

Firstly you should think about your skill level before you review and make a purchase. As you'll see in our Volador Longboard review, this is a great beginner board and will provide every beginner with a great cruising and riding experience. If you are more experienced looking for more of a challenge, we recommended different styles of longboarding such as downhill!

Another thing to consider and review is what are you looking to do with your longboard? If you’re looking to race downhills, purchase a downhill board. If you're looking into performing crazy tricks, look into purchasing a freestyle or freeride board. But if you’re just looking to ride around your local street and get from point A to B, your probably looking for a cruiser, which is what this Longboard is.

Finally, think of all the parts of the board you like. You may want to replace the wheels or even the bearings. Think about the extra costs involved, but another benefit of Volador Longboards is that the parts are made to a really high quality and won’t disappoint. 


Volador Longboards have many different benefits that will take your riding experience to another level. 

One of our favorites available for cruising due to its 8 Ply Maple Deck, which means the deck is made out of Maple allowing it to be a hard and sturdy base.The Volador board also comes with some great art to accompany your board, which will allow you to pop out on the street and make you stand out.


  • Environmentally Caring Board
  • Hard and Sturdy 100% 8 Ply Maple Deck
  • Great Design
  • Cool and Dynamic Art, 6 Different Styles to choose


  • Not the Best Flexibility
  • Not Great For Tricks

What Makes The Volador Longboard Different?


We found in our Volador Longboard review that the art is some of the best geometric art, that will allow you to pop out while riding on the street. The best part about the art is the variety of color combinations and styles that you can choose from.

There are 6 different colors and styles you can choose from and review. The bottom of the board is also very durable so you can ride without scraping the bottom, so the art on the bottom will always stay fresh. The art on the Volador is meant to have an old-school feel, but still leaves some room so if you would like to perform some DIY art, it’s still possible. 

This gives great freedom and flexibility with art with is a great perk. 


under the deck

The Deck of the Volador is one the sturdiest and one of the highest quality available today. The deck could be seen as the most important, and it probably is. 

The Volador Longboard Deck is created from 8 Ply Maple which is the highest quality of Maple and Wood to create from. When it is 100% Maple, you can be sure that the deck will be able to handle most riders. The Deck is then Cold-Pressed into the longboard shape, but also gives the deck lots of flexibility which can be quite important. This gives unsurpassed strength but also has smart design accompanying this. The deck has been tested so that it won’t receive any wheel-bite, so when you're trying to turn, you won't have to worry about any sort of wheel-bite. 

The deck is 9-Inches long, which is quite long and this will be great for beginners and even kids as they will have lots of space to get a good grip. Being nice and large gives a perfect cruiser feeling, allowing you to cruise for hours on end.

-Environmentally Caring board

girl sitting on bench watching water

The Volador company website has had a promise to be very environmentally caring for years now, and this deck sticks to its environmentally caring theme. 

Longboarding is all about feeling the breeze and riding through the streets, so Volador makes their rides as environmentally caring as possible, minimizing their effects on the environment as much as they can. They harvests their wood from sustainable wood sources, collects offcuts for recycling and more.

A more environmentally sensitive deck definitely makes you feel better when riding because you know you’re not damaging the environment. So if you care about the environment, Volador will provide you with an environmentally safe board and experience.

Wheels, Bearings & Trucks

looking at the bearings and wheels

These 3 parts are very important for all longboards and each of these parts serves a different job to allow your deck to run smoothly, and are all very important.

Firstly the Wheels are 70mm and 80 Durometer, meaning these wheels are quite big, but also very hard allowing you to easily ride over rocky terrain and not be disturbed. These types of wheels are the best for cruising due to their hardness. The wheels are also High-Rebound wheels, allowing your wheels to easily bounce off things and not get stuck in sticky situations. The wheels are great for people looking to cruise and for people who would need to ride in rocky terrain.

The bearings are also the thing that allows your wheels to move fluently. The bearings are ABEC-7 Precision Bearings. This bearings are very high-quality and are created from Chrome Steel making them very firm and able to turn easily.

The Trucks are also an important component. The trucks are created from genuine aluminum alloy trucks and are placed at a 45 degrees angle for the best performance. The Trucks are 7-Inch and are adjustable to 45 degrees to 50 degrees giving them great maneuverability. 


In Conclusion of our review, the Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard review is one of the most well-rounded rides available today. With so many different color styles and one of the best designs that a deck can have, this is great for beginners, kids, and even intermediate riders and will provide a great experience for all types of riders.

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