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best skate ramps

Skateboard Ramps are some of the funniest things in the world. Skateboard Ramps will give you memories for years to come and is something that can provide endless enjoyment. But finding a suitable skateboard ramp isn’t easy.​

There are many duds on the market, so you have to be sure that you are purchasing one that provides you with enjoyment.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Skate Ramps & Plastic Mini Ramp

Here is an in-depth list of the Best Skateboard Ramps!

Ten Eighty Quarter Pipe Review

This is by far the highest quality ramp available on the market. The Ten Eighty ramp is a fantastic ramp which will provide never-ending memories for you! So here is a ten eighty quarter pipe review!

The Ten Eighty Ramp is the best for a few reasons. The price blew me away, it’s so cheap compared to some of the others and will provide a fantastic ride. The design of the ramp is impressive, with a slick black design. When I tried the ramp, it held up well and didn’t bend or crack, I was able to ride straight across it! It was also ready to be assembled within minutes, which is very rare!

Overall, the ramp will provide safe fun for all skateboards, and is one of the best skateboard ramps on the market today.


  • Very Cheap
  • Safe Ramp
  • A Portable Skateboard Ramps
  • Doesn't Bend Or Crack


  • angle-double-right
    No Negatives, A Very Good all-Round Skate Ramp

Landwave Ramp

The Landwave ramp is a very premium ramp but is the best designed and best ramp for home practice.

Even though this ramp is terrific, it comes at quite a high price which may turn some people off, but if you’re willing to spend some extra money, this ramp is the best one to go for. Landwave also many other ramps so you can connect the ramps and parts to create an amazing collaborative ramp! This ramp is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools at all. It has a nice black design and is very smooth and satisfying to ride. Landwave also promises a 90-Day satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can return it within 90 days!

Overall this is more of a premium ramp but is the best if you’re looking to actually improve at using ramps and how actually to ride ramps properly.


  • angle-double-right
    Easy To Assemble
  • angle-double-right
    90 Day Satisfaction
  • angle-double-right
    Nice Design


  • angle-double-right
    Very Narrow Ramp 

Ramptech  QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramp

Ramptech is honestly an amazing ramp, like really. The materials, design and how lightweight it is all combined to create an outstanding ramp. Worth looking at!

This ramp also comes at a higher price, but unlike the other ramps on this list is created from very durable, exterior material so it will last much longer than the others on this list. The Ramp is also made in the U.S.A, which means a lot to me! The ramp is also very grippy and will allow for good riding experience.

Overall the opportunities are limitless on this ramp, and it will provide you with an amazing experience, and it will last a long time!


  • angle-double-right
    Made in U.S.A
  • angle-double-right
    Very Durable
  • angle-double-right
    Amazing Design


  • angle-double-right
    A Little More Expensive

OC Ramps 3ft wide Quarterpipe

This ramp is a ramp for more advanced riders, that already know how to ramp ride and are looking to expand their knowledge.

This ramp is for advanced riders and is made from the highest grade lumber. Beware though, this ramp is tall and is designed for outdoor use. The ramp is very portable though but not lightweight. This ramp is very durable and will last for a long time. To install, all you’ll need is a drill to install, and you’ll be ready to go.

If you’re an advanced skater looking to expand your skills and start practicing ramps, this ramp is the best-advanced skateboard ramp available.


  • angle-double-right
    Very Portable
  • angle-double-right
    Durable And Will Last A While
  • angle-double-right
    An Advanced Ramp


  • angle-double-right
    Because It Made From Wood, May Get Scratched More

Kryptonics Micro Pyramid Ramp

This ramp is unique and is a ramp that should not be overlooked. This is a pyramid ramp, meaning it’s a 4-way ramp which provides four times the amount of fun!

This ramp is made for kids, making it the best skateboard ramp for kids! This ramp is the perfect size for young skateboarders. The lower height is amazing for beginners, and the ramp shape allows you to practice with ease. The ramp is very durable and has a nice design with some nice art.

Overall if you have a child that is looking to skate, this ramp is perfect for beginners, and it will allow for endless funny videos and memories!


  • angle-double-right
    4-Way Ramp
  • angle-double-right
    Very Nice Design
  • angle-double-right
    Cheap Ramp


  • angle-double-right
    Very Low Ramp

Factors For The Best Skate Ramp

	 ramps for skateboarding

When wanting to purchase the best cheap skateboard ramp, there are lots of factors you must bear in mind. There are various sorts of ramps intended for various types of skateboarding and tips.

 You also need to think of how much space you've got on your driveway (or garden ) and if you need to be transferring the ramp regularly from the way of automobiles or because of poor weather.

You also need to think of what you could do using the ramp in the long run as you become better and find out more complicated tricks. Some ramps can be mixed with others to construct bigger ramp setups or may be utilized as a fun line of ramps, railings, and openings. You also need to think if you are looking for skateboard ramps for beginners or mojo ramps.

	 freshpark portable skate ramps

These are patterns permit you to construct your own.

I will warn you in constructing your ramps though because I have tried myself but discovered metal and wood costs to be higher than anticipated. Additionally, for quarter pipes, halfpipes, or alternative ramps with the concavity, it's remarkably hard to cut the ideal curve that's smooth and constant on either side.

Otherwise, I advise that you purchase already construct ramps or kits with the timber precut and quantified. They'll be more sturdy and also a far better long-term investment. The Best skateboard ramps are sturdy, and the best skate ramps are normally not cheap skateboard ramps.

In the event you have to acquire a ramp for skating is contingent on the sort of ride you're trying for: road or transition. There's not any set age or expertise limitation when heading to get a ramp to skate on. Beginners and expert skaters both utilize ramps in their conducts and perform tricks. On the other hand, the dimensions distinguish stunt and beginner skaters as ramps that offer higher and stronger lifts are acceptable for professional skaters only. Most Pyramid skateboard ramp and 1 4 pipe ramp along with normal skateboard ramp are already made.

Selecting the dimensions

The larger the skate ramp the more space you've got for practicing different tweaks and tricks. This means a larger price tag also. The wideness of the ramp doesn't have a lot to do with the design or expertise of this skater but normally, the broader the ramp, the greater. A good halfpipe kit and oc skate ramps will be quite big for more practice space.

Many professional skaters opt for best mini ramps due to their backyards or even inside. This is only because they have expertise and control over their conduct and they're able to move miniature ramps in restricted spaces easily. Most wedge ramp plans and skate spine plans are planned with specific dimensions which is hard to imitate, so making the best skate ramps is not easy.

	 landwave ramps

Cost Range

There are expensive ramps too which are priced over $1000, but you can readily locate a nice, excellent skating ramp below that. It comes down to your budget about which ramp you can spend. Usually large sized ramps are costly. For people who have a limited budget, miniature skate ramps create a fantastic choice since they're rather reasonably priced. Locating a miniature launching ramp for below $50 is possible. Assembling your ramp can be more expensive than purchasing one online. Cheap skateboard ramps are normally bad pieces or plastic, but some cheap skate ramps can actually be really good, so don't overlook cheap skate ramps.

Benefits of Purchasing Mobile Ramps

Instead of fixed ramps, mobile ramps are moveable and make your life far simpler. They're cheaper, and you may take them to various areas and try various terrains. They're foldable too so that they won't require much space when hauling. If you would like a vast selection of ramps, you may choose your mobile ramp into a skate park and also clinic different stunts. Portable skateboard ramps is defintely something to think about and cool skate ramps and home skateboard ramps are normally very portable so they can be moved around very easy. Portable skate ramps are very important cheap skateboard ramps are usually not portable skate ramps.

names of skateboard ramps

Other items to think about

The type, size, and cost are important factors in Picking a skater ramp; however, there are additional things you Will Need to ponder over:

Rider pounds

Like skateboards, it's very important to take under account the skater's weight. When most ramps readily have the ability to stand up the weight to 100 kilograms, a few may not be quite as sturdy. Be certain that you understand the maximum weight limit that the skate ramp can endure. The best skate ramps can hold lot's of weight due to there design.


The surface is your prime contact point for your skateboard wheels also it will take the majority of the beating when you operate and perform tweaks and tricks. You can find plywood, Masonite and shaped vinyl surfaces which offer their distinctive strength. Most Mojo Ramps and the different types of skate park ramps are made from a variety of materials,  but the best skate ramps are made from wood, but there are good plastic skate ramps around.

	 skateboard launch ramp

Weather immunity

The surface could get destroyed with rain or direct sun; therefore, a fantastic, excellent ramp could have weather resistant coating. The best skateboard ramps will have weather immunity.


The ramp ought to be stable enough and ought to remain in place in any way times. The screws and other fittings which accompany the ramp needs to be of great quality and readily fixable. Furthermore, sandbags may be utilized to maintain the ramp set up when you leap it off. Recall scooter riders to constantly wear a suitable helmet to conserve your mind. A big different between best mini ramp and table top skate ramp between plastic half pipes and cheap skateboard ramps are they don't have good security. 

They do need a little bit of care in the end.

If you're investing in a significant plywood skateboard ramp, you don't need to be worried about durability since they're made to carry heavy beating out of the skateboard wheels. Professional skaters opt for wooden pallets ramps over plastic ramps since they are powerful and durable. Pre Built Ramps and used ramps for sale normally are already built, so if you're looking for skate ramps for sale or spine ramps for sale the only downside is that most of them have low durability.

Durability fluctuates between different skateboard ramps based on substance's used, structure, and manufacturer. Additionally, it depends upon how good you've mended the ramp as a rickety ramp might not just mess up your conduct but also deteriorate in quality over time.

buy skate park ramps

The very first question that pops into your mind when one is going to purchase a skateboard ramp is if it's secure, particularly if you're a parent purchasing a skateboard for the own kid. In terms of the ramp itself, as mentioned before they're made using substances that are tough so that they don't snap or break. But they can move out of their place if not adjusted correctly.

The best way to guarantee optimum security would be to follow the directions which include the ramp. Many times, these directions have pictorial representations too to make matters farther clearer. Should you follow the precise directions, there's absolutely no way your skateboard ramp will shake or move out of its location.

From the security context, there's a misconception which ramps are reserved for just the expert stunt skaters. That isn't completely true as kids under 10 utilize skateboard ramps for playing tips or riding their children scooters. On the other hand, the larger sized ramps such as vert ramps or half pipes would be suited to professional skateboarders only.

The ramp could be created further protected with the addition of something to its support. You can put a sandbag in the perpendicular end of a launching ramp to further stop it from slipping. The ramp could be repaired on sheets of plywood for providing additional support to its toes. Most ramps for skateboarding are proctected by this.

buying a halfpipe

This ties in very tightly with the dimensions of this ramp. If you're selecting portable ramps, you are going to wish to understand how much they weigh and how simple they will be to transfer. Whether you're taking them from the garage and into the road, or you're taking them to some buddy's home, the burden will be a massive element. Be certain you and your buddies are going to have the ability to move the ramp efficiently.

Is Your Material High Quality?

Based on the form of ramp, the substances utilized in the structure will differ. This doesn't automatically indicate that one kind of substance, like ABS, will be superior to timber. These two can be of top quality, but you want to be certain you are purchasing from companies which are ensuring the total structure of the ramps is solid. You wish to know they utilize the best options out there for whatever kind of material they use within their ramps. By way of instance, if you're taking a look at a wooden halfpipe, you would like to make confident they use high-quality pressure treated timber that could resist the outside atmosphere. Quality is vital.

A number of the ramps will have a unique coating on these, which can help ensure they are weatherproof and they are rustproof. They're also designed so they can cope well with sunlight. In the end, you don't wish a ramp which may get warped from too much sun.

Among the other significant things you need to think of when purchasing a ramp is the sum of weight it can deal with. The majority of the time, you'll discover that fantastic ramps, like the ones who are recorded here, are likely to have the ability to deal with at least 250lbs, and a few can manage 500lbs or without any situation. This usually means you might not need to be worried about riders weight with your skateboard. But, those who may be thicker, and individuals who may use something aside from a skateboard, including a bicycle, may want to consult the manufacturer to find the weight limitations to your ramp.

kicker skate ramp

Additionally, once you're picking a ramp, you wish to be certain you are working with quality manufacturers such as those listed here which have a fantastic reputation in regards to security. You have to make certain you are opting for ramps which aren't likely to place yourself, your friends, or your family at all. Ensure the ramp is placed together correctly and well, and it won't slide as you're using it.

There are several out there who may want to construct their very own skateboard ramp. Some of the best skateboard ramps are self-constructed. Even though this could be an admirable undertaking, it will carry with it any issues for many people. In the event that you should attempt to construct a ramp by yourself, you are not only going to have to get each the right materials for, as well as the resources if you don't yet have them but you would have to understand how to gather a ramp. It's not quite as easy as nailing some plywood into a 2x4s. It requires practice and skill, in addition to quite a little time. Most people don't have sufficient time to construct a ramp of the own.

Additionally, if you're not careful, you might wind up generating a ramp that's a danger to yourself and anybody else that chooses to utilize it. You need to consider the size of this ramp, the burden, just how much the ramp may hold, the angle, and a slew of different troubles. You'll discover it is much simpler and much more convenient to opt to obtain a ramp rather.

mojo wedge ramp

How Much Can Skill Level Matter?

Among those questions that lots of people -- especially parents have in regards to these ramps is how much does ability level issue. If you're exceptionally proficient on a skateboard before you attempt a ramp? Should you're a particular age? Provided that you've got the ideal amount of security, such as a helmet and pads, a ramp will be a fantastic alternative for just about everybody. They're enjoyable, and they can help ratchet up your ability level. Just make confident you are picking a high quality, durable alternative for your skate ramp regardless of what style you become. The choices on this listing are excellent choices to take into account. The Best Skateboard ramps will be for more advanced riders, but there are still good skateboard ramps for beginners.

Different types of Skateboard Ramps

Skateboard ramps ought to be enjoyable and practical at exactly the identical moment. If you're a newcomer to skateboard ramps, then decide which kind of ramp will fit your requirements. Below are a few of the usual kinds of skateboard ramps. Know their gap, purpose, and also what makes them exceptional.

These are most likely among the easiest kinds of skateboard ramps. They are normally used on drives. Only measures about two feet and do not have a great deal of concave. This may be made from different substances, such as vinyl, wooden, or metal. Remember that metal ramps may become really hot in the summertime. Alternately, plastic ramps can readily become slippery when wet. Wedge ramps are the smartest choice for beginners.

Establish Skateboard Ramps

Also called"kicker ramps," launching ramps are the simplest kinds of ramps. They seem more like wedge ramps, but they're more concave. They're produced to supply you with just a bit of atmosphere outside of a typical inclined plane. They normally have a slow incline. This sort of skateboard ramps allows you to enjoy adequate lift for medium flip tricks. Launch skateboard ramps will also be ideal for gap installments. This can let you do a few tips between two kickers within a gap. The same as the wedge ramps, launching ramps can also be made from unique substances. Furthermore, they may also be paired with rails, boxes, ledges, and other kinds of ramps.

	 cheap skate half pipes

These are referred to as wave ramps because of the constant falling and rising shape. Furthermore, some skater can perform his combo tips that need most rotations.

Box jumps contain of 2 launching skateboard ramps that are put on two different sides. It features a horizontal plane or surface at the center that connects these two skateboard ramps together. Many flatland skaters select box jumps than other varieties of ramps since transition could be carried out readily. You are able to certainly do flip tricks and guides quickly on precisely the exact same ramp. Skaters have the opportunity to string together different trick combos.


Spines are made up of two-quarter pipes that are put back to back. It slopes on either side that may aid a skater in shifting from 1 side to another while in midair or even mid-trick. This is quite important particularly when you're in the center of a run.

Leaking pipes are a really common sort of house skateboard ramp. On top of that, they are far more affordable. They're also offered in various brands. Quarter pipes are generally composed of curved ramps. Skaters can catch some air while they're launched upwards. Quarter pipes are excellent as it can supply you with a controlled area for catching some air. This is a great ramp to get a transition grind. A perfect option if you're doing fast grabs along with other air tips that requires control and focus. Skaters favor this for rapid grinds while they're in the center of a jog.

best mini ramp

Vert ramps may seem exactly the same with quarter pipes, but they comprise an additional constructed on top. This expansion is a guarantee that a skater will not cross over the border of the ramp. Having this kind of ramp, you are able to safely land back to the angle in which you started from.

Half pipes have been formed when two parts of quarter pipes are all blended together. This is the ideal option if you want a controlled area where you are able to always return and forth between those two-quarter pipes. This will provide you with more speed, permits you to catch some air and provide you the opportunity to do a few tricks each time you're on a facet of this ramp. Half pipes are really what springs to mind when folks think about"skateboard ramps." Half pipes are somewhat expensive, but they are fantastic for performing great tips. They have the ideal flexibility and size.


They're named as such because of their shape. Skaters who encounter bowls may quickly acquire speed and catch some air.


Overall skateboard ramps are something that you’ll want to have. They allow endless fun and experiences. All the ramps above will provide you with an amazing ride, and nothing can provide you with more experience than these skate ramps! Here at skatesphere, we have a variety of guides!

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