Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard  Cruiser In-Depth Review

As I was scouring the internet for in-depth information on the Sanview Drop Through Longboard, I could barely find any valuable information about the board. So, after purchasing the board and having a good amount of riding time on the board, we have decided to provide an In-Depth Review of the Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Cruiser.

Things to consider before buying a longboard?

What kind of rider are you?

Well, by the title of the board you may be able to tell what type of board this is, it’s a cruiser board. Cruiser boards are great for getting from point A to B, or even just rolling down the streets. If you are not aware of what cruising is, in basic, cruising is the most relaxing style of longboarding. Basically, cruising is just rolling down the street at an average pace, while taking in the view.

Cruising is also great for reaching a destination, making this longboard great for transportation. I was also able to perform some decent tricks on this longboard, which actually surprised me! So I would recommend this board for everyday riders, who are looking to get from point A to B, or just have some fun with a longboard, whether that’s cruising or performing tricks!

Sanview  longboard

Beginner or Advanced​ Board?

This is an important question to ask, as some boards can have some technology that makes it hard for new riders to catch onto longboarding. But luckily, this board is very beginner friendly, while providing good enough technology for more advanced riders to have enjoyment on the board too. As someone who has been riding longboards for years now, I thought this board would be too beginner friendly, handicapping me from reaching my full potential, but actually, this was perfect.

The Sanview Longboard has really smooth wheels, and a big enough deck to cruise smoothly. But for beginners, this board is one of the best available today. The strong grip tape and large deck, allows beginners to get a good grip onto the board, allowing beginners to have a good stance. Overall, this longboard really does cater to both beginners and more advanced riders.

sanview longboard review

Is It Flexible?

Flexibility is definitely something to consider when thinking about longboards, and this board definitely delivers. Due to the boards' deck being created from bamboo rather than the usual maple, it gives the board really good flexibility. Flexibility allows you to be more comfortable and confident when riding, which is a huge positive.

The Sanview company has a long list of high-quality skateboards, but I believe this one could top them all. The design of the board combines classical cruiser boards, with sanviews cruiser twist, which merges into one of the best designs on today's market. This board is for the casual riders, looking for a form of transportation and even a side hobbie of riding around the streets. 

I would say this board is not suitable for downhill or free-riders, just because for those types of riding, there are better options available that are specifically made for those purposes. But this longboard comes ready out of the box, so you can hop on and get your enjoyment instantly from the Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard!


  • Comes Ready Out of the Box
  • Very Flexible
  • Large Deck, good for beginners
  • Very Reasonable Cost
  • Beautiful Artwork


  • The material may scuff, due to bamboo being weaker.
  • May be a little noisy

In-Depth Review of Sanview Longboard


sanview deck review

The Deck of The Sanview Longboard is really top-notch. Created with a mix of Pure Canadian Maple and Bamboo, the deck provides stability while giving some flexibility also. Personally, I think the deck is the most important part of a board because it can make or break a board, and the deck definitely excels! The 42”Length x 9.5” Width Deck, is actually quite big but is perfect for beginners as they will need a bigger deck to get good footing onto a board. Also for cruising a larger deck is much better, because it provides a more stable cruise.


sanview artwork review

The artwork is something to definitely take a closer look into when looking at a longboard. Good or bad artwork is the difference between standing out when riding, or being questioned on the strange and unpleasant artwork on your board. But the artwork which is attached to the Sanview Drop Through Longboard is one of the best I have ever seen. The bright and vibrant array of colors is really nice, allowing you to stand out when riding. The amount of options they give you for the art is also great, allowing you to pick the right artwork for you.

Grip Tape

grip tape

Grip Tape is vital for good grip onto your board, and bad grip tape can really mess up a board. Bad grip tape will peel off, which can be a real pain. But the Sanview Board comes equipped with OS780 Grip Tape which makes the board very stable for beginners, and comfortable for all types of riders.


sanview longboard wheels

The wheels on any board are very important, as they allow it to flow smoothly. The High Rebound PU Wheels allow for a very smooth ride. The wheels are measured at 71mm x 51mm, which is perfect for cruising because larger wheels allow you to ride over cracks and bumps much more easier. Overall, the wheels are exceptional, allowing a smooth and enjoyable ride.


sanview trucks

The 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks that come with this board are very good. They are Aluminum, allowing nice turning and control with the board. The only problem I found with the trucks is that they may need to be loosened, but that is a 2-second job.


steel bearings

For me, the only weaker point of the Sanview longboard was the bearings. The bearings were quite loud, and even though they are ABEC-9, they make a little to much noise. They do run quite smoothly though, and they aren’t the worst bearings. If you’re looking to make your board the highest quality, we recommend Bones Red Bearings for the best experience


If the Sanview Longboard doesn’t seem to be the one for you (how is that possible though?) we have a long list of the
Best Longboards available. Here are some in-depth guides on more longboards!

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The Atom Drop-Through Longboard, which is the latest addition to Atom’s long and reputable list of Drop-Through Longboards. The latest board from Atom comes with some of the newest and exciting technology Longboards have to offer.

Volador Longboard!

One of our favorite boards available for cruising due to its 8 Ply Maple Deck, which means the deck is made out of Maple allowing it to be a hard and sturdy base.The Volador board also comes with some great art to accompany your board, which will allow you to pop out on the street and make you stand out.

Rimable Longboard

The Rimable Drop-Through Longboard is a great looking board and will provide an enjoyable experience for every rider.


Overall, the Sanview Drop Through Longboard really is top quality and will provide you with one of the most enjoyable experience today. With a durable deck, combined with smooth wheels, you can be assured that wether you’re looking to get from point A to B, or just ride around your streets, you can be sure this is the perfect longboard for you. For the cheap price, the board really does deliver on all fronts.

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