Atom Drop Through Longboard - Full Review

If you’ve been searching through the internet for that perfect longboard, the board that will give you a great experience, you’ve found the right board. This board screams ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ just from looking at it. The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is a one of a kind board with an insanely unique design and the board is one of the most aesthetically pleasing boards available today. 

Things to consider with a drop deck longboard?


The Atom Longboard is created from not ordinary materials. Most longboards will be created from straight maple, but this board has a Maple/Bamboo Hybrid. The bamboo in the deck is mixed with the Maple, giving the deck lots of great flexibility, allowing you to have a very comfortable ride.


Beginner Friendly?

This board has all the attributes for a great beginner board, and it is a great beginner board. It's easy to ride because of how wide and long the board is. This allows the board to be really stable and easy to ride for beginners. With the deck being created from bamboo and maple, it's flexible but still really sturdy and stable which is perfect for new riders. Another perk is that the board comes Pre-Assembled so that any beginners will not have to work out how to put this board together.

What are you looking to achieve?

Lastly, you should be thinking about what are you looking to do with a longboard. If you’re looking to go into skateparks and do crazy tricks and spins, or even do
downhill tricks, this is not the board for you.Today, there are lot's of types of Drop down boards, from drop down long boards, to the drop deck longboard, but if you are looking to cruise, the best board is the atom drop through longboard. 

This board will not give you crazy high-speeds, instead, this board will give you something different. This board is a cruiser longboard, this board is great for people looking to get around places such as getting to school or around campus, or even just looking to get from point A to B. This board is a great board just for cruising around town and getting around fast and efficiently.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

The Atom Drop-Th
rough Longboard, which is the latest addition to Atom’s long and reputable list of Drop-Through Longboards. The latest board from Atom comes with some of the newest and exciting technology Longboards have to offer. This board has one of the best turning radius today, combined with its low deck for quick movement and easy pushing, this board is an outstanding board which will provide you with a great ride.


  • Full Maple Laminate Deck
  • High-Quality Grip Tape
  • Great for Tight Areas
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • Check
    70mm High-Rebound Wheels


  • Not The Fastest Board
  • Not Many Colors To Choose From
  • Prone to Speed Wobbles

In-Depth Review of Atom Drop Down Longboard


The deck for this board is quite unique, with something that not many boards have, a Drop-Through Deck. If you don’t know what a Drop-Through deck is, basically it is a deck mostly used for cruiser boards as it compliments this style of riding perfectly. Drop-Through decks are usually much more flexier than most decks but aren’t structurally strong. That’s why they aren’t great for going at high speeds. Also because the deck is Drop-through you will be much closer to the floor than normal, allowing you to push the board more constantly.

The Atoms Drop-Through deck is surprisingly stable while providing enough flexibility to cruiser enjoyably. The deck is created from Laminated Maple, which gives it the stability that all decks need. The deck is also quite long and wide, giving people that are older an enjoyable deck to ride on. The Atom board does really live up to it’s “Drop-Through” name as the board is quite low to the ground, which is actually favorable due to the fact that it allows you to push your board faster and more frequently when cruising.

Overall the deck is very high-quality. With a good mixture of sturdiness and flexibility, you can be assured that the deck of the Atom Drop-Through Longboard is one of the best available today!

Grip Tape

Grip Tape is definitely an underestimated component of any longboard, and grip tape is a vital part of having good stability when cruising!

Well, the Atom does provide with grip-tape, providing high quality 80S grip tape which will provide a high-quality grip to your board. One of the worst things to happen to a board is peeling grip tape, it is very inconvenient and uncomfortable, meaning you may have to buy new grip tape if this happens. Luckily, the top of the board is coated over with long-lasting grip-tape, which is actually sandpaper-like, allowing you to not have to worry about peeling grip-tape anytime soon. 

Here's a quick video on the effort needed to remove grip tape, and the damage bad grip tape can have.


Wheels are the bread and butter to all transportation around the world, and bad quality wheels can really ruin a board. Luckily, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard comes with great wheels for Cruising, these wheels are perfect as they are super high rebound, and created from urethane giving you a super smooth riding experience.

The wheels on the board, allow a super smooth ride which combines with ultra-low rolling resistance to give us an all-around great wheel. The wheels also are quite large coming in at 70mm x 51mm which is perfect sizing. It allows a rider to easily ride over gravel and cracks that could be on some roads. The only problem with the wheels on this board is that they may be a little flimsy, meaning you may have to readjust them to get the most out of them.


The bearings on the Atom Drop-Through Longboard are very high-quality and come with a high-speed lubricant to help get the stable yet fast cruise.

The Atom Longboard comes with ABEC-9 Bearings, which if you are not aware are very high-quality bearings. But despite this, the bearings compared to other bearings available on today's market, these bearings aren’t the highest quality available. If you ask us, replacing the bearings on the board aren’t necessary but will give you a better ride.


The Trucks on the Atom Longboard are one of its strongest points. The board comes equipped with Reverse Kingpin longboard trucks. The trucks on this atom drop deck longboard are very tight, but it’s actually quite useful as when carving or cruising, tighter trucks actually benefit hugely. Overall, the trucks on this Longboard are very high-quality and can be re-adjusted easily to your liking.


Even though the Atom Drop-Through Longboard is a top quality longboard, if the atom drop deck longboard doesn't really interest you, take a look at these alternatives!

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If none of these interest you, we have a in-depth review of The Best Longboards overall!


As a full board, it is really fantastic. It comes equipped with everything you would want to have on a longboard. If you are looking to cruise around town or just from point A to B, this is the perfect board for you. For the price, the board is hard to beat, and if you are new to riding it really does pull above most other low-quality counter-parts.

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