Ten Toes Longboard Review - Ten Toes Board Emporium Longboard Review

ten toes board emporium longboard review

Ten Toes Longboards are one of the best Longboards avaliable on today's market. So today we'll be doing an in-depth ten toes longboard review, to help you decide whether this longboard is for you!

Ten Toes Longboard Review

The Ten Toes Longboard, now renamed Retrospec is one of the best boards available on the market. It is the #1 Best Seller in Longboards for good reason.

The 44-Inch artisan long board is made from Bamboo, and has a vintage California look which really attracts some eyes. It's also very light weight and able to be carried around very easily. It has ABEC-7 Bearings and rides very smoothly, which was very surprising for me. When I first rode this board, I was expecting a clunky ride but it cruises very smoothly, so well done to Ten Toes Longboards for making an amazing board!


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    Looks Vintage
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    Spacious Deck
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    Rides Smoothy


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    Due To The Flexibility, At Times It Can Feel Wobbly

Here is some general info about longboard ten toes.

The planks -- Their Zed longboards are made from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo grows ridiculously quickly and looks great when used as a skateboard deck.

Bamboo is the most environmentally conscious selection for skateboards. They grow slowly, and also use up a lot of resources and make a noticeable absence when they're cut down. The decks come with easy but beautiful designs and are available in various colors, so you may get the one you want.

The fall down longboard is 41in long and is made by Canadian Maple for optimum stiffness.

The plastic mini-cruiser is created from plastic. This makes it super durable and watertight, and it is going to most likely last forever and ever. It's a waffle pattern to substitute using traction tape.

The trucks that are used on the Zed and drop down would be the same.

They're built for smooth, controlled turning and are stable up to about 30mph (also based on your skill level). They're more than adequate for cruising and are very pocket-friendly. They aren't made from the most expensive stuff, but they will get the work done well.

These don't turn up to the trip but using a setup, that little they're more appropriate.

The wheels used are easy polyurethane and at 85a hardness. They arrive in normal shape for the drop down and Zed longboards.

They are 70mm and 51mm wide. At 70mm they'll roll over road imperfections and generate a comfortable ride; however, they will not be hard to drive and will keep good momentum.

The mini uses exactly the same, but they're smaller to fit under the plank and avoid wheelbite. 

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Are ten toes longboards for you?

Right now in this Ten Toes Longboard Review, we'll go over whether the Ten Toes Longboard is for!

Ten Toes are a stylish brand that produces some moral and environmentally conscious longboards. They are much more  than adequate boards for beginners and people searching for simple pocket-friendly skateboards that may satisfy their needs. They never inflate the costs for users and do not use any cheap gimmicks. But you do pay for what you get, and you'll have to update the parts in future if you wish to get deeper to any longboard discipline. With Ten Toes being one of the best looking longboards, you attract some eyes with this board.

I would find a Zed longboard, they're stylish and would look great on a wall, cruising around on a hot day or are a good present for someone wanting to get into skating.

Greatest Ten Toes Longboard Review: Why Are They Worth Buying?

Regardless of who you're a professional skateboarding expert or just a beginner, you may delight in riding absolutely in the ten toes board emporium zed bamboo longboard skateboard cruiser.

They are coming with a classic design that is extremely eye-catching and attractive. Want other people to praise you, do not wait to buy for a more extended time. You might be a flexible rider who may ride in several fashions based on the changes of mood.

The truth is, most regular longboards support just 1 job or just one style of skateboarding. However, those longboards aid gentle cruise and glide and facilitate the tricks perfectly.

Here would be the perfect longboards which not only functions as a multi-functional skateboard but also enables the users to explore plentiful styles. It's not necessary to read any Ten Toes longboard review on almost any social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

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Ten Toes Brand &The Interesting Things You Want to Know

Ten feet longboards are a reliable sporting goods company that concentrates on creating boards for both professional and amateur skaters and surfers all around the world. They target at making fascinating things for browsing and parkour community.

Drawing the powerful inspiration, Ten toes longboards provide their many goods with uncountable styles representing the special culture and urban lifestyle while keeping up the vintage speak.

Based in gorgeous Los Angeles, California, their simple structures stills give the consumers the stylish, retro, and ageless fashion when using. What particularly stands out about the brand is they never stop growing new stuff fitting our requirements.

Especially, Ten Toes longboards allure to an ideal sense of wanderlust with delight. Ten Toes using their powerful inspiration believes in making use of free time, optimizing the sun. You will never quit all your daydream with Ten toes stuff.

Who Do Ten Toes Mainly Target at?

Are Ten feet longboards perfect for all of us? Ten feet are surely a stylish brand that mainly creates numerous ethical-focused and environmentally-conscious longboards.

Ten Toes is not a high-end new for many skaters, and their products are aimed at creating longboards for the beginners. They're even more adequate for people who are searching for the easy wallet-friendly skateboards.

Those users can purchase a reasonable-cost product that satisfies their needs nicely. They won't inflate the products' prices for all the users. The users can upgrade the regions of the boards in the future later mastering the skateboarding skills.

Determined by the respective styles of longboarding focused, the Six Toes longboards will be your first search with basic features. 

Flawless Construction

Under a closer evaluation of the basic demand to get a longboard, the Ten feet longboard skateboards are observed to offer the ideal blend of features fulfilling your requirements. What exactly can these goods supply the customers?

Flexible design is extremely great for assorted skateboarding stunts, skills, and tricks. In particular, with all the clever construction, the miraculous goods of Ten feet longboard assist all styles of longboarding efficiently.

Specially made with renewable environment-friendly substances, the well-built products can give strong support for every rider of all levels of skateboarding. They'd look enormously amazing to ride on a sunny day under your feet.

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Picture-Perfect Appearance

Moreover, all skaters will be extremely inspired and motivated by the stunning appearance of Toes products. My very first impression when viewing the ten feet longboards the first time is unforgettable.

It is fairly eye-catching with the exceptional look, and classic colors paint. The longboard attracts an old-school vibe but still entertaining, broad and youthful. It's exceedingly certain to help you more than just that.

Handy Longboards With The Unlimited Color Choice

The convenient longboards can be easy to carry on your hands during any arbitrary period and time. Differ from most typical skateboards from the current market; these longboards are horizontal which makes you easier to ride.

They are in abundant colors with various options to match your personality perfectly. Colour choices are always available to purchase. Once you see it, you are going to want to begin your ride immediately.

It is acceptable for both active teens and elderly individuals. It's perfect to begin riding at a ten toes longboard green flora. Moreover, it's equipped with durable parts because of the quality materials used in the building.

Super Reasonable-Cost Equipment

The previous bonus of this Ten toes longboards is their mind-boggling works can be possessed at a super reasonable cost that is less expensive than other similar products. This is particularly perfect for beginners who would like to practice with a professional board.

Just spend little money on high quality and multi-functional longboard! Check the ten feet longboard goods on Amazon! Nothing is even better than that! Enjoying the smoother motions has never been this easy!

ten toes longboard review

What does the ZED Emporium Bamboo Longboard offer you?

The Perfect Dimensions

This longboard offers you with both control and relaxation with its precise dimensions. The 44-inch deck will surely provide anyone of any size with the ideal surfing experience.

Moreover, weighing only 8 pounds, this longboard reduces your weight when you have to walk with it in a no-gliding zone. It is both very easy and lightweight to transport.

An Intelligent Deck

If the deck isn't clever but faulty, you may too throw the longboard away. Since the deck is thought to be the most important part of a longboard. A deck becomes worthless if it can't handle your weight and moves and cannot provide you with a strong grasp on it. Fortunately, ZED Emporium can do everything.

The 80AB grip tape enhances the driver's grip and stability on the board.

On a specific note, this specific longboard has an extremely clever construction that supports most designs of longboarding. Besides, it supports tricks and stunts with its slightly curved body making it more elastic.

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Wheels like wings

Wings offer you a nonstop flight in the atmosphere with a higher pressure. On the other hand, the wheels ZED Emporium comes with does a better job in a smooth ride on the hard earth. They're in reality made from Polyurethane having a diameter of 70mm by 52 mm. Therefore, with the excellent construction, the wheels of this longboard provide you with a smooth ride that also at high speed.

If you are considering these attributes do not allow it to be safe then here is what you ought to know. They include a herculean hardness of 85A. Consequently, they can absorb shocks better than you can. Last, the wheel comes with an anti-bite technology that eliminates grabs on the wheels.

Trucks which make your motions swift

Firstly, let us inform you that the trucks are quite powerful with Aluminum construction. Consequently, you do not have to be concerned about durability. The important part is they are 7 inches in length. This length allows you to change direction even at the sharp turn of 90-degrees swiftly.

Moreover, it comes equipped with all the kingpin quality which lets you do tricks . On the other hand, the bearings are also aluminum constructed. However, ceramic bearings could have done a better job at this point.

Appears that talk to you personally

The ZED Emporium Longboard has a classic Californian flavor in it. It would appear excellent below your toes on a bright sunny morning. Not only that but also in your hand if you're carrying at any season and time.

The matte, grainy appearing black deck-top provides this longboard a classy look with the images that speak of vintage California.

Here are some extra factors we will go over.

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Technical Specifications

Right off the bat, you will observe that ten toes longboard is HUGE! It covers an excellent 44 inches in length and 9. forty-five in. Wide for foot area. It weighs about merely a small under being unfaithful pounds; quite lightweight for a longboard, but this is certainly great for embodying the tricks and stunts.

This 2016 ten feet longboard model is huge enough to serve an individual since the ideal cruiser but lighting enough for it provides as enjoyment as well. You can also have it around on the particular back of your bookbag when you are not necessarily using it. Easy, not bad so far. However, let’s set our give attention to its features and elements now.

Design and Structures


Let’s start together with examining one of the main parts of any longboard: the deck. The particular porch will decide a lot inside the term of your stableness on highway, balance and user comfort, so may choose to pay special attention to this.

The ten toes longboard’s commitment to the environment shows through its sequence. Deck of the ZED is created out of sustainable bamboo, and also to put strength to durability, they have premium quality Canadian Maple wood added at the same time. The particular deck is made regarding eight tiers, eight carrelet, to make sure unparallel strength in addition to strength. The neat thing about this series is of which not one in the decks will match completely to a new inside since the bamboo grains vary in all of them.

The particular deck has a pointy nose and tail which often enables the user to be able to cut through the wind when at high speed. It is also produced versatile and with a slight curvature to it; this is fantastic for some skateboarding stunts in addition to tricks. And as for stability and adherence, typically the deck comes covered by simply an 80AB grip recording.


The wheels, to be able to us at least, are the main part of any longboard. When the wheels on your longboard aren’t up to be able to standard, you may well throw it away typically the window.

The ZED from ten toes longboard employ 70 mm by fifty-one mm wheels made away of Polyurethane. This sizing and material are merely right for longboards that will carry out some high-speed action, especially on all downhill roads. The tires, any time you cruise, feel airy and smooth but seldom be fooled by this; these types of things have a herculean hardness of 85A. They will are clean and usually are shock absorbent to consider several serious impacts throughout its life.


Not one of the panels from the ZED sequence use fall through trucks. And while you might argue that drop by means of trucks is better, typically the truth is, it may possibly bring more stability yet it limits maneuverability. As an alternative, these longboards use lightweight aluminum reverse kingpin trucks with premium Abec-7, each computing seven ins long.

This specific offers users unmatched motion control and flexibility during carving and turning in particular. Despite the fact that we might include, that ceramic bearing could have done a much far better job at it as compared to lightweight aluminum. A ceramic having is more heavy-duty and final a lifetime.

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Physical appearance

The ten toes longboards, especially in this series, demonstrates a whole lot where it is usually made: Los Angeles. The Laurel Fishtail has a brilliant bright teal color to that on the bottom. The color is shared on typically the wheels as well; nevertheless, the trucks are still left real, aluminum. The top of typically the deck, however, is definitely a grainy-looking matte black that beautifully clashes with the extremely Californian vintage graphics on the bottom.

It looks old-school, fun in addition to young; there is nothing necessarily to like about it!


So much within our review of the ZED from ten toes longboard, we assess that that looks durable and promises performance due to its high-quality construction materials. It has been designed to double because the enjoyment and will serve the purpose brilliantly too. Yes, right now there are imperfections nevertheless they are not too spectacular in the viewpoint after you look at the positive aspects against them. A value product for a great cost; highly recommend. If you're looking for the Best Longboards, we have lot's of guides!

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