The Best Skateboarding Shoes - Review Of The Coolest Skate Shoes

The best skateboarding shoes is something that is hard to pick out. Skateboard shoes allow for better control over your board and minimize injuries when skating. There are many different designs, and on our long list, you will be able to choose the right shoe for you! So here’s a list of the best skateboarding shoes, and the best skateboard shoe brands!

Quick Look At Our 10 Skateboarding Shoes!

1. Lakai Griffin Skate Shoe

2. Adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoe

3. DC Men's Pure Action Sport Sneaker

4. Vans Men's Atwood Low-Top Sneakers

5. PUMA Adult Suede Classic Shoe

6. Emerica Figueroa Skate Shoe

7. Supra Vaider Skate Shoe

8Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

9. Globe Fusion Skate Shoe

10. Heelys Launch Skate Shoe

Lakai is a very famous footwear company, who were founded by professional skaters Rick Howard and Mike Carrol in the 1990’s. Laika is one of the best skate shoe producers, and this shoe keeps up to the high standards Laika have set for themselves.

The shoe has a simple, yet pleasing design. The colorway on the shoe is very interesting, and you can even choose the right colors for you! The shoe has a rubber sole, allowing for firm grip onto your board. The shoe also has a mid-sole that even I didn’t notice, but this midsole allowed for way more comfortable than I expected!

Overall, this shoe is very durable and has the right amount of breathability. Lakai continues to produce nice looking shoes of the highest quality. These are one of the best skateboarding shoes!


  • Durable
  • Nice Design
  • Variety of Colours
  • Lots of Breathability


  • Not Lots of Ankle Support

Adidas is a classic shoe company, and the Adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoe is one of the perfect skate shoes on the market today!

Firstly, I just wanted to applaud Adidas for creating on the slickest, and some of the most excellent designs I have seen on a skate shoe. The three stripes lead up so well to the top of the shoe, then leads down to the top of the shoe. With a beautiful array of colors you can choose from, these shoes are some of the most excellent designed skate shoes I’ve ever seen. Other than that, the shoe has an excellent grip and a lot of ankle support which resulted in me feeling very comfortable to walk around casually in these shoes!

Overall, with the shoes being 100% synthetic, it allows for nice breathability. The shoes have everything you would want in a skate shoe, long-lasting traits, beautiful design, and excellent grip. If you are looking for a skate shoe you can also wear out, but can also provide a great ride; these are the best skateboarding shoes for you!


  • Amazing Design
  • Long Lasting
  • Great Grip
  • Ankle Support


  • Canvas can be bad for heels


The DC Pure Action Sports Sneaker are one of the most durable and stable on the market, and will provide a fantastic ride!

If you are looking for the Best Skateboarding Shoe, look no further. DC’s Pure Action Sports Sneaker don’t have skate shoe in its name, but are an excellent shoe for skating! The Outsole of the shoe has shock absorption and is created from sticky rubber outsole. This allows for a secure grip, and the ability to walk in more rougher terrain. The Foam padded tongue and collar was the most exciting part of the shoe for me, as it provided me with stability when I was riding but was also a surprisingly comfortable shoe!

Overall, this shoe has a unique design, partnered with excellent stability and comfort, and you can’t go wrong with such as well-crafted shoe!


  • Great Outsole
  • Foam Padded Tongue
  • Unique Design
  • High Comfort Levels


  • Sizing is a bit strange.

When you think of the Best Skateboarding Shoes you think of Vans skate shoes. Vans are one of the most iconic and noticeable brands' footwear brands today. There like the Mcdonalds of Footwear, and for a good reason. Vans create some of the best shoes, and these skate shoes are of the highest quality.

These Low-Cut Vans, are an excellent choice for all styles of skaters! These shoes are created from canvas, even though canvas isn’t the most durable material the shoes are still sturdy and can hold up very well. The shoe sole is also gum rubber, allowing for high-quality grip. Something else I noticed with the shoes is that the laces are actually really lovely, and don’t tear easily! The design of the shoe is a classic van slip-on, with around ten different variants of colors to choose from.

Overall, if you are looking for an all-around great shoe, with fantastic stability and design, and if you want an iconic brand, these shoes are the perfect skate shoes for you!


  • Slick Design
  • Low Cut
  •  High-Quality Laces
  • Colour Variants


  • Not the best ankle support


The Puma Suede Classic Shoe is one of the Well-Crafted shoes available, and is one of the best skate shoes available today!

The Puma Classic Skate Shoe is one of the best shoes today! With the best material for skate shoes ‘suede’, you can be assured that this shoe will provide a great riding experience. The suede material on the shoe allows for more long-lasting and more wear and tear experience. The rubber sole allows for reduced slipping, and for better grip onto your board. These shoes also can be styled easily and can fit with many outfits.

Overall, the Puma Skate shoe is classy, look good but also ride beautifully. If you are looking for a long lasting and well-crafted shoes, these are one of the best skateboarding shoes!


  • Well-Crafted
  • Stylish Shoes
  • Long Lasting
  • Suede Material


  • Not good heel support
  • Very Narrow Shoes

The Emerica Figueroa skate shoe wasn’t a skate shoe company I heard off before I tried them, and now I’ll never forget how comfortable these shoes were, and how good they allowed me to ride.

The Emerica company is an underground brand, but also produce top-quality shoes. The price is also very reasonable, and these shoes are a bargain! The shoes are created from leather but are very stable and have lots of durability. The design and color choice of these shoes are also very excellent. Because of the one-piece toe cap and padded collar, these two features provide heaps of wear and tear protection, and even allow so much comfort for walking around casually.

I didn’t have lots of expectation for these shoes, but I was surprised when I saw that these were one of, if not the best skate shoe I had worn in a long time. With a beautiful and slick design, you can be assured that these are the best skateboarding shoes for you and are of the highest quality and will provide a great ride.


  • Very Stable
  • Bargain Price
  • Great Design and Colour
  • Very Comfortable Shoes.


  • Not the best fit.

The Supra Vaider Skate Shoe is the first High Top shoe on this list, and is one of the unique and eye-catching shoes today!

The High-Top design of the shoe gives excellent ankle support, and allow for the most stable ride. The shoe is created from 100% leather and allow for lots of breathability and stability. I’m not a fan of the design due to it being quite clunky, but it’s personal opinion, and some of the colorways are quite nice. The padded mesh and collar tongue allow for a very comfortable and stable ride.

The Supra Vaider Skate Shoe is one of the most eye-catching shoes available today. If you are looking for the most wear and tear proof shoe, these are one of the best skate shoes!


  • Stable Shoes
  • Padded Mesh and Collar Tongue
  • Very Comfortable
  • Lot’s of Ankle Support


  • Clunky Design

The Globe Fusion Skate Shoe is one of the most secure and heavy duty shoes on today's market.

The shoes are created from 100% leather and have a fully reinforced upper part of the shoe. The laces are also very thick which make them very hard to rip into. The shoes are tripled layered and have a triple stitched toe cap. These shoes have a very casual-cool appeal allowing you to look good on and off the board!

Overall, if you are looking for shoes that will take a while to break, look no further!


  • 100% Leather
  • Fully Reinforced
  • Triple Stitched Toe Cap
  • Casual-Cool Appeal


  • Very Clunky
  • Heavy Shoes

Converse is also an iconic brand in the footwear world, known for some of the best-designed shoes today, and this shoe is no different!

This shoe is another high-top, but personally is nowhere as clunky, and has a nice design, combining nice laces leading up to a nice cap of the shoe. These shoes also have heaps of colorways to choose from, so you can select the perfect shoe for you. The rubber sole also gives the shoe heaps of grip.

With a beautiful design and a very breathable design, you can be sure these are the best skateboarding shoes for you!


  • Beautiful Colorway
  • Good Grip
  • Rubber Sole
  • Breathable Design


  • Shoes Aren't That Durable

The Heelys Launch Skate Shoe is more aimed at the younger audience, and are probably the best skateboard shoes for kids!

The shoes are 100% canvas allowing for heaps of breathability, and the shoes are very durable and won’t rip easily. The shoes have the unique kid designs, allowing your kid to pick the perfect design for them! The shoes are also very lightweight, and even have little wheels so you can roll in and out of any situation!

With a beautiful outsole for stable grip, accompanied with the lightweightness of the shoe, these are the best skateboarding shoes for kids!


  • 100% Canvas
  • Heaps of Durability
  • Lightweight Shoes
  • Stable Grip


  • Narrow Shoes

What are the different types of shoes?

High Tops Shoes

High-Top Shoes are the highest cut shoes. These skate shoes usually end up above your ankle. The good things about these shoes are that they give you excellent stability, along with better padding on the ankles. These shoes are the safest option. These shoes are also great for keeping warm in the winter.

The only negative thing I have to say about this style of shoe is that they breathe badly, on a hot day your feet will become hot and can become quite uncomfortable.

person wearing shoes

Mid-Top Shoes

The Best Skateboarding shoes are normally Mid-Top Shoes because they are the perfect in-between shoes that fit in perfectly between a low top-shoe and a high top shoe. Mid Top Shoes offer excellent cushioning, not to restraining but not to loose. The best advantage that a mid-top shoe has over a low-top shoe is that the added height for the shoe gives it better protection from mud, dirt, and water from entering the shoe, which is a problem for low top shoes. If you are looking for comfortable skate shoes, mid tops are the best option.

Despite all the positives that these types of shoes have, everything does have some negatives about it. A negative to the mid-top shoe is that the styles are all very similar, and they don’t have much variety. When I was looking at these shoes, they all seemed very similar, and the way I was able to tell the difference was through colour because they all have very similar builds too the shoe. Also, when trying to pick a cute outfit to go with sneakers, it was harder as not all jeans fit these shoes, so having other accessories may be needed to look stylish in these shoes.

Overall, Mid Top Shoes are perfect for skating purposes, but can be a little harder to find the proper look for you, and are harder to style into. However, these shoes are top-quality for skating, and this is what you want with skate shoes.

person wearing mid top shoes

Low Cut Shoes

The collar on Low Cut Shoes don’t cover the ankle, this shoe can also be known “low top” sneakers or even are sometimes called “low cut” sneakers. These style of sneakers are the most breathable style. The Low cut sneakers usually don’t cover the ankle and don’t have a lot of structure or design. This is the most casual style of a shoe, and something I liked about this style is that I was also able to feel comfortable wearing them out to the shops, etc. They also allow for freedom of the foot, not making your foot squished.

However, there is a disadvantage as; usually, these sneakers don’t provide the best ankle support, due to the low cut style. Another advantage is that low cut sneakers are very in trend, and can look good in many outfits. Most of the top skate shoes and coolest skate shoes are low-cut!

Finally, the low cut sneaker is much more comfortable to wash as they contain fewer materials than mid-top or high-top sneakers. Overall, these are an excellent skate shoe style and are definitely in trend, accompanied by providing you with a free foot and easy clean!

person wearing low cut skate shoes

Things to consider with skateboard shoes?

Here are some traits that the best shoes for skateboarding should have.


If you are looking for good skate shoes, stability is one of the most important, if not the most important trait that a skateboard shoe can have. Stability doesn’t have a statistic, but a shoe can be stable, meaning it can feel safe and keep a good condition. A shoe can be stable by having a good design and even have good ankle support. The shoe is made out of solid material is also a big factor, and can factor into a good stability level.

person wearing skate shoes on skateboard


Getting durable skate shoes is vital. Durability is the ability for your shoes to be able to stay in good condition without fading or ripping. The outside material of your shoe is the most important. The most common shoe material is suede, because it is tough but can make a beautiful design. The most durable skate shoes are the best ones!

person wearing skate shoes on board


The material of your shoe is a considerable factor to the durability and stability. To have good skate shoes, material is vital. There are main materials that skateboard shoes frequently use to provide you with the best and most comfortable ride.


The leather is probably the least common material out of the three. The advantages to leather for skateboard shoes is that leather is flexible and is very resistance from tearing. However, leather comes straight from animal skin, which is something I don’t promote. However, leather is usually a lot thinner, making it not the best material, meaning its durability level is quite low. The best skateboarding shoes don't really use leather.


Suede is the most common material used for skate shoes, and for a good reason. Suede provides skate shoes with the best durability. The reason is suede is quite tough and is also stretchy. Suede allows for a little flexibility in sizing also, because of the stretchiness of the shoe. Suede overall is long-lasting and has a soft and stretchy feel, but also is tough and will allow you to skate the best! The best skateboarding shoes use Suede normally!

skate shoes


There is one more material that occasionally used on skate shoes, which is canvas. Suede and Leather are made from animal products, but canvas is an excellent alternative to these products. Canvas is created to be a leather-free shoe. However, this does come with some downsides, as Canvas is not water-resistant, nor as tough as suede but is still one of the best alternatives. Canvas is still quite durable and is much more lightweight and more breathable than leather or suede. The Best skateboarding shoes use Canvas at times.

person doing trick on skateboard


For good grip, the right sole on the shoe is needed to provide the best experience. The outsole of a shoe is the bottom of the shoe; the insole is the slip insole that most shoes have inside the shoe. These two can combine to create a good grip for your shoe, which is one of the highest priorities for a skate shoe. If the outsole is made from rubber, you can be assured that the grip is high quality. Skate shoes also come with some anti-slip technologies and make sure you won’t be slipping off your skateboard any time soon.


Having bad laces can be a pain, believe me, having bad laces can make your skating experience terrible. Laces should be reinforced with metal to prevent your laces from ripping. However, it would help if you also learned how to tie up your shoelaces properly before riding, because poorly tied shoes can make your ride unstable. The best skateboarding shoes have good laces!

person wearing shoes

How can I prevent wrecking skate shoes?

This is a question that I get a lot, and it is not easy to prevent decay of skate shoes and eventually like everything your shoes will decay and not be in prime condition, but there are a few ways you can slow down the decay of skate shoes. The best skateboarding shoe will take a while to decay, but you have to help also!

Make sure your laces are tied up, so you can prevent tripping. I know the loose laces look is cool, but it isn’t worth hurting yourself. Slipping can massively wreck your shoes, and your bones too!

Waterproof spray can also help when it is severe weather conditions. I don’t recommend skating in bad weather, but if you do waterproof spray can protect your shoe and keep it in good condition.

A habit that I use to have was to slip my shoes on and slip them off, and it is much easier to do. Don’t try to slip off your shoes, because the padding and the heels of your shoes will decay heaps. It is a hard thing to do, but it will allow for longer-lasting shoes.

Can skateboard shoes be good for walking?

Skate shoes can be used for other sports, but are not optimal. If you are buying a skate shoe and using it for running, then you won’t get the best results. It’s like using a football ball to play soccer, and you won’t be able to get the best results. Skateboard shoes don’t offer the right construction for running but can be used casually, and I enjoy using skating shoes in a casual outing.

The reason they can’t be used for running is that they have much different construction, and the outsole of the shoe is made from stiff rubber for excellent shock absorption, but they don’t provide good heel support which is what shoes need for walking and running. Also, wearing your skate shoes out a lot can wear and tear the shoe much quicker.

Overall, you can use skate shoes for casual outings and walking, but they aren’t optimal for much more than that. We recommend you have a casual pair of shoes, and shoes specifically made for skating. So if you want the longest lasting skate shoes, try not to walk in these shoes.


Overall, these shoes all provide such a different experience that it’s hard to pinpoint the best skateboarding shoe. You have to look at what you want in a shoe, and match it to the massive list of shoes above.  On this list, you can find the coolest skate shoes, along with the most comfortable skate shoes, but you can find the overall best skateboarding shoes. If your looking for the Best Skateboards of 2019 or even The Best Longboards, we have a vast array of reviews

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