Guide To The Best Penny Boards For Girls 
Top Rated Brands For All Skater Women

best pennyboards for women

There are many types of skateboards on the market, but one of the most recognised are penny boards. With the bigger demographic of girls now entering the skating world, these are a standout choice if you want to get noticed.

So this article goes into helping you understand what these boards are all about and what the best and worst choices you can make when buying one of these unique decks. So let’s discuss the best penny boards for girls so you can do more riding and less reading!

How To Choose A Penny-board?

With so many choices, making a selection can be quite hard. Obviously, you want to choose one that looks great and also rides great. You can discover what one we think is best for girls in the review below.

Sizes Of Girl Penny Boards

The 22” board:

The 22”  board is perfect for younger riders and even more experienced riders who like to manoeuvre around areas in a quick manner.

Its perfect to get anywhere and can be slid under your arm or into your bag with ease, it’s also great for younger riders as it’s great for little feet and is light for them to carry around.

The 27” board (Nickel)

The 27” is perfect if your feet are larger, or you would just like more space under your feet. Perfect for new riders as you get an experience to get stable and control the board.

It may also have a smoother and softer ride than the 22” as it’s larger and can withstand harder conditions.

What Materials Are They Made From?

These are traditionally created from flexible plastic. They have a lighter weight than the normal skateboard and the flexible plastic allows this. A well-made deck should not break or snap, but some brands can have dodgy plastic. The Wheels are normally created from urethane, with a nice plastic inside too the wheel.

Are Penny Boards For Girls?

Girls have been riding penny boards just the same as guys have been riding them. There is really no difference between both genders. The only real choice you need to make is the type of ride and the best look and size of the deck you want. The reason they are usually a preferred choice is because they are made out of plastic, it makes them so much lighter to carry and transport around.

Our Top 5 Best Penny Boards For Girls - Rated & Reviewed

Are you looking for that retro skating feel? This Retro, extremely trendy Board is perfect for all girls.

It is lightweight, comes in two aesthetically pleasing colours and can be ridden in a variety of terrains.

Equipped with state of the art bearings, and made with perfection by STAR SKATEBOARDS®


Comes In 2 Beautiful Colours

Very Light And Easy To Carry

60 x 45 cast PU wheels with 78A wheels for a smooth ride

Equipped with high-performance aluminium trucks


Paint May Scratch Off Over Time

Only Comes In Two Colours, Unlike Other Boards On This List

This board is different to a normal penny skateboard for girls as it is 27 inches, making it a nickel penny board.

It comes in many different variants of colour, making it great for looking good on the street.

This board is perfect to ride on rough terrain, but also performs smoothly on smooth terrain too, perfect for everything!


Vibrant Colour Schemes

Soft Wheels For Smooth Cruising

Perfect For All Ages

Able To Withstand Diffrent Terrains


The Paint Could be Scratched Easily

Quite Bright. Not For Everyone's Art Taste

This board brings back that 70’s retro vibe with a Lilac/Lemon Mint colour pallet, making it pop on your streets.

The board is very durable and is able to withstand many terrains.

Great for all ages, and comes ready to ride.


Rides Quietly And Smooth

Quality Wheels And Bearings

No Assembly Required

Good Board For Early And Older Ages


Prone To Speed Wobbles

Art May Peel Over-Time

The Wonnv Retro Penny-board is great for all ages!

 Its deck is made out of the fresh and flexible plastic, perfect for wobbly roads. Beautiful color variations to fit anyone's taste.

Supplied with high-speed bearings and Super Smooth, get ready for a nice ride! The wheels even light up!


Made From 100% Fresh PP Material 

High-Speed Bearings

Wheels Created From Hard Rubber

Smooth And Overall Fun Ride


Requires Batteries For Wheels To Light Up

If You Don't Want The Board To Light Up You Must Remove Batteries

The Nickel board comes with a hipster Punk Pink look!

It will arrive with high-quality Stainless Steel bearings, and smooth 83A wheels able to withstand all those bumpy roads and paths, perfect for a smooth ride!

This board will give you a nostalgic throwback to the 70’s retro era!


Very Light And Easy To Carry

Classic Non-Slip Deck

High Quality Bearings

Smooth Wheels For A Smooth Ride


Bearings May Not Be High-Speed

Paint May Scratch Off


There it was! Our review of the best penny boards for you girl riders out there! When all the ‘hipsters’ on social media are taking photos of there penny board adventures, you know there back in fashion. A simple board that is beating out all the hover-boards of today, and it’s great to see. Designed to cruise down streets smoothly, these boards listed above will allow you to have that relaxing feeling.

Penny boards, or "pennyboards" as there sometimes known, wont be around forever. Take advantage of the companies and brands that are making some of their best work and designs at the moment. Pick one up today and experience the smooth and relaxing ride. They allow us to come outside and have fun with the world!

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