​Rimable Skateboard: Complete Review of Rimable's Drop Through Longboard

Persn Holding Rimable Drop Through Longboard

Rimable is one of the most reputable longboard brands out there today, and for good reason. Rimable was actually one of the first brands that I picked up as a skater, and I still use it to this day! Rimable boards are always of the highest quality and design, and also provide such an enjoyable ride! Today I’ll be going over 3 of my favorite Rimable boards, and show you why these boards are so popular and enjoyable to ride!

Things to consider with Rimable skateboards and Rimable Longboards?

Who is Rimable?

Rimable is a company based in China, that makes a large variety of transportation from roller skates, scooters, all the way back to Rimable Skateboards. Rimable is not just a longboard company, and don’t really have that many boards at all. But I assure you, the boards they have are top quality from the Rimable Longboard Pintail all the way to Rimables' famous Drop Through Longboard, you can be sure the boards they have are very good.

People Handshaking with bamboo drop through longboard


Assembly can be a real problem for some people, as assembling any sort of board can really be a struggle and a pain. Luckily, all the following boards come Pre-Assembled, ready to ride which is a huge plus, because a skateboard assembly can take hours to perform, and to be honest everyone wants to ride as soon as they receive their fresh new board!

Person doing a handstand on a rimable skate board

Beginner Friendly?

When looking at a board, you have to see what stage you are at, and what stage the board recommends. From my experience with the three boards, I would say the Rimable longboard pintail was the more advanced board, so if you’re an advanced rider, I would definitely recommend checking out that board.

But not everyone is advanced, we must all start somewhere. The other two boards, The Rimable bamboo drop through board and the Rimable 22 Inch Skateboard, are both very beginner friendly and will provide a great base for riders. But these two boards are also good for an even advanced rider, so if you're looking for a good enjoyable ride, check these boards out.

Person Holding Rimable bamboo drop through longboard


Keeping your board in a good state is always one of the highest priorities, and the Rimable boards definitely help you keep your board in good shape. Obviously, if you just leave your board to collect dust, it won’t be in good shape, so making sure you clean your board is important, and here are some tips on how to do that.

Water on boards is really, really bad. It causes the deck of a board to warp, and sort of deteriorate. This won’t be a problem for plastic boards such as the Rimable 22 Inch skateboard because the board is plastic, but the bamboo drop through longboard shouldn't be in the water, as the bamboo can get warped. So making sure you leave your longboard under-covers and not riding in the rain (which is dangerous, don’t do this) will keep your longboards' deck from warping and deteriorating.

Dirt on grip tape can also be a problem when dirt and muck start to pile up on grip tape, your grip on a board will become less and less, making it harder to ride. Getting some dirt on your board is impossible to avoid, and will happen; making sure you don’t let this really pile up should be a priority. If you do get a dirty board, check out our guide on How to keep your board clean!

person holding 22 inch skateboard

What are you looking to achieve?

Listen, Rimable is a good company and do provide good beginner skateboards and good beginner longboards, but if you’re looking to really get into downhill tricks and freeride, these boards are not optimal. These boards are good if you’re just looking for a hobby, or just looking for a mode of transportation. These boards are perfect from getting from point A to B but really aren’t optimal to really do any more than that, which is understandable for the price point they stand out.

RIMABLE Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Review

The Rimable Bamboo Drop Through Longboard is the first of the three boards I will go over within this article. This is a drop through longboard, meaning it has a lower deck to normal. This allows for better cruising, as you are able to keep a steady push. The deck is probably the strongest point of the board, as it is created from a combination of Maple and Bamboo, allowing for a sturdy deck.


  • Amazing Artwork
  • Sturdy Deck
  • Comfortable Grip Tape
  • 85A Hard Wheels


  • May Need To Loosen Trucks

The artwork is definitely something that can catch the eye of an onlooker, and can even be the difference between a board you’ll buy, and one you’ll skip past. Thankfully, this longboard does have really nice artwork on the bottom, and the top of the board is quite slick. The longboard’s outwork isn’t over the top, it’s slick and very neat.

Grip Tape is probably the most under-appreciated piece of any board, but It definitely should be looked in to. The Grip Tape is High-Quality OS780 Grip Tape, making it sandpaper-like, allowing for a better grip and more durability. This allows for a better stance on your board, allowing a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Wheels are the bread and butter to all boards, and the Rimable Drop Through Longboard is no different. The wheels are rated at an 85 A level combined with the size of the wheels that comes in at 70x51mm, meaning they are quite hard. These types of wheels are bad for faster riding, but if you’re just looking for a calm cruise or just ride around town, these are perfect as they easily go over cracks and harder terrain such as gravel etc.

Overall, this board is a classic. Coming with some of the nicest artwork available, combined with a great sturdy deck and hard wheels, you can expect a nice and relaxing ride.

Rimable Pintail Longboard Review

The Bamboo Pintail Longboard made by Rimable and is personally, the best Rimable board out today. The variety of things you are able to do with this board, and most of the parts of top-notch!


  • Deck is Sturdy Yet Flexible
  • Eye-Catching Graphics
  • Excellent Bearings
  • Steady and Smooth Wheels
  • Trucks Support The Board Perfectly


  • Not A Good Board For Smaller Children, as the deck is quite big.

The Deck of the Original Pintail Longboard made by Rimable is very interesting (in a good way). The deck has a Hybrid of Bamboo and Maple, creating a stable yet flexible deck at the same time. The Pintail of the board gives more control overturning, allowing you to perform some tricks that the other Rim able boards aren’t capable of doing. This deck is really satisfying and sturdy, allowing you to feel safe when riding.

The artwork is something that really stood out to me on the Rimable Longboard Pintail, is embraced the surf and skater life, creating a really eye-catching graphic. Art peeling of a longboard is also a huge problem on some boards, as after you ride it a few times the art will start to peel, but not on this longboard. The Artwork is Heat transferred into the deck, assuring the art on this board won’t be peeling anytime.

The Bearings on this board are some of the best I have seen! Normally, I would recommend replacing bearings as most companies bearings are under-par, but these bearings are great. The Bearings are lubricated, allowing for a fast ride!

The Wheels on this longboard are the exact same to the Rimable Drop Through Longboard, and those were great. They allow for smooth and steady cruises, and because of their size, it’s easy to go over bumps!

orginal pintail longboard review

The Trucks of the board are perfect, as they are able to support the bamboo deck, allowing for more weight capacity on the board. The Trucks are aluminum and are allow a really clean turn on this board.

Overall, this board is definitely the best Rimable board out today, with its artwork embracing the skater life, it will definitely catch your eye! The Trucks accompany the deck perfectly, and the deck is sturdy yet flexible. This board will provide an excellent experience for all riders, and we 100 percent recommend it!

Rimable 22” Complete Skateboard

Last but definitely not least, the Rimable 22 Inch Skateboard. This is a completely different board to all the rest on this page. This Rimable Skateboard is more like a penny board than anything else but is quite enjoyable to ride. With a wide variety of colors to choose, you are able to choose the perfect skateboard for you!


  • Smaller Deck
  • 100% Fresh Material
  • Fast Wheels
  • High-Speed Bearings


  • Not The Coolest Designs
  • Heavy Board

The Deck of the Rimable skateboard is much smaller than the others on this page, it is 22 Inches Long x 6 Inches in Width. The deck is created from 100% fresh material, but because it is plastic it’s not the sturdiest. But the Rimable skateboard’s deck is very flexible, which is perfect if you have to fit it inside your backpack and it is a very light board.

The Artwork on this skateboard is not as good looking as the others on this page but is very high-quality. But this board does have 21 different designs, and there are some cool galaxy designs within that pool. Overall, the designs of the Rimable skateboard are very high-quality and will make you pop out on the street!

The Wheels are quite fast, combined with High-Speed Bearings this board does provide a high-speed cruise or transportation. The wheels are smaller though, which may make some terrains harder to ride in.

Orginal Pintail longboard review

Overall, this Rimable Skateboard is perfect if you are looking for a small affordable skateboard which you can carry around with ease, the Rimable Skateboard is really great. This 22” Inch Skateboard will give you a very calm and relaxing ride!


Atom Drop Through Longboard

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard, which is the latest addition to Atom’s long and reputable list of Drop-Through Longboards. The latest board from Atom comes with some of the newest and exciting technology Longboards have to offer. This board has one of the best turning radius today, combined with its low deck for quick movement and easy pushing, this board is an outstanding board which will provide you with a great ride.

Sanview Drop Through Longboard

The Sanview company has a long list of high-quality skateboards, but I believe this one could top them all. The design of the board combines classical cruiser boards, with sanviews cruiser twist, which merges into one of the best designs on today's market. This board is for the casual riders, looking for a form of transportation and even a side hobbie of riding around the streets. 

Volador Longboard

One of our favorites available for cruising due to its 8 Ply Maple Deck, which means the deck is made out of Maple allowing it to be a hard and sturdy base.The Volador board also comes with some great art to accompany your board, which will allow you to pop out on the street and make you stand out.

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All these Rimable Longboards and Skateboards are really fantastic, and they all come with there unique positives! If you're looking for a relaxing and nice ride, go with the RIMABLE Bamboo Drop Through Longboard, which will allow you to roam the streets with ease! If you’re looking for a great form of transportation and a board that can really do it all, go with the Rimable Pintail Longboard! If you’re looking for a board you can carry around with ease and have a fast and exciting ride, go with the Rimable 22” Complete Skateboard. Overall, these boards are all high-quality and I can assure you that these boards will provide an astonishing experience!

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