Best Skateboarding Helmets - Review of Best Skateboard Helmets

Helmets, something that every skater should have, and needs! Skating is a risky sport, and a helmet is needed if you want a safe ride. Injuring your head can change your life for the worst, so keeping your head safe, is the highest priority. Today, I will take you through 5 of the best skateboards helmets, so you can have a safe ride!

If you want a cool skateboard helmet, look no further than the, Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet is a state of the art, skateboard helmet, and will help you protect yourself when skateboarding!

The Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet is one of the best on the market, with some of the most innovative technologies in a skateboarding helmet. The Liner on the inside of the helmet helps to absorb all the sweat, it has a moisture-wicking layer that limits sweat drippage, making the helmet virtually stink proof. Also, the design of the board is really nice and simple, but nice.

Overall, the Triple Eight Skateboarding Helmet has some of the newest and most innovative and is a great option for all people looking for the best skate helmet!


  • Anti-Stink Technolgy
  • Nice Design
  • Adjustable Strap


  • Only one color variation

The Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet really is a classic masterpiece, and is an iconic helmet in the industry!

Firstly, I just wanted to appreciate the amazing design of this helmet, how slick it is and you can also pick from so many colors, this is one of the only helmets you can also look classy while riding. The helmet has a 2-stage soft foam liner, allowing for a comfortable helmet, but also a lightweight one so you can easily bring it around with you anywhere you want. The high-impact shell of the helmet is very durable and will protect you from the worst wipeouts!

Overall, the Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet is an amazing helmet and is an all-around great helmet with a hard shell protecting you from the worst crashes, but you can also look good with this beautifully designed helmet!


  • Color Variation
  • 2 Stage Soft Foam Liner
  • Lightweight Helmet
  • Very Durable


  • Weird Sizing

If you are looking for a helmet that really is going to protect you, look no further than the JBM skateboard helmet.

This helmet is one of the most heavy-duty helmets, keeping you safe from all types of crashes. The impact resistance technology adopts a durable shell of the helmet, which absorbs external pressure with ease. The board also has great ventilation, allowing your head to sweat less and really breath easier. But the thing I really loved about the helmet, are the adjustable straps, they allow for the perfect fit and really allow for a nice and relaxing ride. The design is also simple and has many colors.

Overall, this board is one that will really protect you. With great ventilation and impact resistance technology, you can be assured you will be protected with this helmet!


  • Impact Resistance
  • Good Ventilation
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Nice yet Simple Design


  • Not the comfiest helmet

Punisher is normally known for there high-quality, but they are also in the business of creating high-quality beautiful skateboarding helmets!

The Punisher Skateboard Helmet has the best designs I’ve ever seen for a skateboard helmet for kids. This helmet can be for girls, boys and even adults, there's heaps of variety to all the designs. The helmet has 11 vents, so you can stay cool and comfortable while skating! The helmet also has adjustable chin straps, and strong shell to prevent the worst of wipeouts.

Overall, the Punisher skateboard helmet is one the best skateboard helmets on the market and has enough designs that it can be worn by women, men and kids!


  • Can be worn by women, men, and kids.
  • Heaps of design
  • Comfortable Helmet
  • Strong Shell


  • It is a bigger helmet, making it hard for smaller heads to fit into.

The Razor Youth Skateboard Helmet is a cutting-edge helmet, with the newest safety technology to keep all imaginative kids safe!

Sometimes, kids do crazy stuff, especially if they're on a skateboard, so keeping them safe is of the highest importance. The Interior padding of this helmet is comfortable and secure, protecting kids head from banging straight onto concrete. This helmet has the most vents I’ve seen, 17 vents to get the most air onto your kids head, allowing for a calm and cool ride. The 14 different designs that this helmet has, allows for your kid to pick the right helmet for there personality!

Overall, this helmet is a cutting-edge, state of the art helmet which will protect kids from the falls they may experience!


  • 14 Different Designs
  • Comfortable
  • Lots of Padding
  • 17 Vents


  • Straps of the Helmet Adjust Weird

Do I really need a helmet?

There are many choices in life, some more obvious than others. This is a question I received via email not long ago, and I thought, is that really a question? In many cities these days, when your biking and skating is it law to wear a helmet, but if it is not law, please wear a helmet. Even though you might look dumb or get helmet hair, helmets save lives and you should always protect yourself when skating.

Person riding skateboard

Things to consider when buying a skateboard helmet?


Sizing is something that is really hard to work out when thinking about purchasing a skateboard helmet, but I’ll break it down for you right now.

The easiest way to measure you had is with a tape measure, place it above your eyebrows and not to tight, nor too loose and measure it. Most skateboard helmet companies will state the size of there helmets in inches.

Person on a ramp doing skateboard trick

If you are unable to find a tape measure, you can normally measure a hat that fits you and you can base it off that, as skateboard helmets are very similar sizes to hats.


Even though skateboard helmets can make anyone look goofy, you still want a nice looking skateboard helmet. There are many different designs, from slick black designs to more artistic designs. On the list, you can find so many designs that it would be hard to choose, designs for girls, designs for kids and slick black designs. There are so many designs for skateboard helmets, you should no trouble finding the perfect design for you.

How long do helmets last for?

Most helmet companies recommend to replace skateboard helmets every 5 years, and this is correct. Even if you barely wear the helmet or your landing on your helmet every day the foam inside the helmet may have changed, which means less protection for you head. There are a few things that cause helmets to decay faster than normal.

Firstly, UV rays cause helmets to degrade much faster, as it will degrade the helmets material. So try not to leave your helmet in the sun to long.

Also banging your helmet on things and crashing a lot can really cause your helmets insides and materials to degrade much faster. So make sure you aren’t being to rough with your helmet!

person riding longboard

What other gear will I need?

Helmets are the foundation for skateboard protection gear, but if you are just starting and want to really get protected, there are a few more things you should be picking up to protect yourself from a trip to the hospital.

Elbow & Knee Pads

These are something I always, always recommend. These two products can protect you hugely from nasty scratches because at the start of your skateboarding life you probably will have a few wipeouts.


DONT WEAR THONGS WHEN SKATING. I have seen a few people wearing non-enclosed shoes when skating, and I just cringe. Wearing enclosed shoes is so important firstly so you can get the best experience when skating, but also to protect your feet from getting ripped off. Your feet are so when riding a skateboard, so making sure you have the best skate shoes is a priority. 

person on ramp riding skateboard with sun in the backround


Overall, all these helmets provide something different, but they all will provide you with a safe ride, and comfortable ride! If you want a recommendation for a helmet, I recommend the Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet, but that's just my personal opinion. If you are intersted in a skateboard, check out Skatespheres Review!

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