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best longboard bearings

Longboard bearings can make or break your board, and having low-quality bearings can be a huge blow to your ride. Making sure you have the best quality bearings, and the lowest price is very important, so today we’ll go over 5 of the best longboard bearings available on the market!

Quick Answer: Best Bearings For Longboards

Bones Bearings REDS Bearings - 8 Pack

Bones are the go-to brand for bearings, and these bearings are by far the most reliable bearings and come at a very amazing price.

Bones Bearings have been ahead of the bearing game for some time, and nothing has changed. Bones Bearings are still the highest-quality bearings and provide the best riding experience.

That’s why they're the best selling skate bearing brand in the U.S.A because they constantly provide the best longboard bearings. The bearings are pre-lubricated with Speed-Cream, and they also come with a removable rubber shield so you can be sure these bearings will last through thick-and-thin.

Overall, these are by far the Best Longboard Bearings on this list and will provide you with the highest quality ride. If you’re looking for good, reliable and cheap longboard bearings, RED Bearings have you covered.


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    Best Selling Bearings in the U.S.A
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    Pre-Lubricated with Speed-Cream
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    Best Overall Bearings


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    No Cons I Noticed

Dreamfire Super Fast Bearings Longboard ABEC 11

It’s hard to compare anything after our first review, but despite the bearings before being top quality, there are still many good bearings on the market. The Dreamfire Bearings are super fast, and some of the fastest bearings available.

The Dreamfire Bearings won’t be able to trump the Bones Bearings, but they are better in different ways. Firstly, these bearings come with a 100% money back guarantee so if you are unsatisfied (unlikely) you can get a straight refund. Also, these bearings are much faster than Bones bearings so these can appeal to the adrenaline seekers around. These are also ABEC-11, meaning they are of the highest quality and grade.

Overall these bearings might not be able to trump the Dreamfire Bearings, but they do it in other ways. These are smooth bearings that come at a killer price, a bearing that you can’t pass up.


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    100% Refund Guarantee
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    ABEC-11 Bearings
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    Fast Bearings


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    A Little Noisy Bearings

Oldboy Chrome Longboard Bearings

The Oldboy Chrome Longboard bearings come with heavy metal, yet are a smooth set of 8 premium bearings that will provide you with an excellent experience when riding.

These bearings are heavy metal containing Chrome Steel on the inside so your bearings can survive any terrains. Also, these bearings are designed for longer rides, these bearings also allow for a smooth ride. The lower cost of the bearings also allow for easy replacements, and the price is a bargain for this quality of bearings.

Overall these bearings are perfect for intermediate riders, or even beginner riders. Founded by a long-time skater, you can be assured that the OldBoy Bearings will provide an outstanding experience.


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    Perfect for Beginner Riders
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    Low Price
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    Heavy Metal


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    Hard to find consistent quality

Zealous Bearings for Longboards

The Zealous Bearings are some great looking bearings, coming with some of the best features on this list. You can choose from 2 beautiful looking colors, along with some other benefits.

These Bearings are lubed with a custom grease that ‘self heals.’ Grease enters the metal and smooths it out, allowing for a much faster bearing. The 8mm Axles that come with board fit all skateboard trucks and allow for a super fast ride. When I was riding with these bearings, I noticed that the Zealous Bearings barely have any friction, so I was able to ride smooth but still be very fast, which is a feature that not many boards had.

Overall these bearings are overall good bearings and will provide you with a good ride. For the price, they are pretty good.


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    Bearings Lubed Already
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    Barley any friction
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    List Element


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Mini Skater Silver Longboard Bearings

Now, when I ordered these bearings, I was expecting one of the best bearings on this list, but I was deeply disappointed by the result.

Even though I didn’t have the worst experience on the first ride, as I continued to use these bearings, they became unusable. Firstly these bearings barley spin so it became impossible to have a smooth ride. One other negative that I noticed is that these bearings are really, really loud and were clicking over and over, I thought I was going to go insane.

Overall these bearings didn’t give me a good experience, and I would recommend scrolling up to find better bearings that will give you a good experience when riding.


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    ABEC-9 Rated Bearings


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    Barley Turn
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    Very Loud
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    Much Better Bearings Avaliable

What to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Longboard Bearing?

best cheap longboard bearings

What's a longboard bearing?

Longboard Bearing is the part that spins the wheel while moving longboard. Longboard is made up of 3 main parts: trucks, bridge, and wheels. The bearings act as a connector between longboard, mended, and rotating wheels.

What is the importance of a longboard bearing and how can it work?

While each longboard bearing is modest, it has a greater impact on how the wheels are rotated. In case you've got a bad, excellent bearing, you could lose the maximum rate and smoothness of your ride that you could have attained. So the importance of this tiny thing isn't little at all. So be quite choosy while buying a good longboard bearing.

what bearings are best for longboards

What is the average price range of the best longboard bearings?

The average budget for your very best longboard bearings will fluctuate with the quality and the number of balls you're offered with.

So, for 1pc or so longboard bearing, the normal range could be between $2 and $9. But, it will always depend on the quality and the characteristics of the longboard bearings. So, you compare them before getting one for yourself.

Choosing the best longboard bearings makes you have to collect as much information as possible about the most reliable options that you have on the industry. Besides, you must understand some of the significant components and parts that come along with it. For instance, you also need to gain a full comprehension of how to discover the best brakes for longboards.

good longboard bearings for cruising

Furthermore, you need to research as much information as possible about the best longboard brands in the industry today, (which we will help you with) and the most suitable longboard deck, so you can decide on what bearing specifically suits it. Your decision during your search for a fully functional longboard bearing can also be made easier if you bear in mind these significant factors and points:

Besides collecting as much info as you can concerning the rating system used for skateboard and longboard bearings, you also ought to learn more about the specific substances used in the chunks.

What Are The Best Longboard Bearing Materials

 In cases like this, two of your most popular options are ceramic and steel. Note that the balls are among the significant elements of your chosen longboard bearing. They are also responsible for the rolling capability of the bearing. Bearing that in mind, you need to pick which material may give you the maximum benefit.

Ceramic is favored by a lot of the skateboarding and longboarding fans because of its smoother and stronger nature in comparison to the standard steel. However, take note it is also more expensive. Also, remember three ceramics are often utilized in ball bearings -zirconium dioxide, silicon nitride, and the silicon carbide.

what are the best bearing for longboards

When thinking about longboard bearings ceramic, you need to know about ceramic longboard bearings. These ceramic bearings longboard will be a little more expensive. Longboard bearings ceramic are normal the fastest longboard bearings, which allows them to be the best downhill bearings. Overall ceramic longboard bearings come at a steeper price but become worth it if you're looking for the fastest longboard bearings.

If you are thinking about investing in a harder ceramic material, then opt for the silicon nitride since it is regarded as the toughest and the toughest among the three. It is also the most often used ceramic, particularly in hybrid longboard bearings. One thing which you have to bear in mind is that the ceramic stuff here only describes the balls. So far as the races are involved, you can expect them to be constructed from steel, which explains why specialists use the"hybrid" term.

With this kind of an elastic and ductile character, it's not surprising to see it can keep its natural and original shape even when you've applied loads to it. The major advantage of steel bearings, especially once you compare it with people constructed out of plastic, is the fact that they can withstand corrosion and rust. However, be aware that certain applications require that you use bearings constructed from a ceramic material.

	 best bearings for longboard cruising

Longboard Bearing Size

Some of the most important factor in your hunt for a very strong longboard bearing is its dimensions. Be aware of your options, in this case, including the standard 608 along with the non-standard sizes.

Bear in mind that in the field of longboarding and skateboarding, the standard 608 bearing size is known as the normal. Usually, it comes with an 8-mm bore, which is the particular place where the axle can be found. The fastest longboard bearings normally are smaller, so if you're looking for fast bearings for longboards look for smaller bearings.

Many elect for bearings with the standard 608 size since it's proven to be compatible with most of the skateboard brand wheels available today It is also possible to anticipate this typical size to keep the purchase price of these longboard bearings down.

 Even though infrequent, you may also locate longboard bearings of non-standard sizes. These differ from the standard 608. You can also find smaller ones that ordinarily require another sleeve as a way of matching the outer diameter of the 608.

	 good cheap longboard bearings


An additional thing that you need to give a lot of attention when hunting for the most dependable longboard bearings in the current market is the lube which you can use for your goods.

Be aware it is important for the users of these bearings to choose lubricants that are capable of decreasing as much friction as possible. This is because such minimal friction is a major help in knowing that the longboard will perform at its very best. In cases like this, you often have a few options. There is the rate cream while you may also find the nano-ceramic grease.

 A fantastic way to use lube on the bearings would be with the lid on, shake them up and swirl them around. Then remove them from the solution and wash them clean, then spray on compressed air from a can into them to escape the last of the cleaning solution and drizzle to complete.

It should be noted, though, that the option of lubricant is determined by the taste of longboard riders. The goal here is to discover a lubricant, which works the right for you. Additionally, be aware that various lubricants are capable of functioning better for a wide assortment of bearings. Bearing that in mind, you can't fully generalize the bearings as well as the lube used in each of them. It would help if you truly found the right fit.

best longboard bearings for speed


Another significant component that should play an essential role in your final decision is whether the longboard bearing you are planning to purchase is already pre-lubricated. If possible, choose a longboard bearing, that can be lubricated initially as this can aid in improving its effectiveness and functionality. It would be best if you remembered, though, that even though they are pre-lubricated, you'll need to lubricate the bearings eventually. This can be vital in its proper maintenance.

In cases such as this, you also need to figure out which one of the lubes in the marketplace can help you enjoy the very best functionality of your bearings. Other than the pre-lubrication, it is also a necessity to check whether the bearings are easy to install. This is one of the highest priority sections of choosing the ideal bearings to your longboard. Ensure you won't have a challenging time installing it. The entire installation process should be quick and easy.


Spacers are also one of the essential aspects that should play a major role in your final decision. Note that the spacers are also one of the essential portions of the bearings. It's principally because they offer the support that the bearings need. They play a huge role in making sure that they deliver speedy and excellent functionality while still being stable. Also, it is also very important in ensuring that the whole spacing does not get too slim.

As you can not locate a typical size for those spacers, you must remember they are crucial for bearings. Bearing that in mind, you shouldn't ever buy a bearing to your longboard without considering the corresponding spacer. In most cases, this thing measures around half an inch. That should serve as a pretty good foundation in selecting the most dependable spacers for your bearings.

best downhill bearings


The design is another thing you have to keep in mind. Be aware that typically, the bearings maintain the same construction in between all of its styles. Normally, it is equipped with an inner and outer race which can hold the retainer around seven ball bearings. A rubber shield that you can remove also caps it off, which is a significant aid in protecting the bearings. Notice, however, that in this case, the shield is not the removable kind.

In terms of the balls, keep in mind that a variety of materials were used for them. One of the most commonly used ones, as mentioned in the previous parts of the short purchasing guide segment, are ceramic and steel. You only need to find out which between both may provide you the maximum level of satisfaction. Also, keep in mind that other than the mentioned two, there are also other substances used for the bearings, though they're just rare.

best cruiser bearings

It's also essential for you to acquire full knowledge about the particular components that form part of the longboard bearing. Such knowledge is essential in ensuring that you will not wind up getting confused throughout the choice process. One vital component which needs to be present from the bearing is that the C-ring. It refers to the thin ring, which fits into a groove which you can find on the outer part of the bearing. It is designed in such a manner it can safely lock the shield.

The outside and the inner rings are also vital from the bearing. The outer ring especially refers to the round exterior constructed out of metal material that all other bearing components fit into. It is important because the axles use it to fit through every time that the wheel or the bearing installation slides to the axle.

Another major component which should never be absent in any longboard bearing is the shield. This is vital because it works in such a way it can stop any dirt from entering the bearings. The chunks that are often either made of ceramic or steel will also be vital components as they help ensure that the majority of the bearing spin around them. Make sure that all these parts exist as they could help ensure that the bearings will perform at their finest.

longboard bearings ceramic

Bearing shields

Bearing guards are typically the walls of this bearing. They are what stop stuff from outside from getting into the bearings and gunking it up -- think about all the dust, sand and water you experience when riding. They're a super important part of the bearing.

You typically have two kinds of bearing defenses. You have bearings which have a metal shield and bearings which have a rubber one. The rubber shield is removable although the metal one is not. Best bearings for longboards usually have 2 shields, but some of the best bearings for longboard have 1, all depends on the comapany.

Since Metal shields are not removable, you can't clean any dirt that gets within the bearing, but with rubber ones, it is possible to conduct a thorough cleaning and following put grease right on the bearing balls.

Built-in bearings have all built-in. They have an elongated inner race that acts as the spacer and the washer. This means that you don't have to have all those additional components in your wheel. I can inform you built-in bearings make life a whole lot easier.

what are the best longboard bearings for speed

What is ABEC Rating

The American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) is a business group of bearing manufacturers. In industry, engineers make gear to match specific bearings, not the other way round. The best longboard bearings will be ABEC-7 to 11, whereas good longboard bearings will be 3-7. The rating is very interesting, but don't base your purchases just off these numbers. The best bearings for a longboard or the best cheap longboard bearings might not be the highest ABEC rating, but will still be good quality.

The numbers are almost always odd, and they operate from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9, with higher numbers meaning greater precision.

Typically, longboard bearings operate out of ABEC-3 to ABEC-9. The number gives no clues as to what materials are employed or their hardness, smoothness, vibration or precision.

One firm's ABEC-3 bearing will roll considerably faster or smoother than another's ABEC-9. ​

best longboard bearings

Does this matter?

Moreover, no. Yes, ABEC ratings matter when comparing an organization's bearings against others from precisely the same maker.

Normally, the lower ABEC number will probably be more affordable, and the greater amount will have smoother-operating components.

If you receive the highest-rated bearing from one company, you're usually getting their smoothest and fastest option. It doesn't inform you, however, how that bearing compares to a different maker's bearings. Simply experience and word of mouth could say that are the fastest bearings.

what are the best bearings for cruising


Congratulations, you made it to the bottom of the page! Overall all the bearings on the list above will provide you with a good ride and if you are looking to start skating or get new bearings, really look no further. We gave all the info above; now it’s your turn to get out there and start skating! We have a variety of other pages that you might enjoy, from Best longboards, Best Longboard Trucks and many more!

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