10 Tricks For Beginner Skaters

10 skate tricks for starters

After learning the basics of skating, such as rolling, balancing and other basic movements, you can move onto more advanced tricks on skateboards. Now, tricks on skateboards are very, very hard and take a lot of time and practice to master or even get the hang off. Every professional skater started off their tricks somewhere, and this is that place. In this list, we list the best tricks for starting tricks. These moves are a reliable starting point for new skaters and for experienced skaters to learn new and exciting tricks that are relatively easy for experienced skaters. If you wish to become a well-rounded skater and know all the cool and new tricks, read below, and have fun skating! (If you would like to learn this tricks, we also recommend watching the video for a visual representation of the trick.)

1. Biebelheimer

A Biebelheimer is an exciting way to get on your board! Sometimes, this trick will fail miserably because your deck didn’t turn properly and that can be embarrassing, it takes some skill and luck to perform this trick. To perform this trick we recommend starting by grabbing the nose of the deck and slamming it down onto the floor your predominately stronger hand then your board will hopefully hit down onto the floor and spin over. To perform the entire trick you step forward with your back leg, as you are doing that in the same motion slam your board into the ground and allow it flip onto your front foot, then you can sort of leap onto your deck.

2. Ollie

Oh the Ollie, the trick even people who know nothing about skating know. The ollie is such as well known trick, this trick should be one of the first tricks you learn! We have a full guide on how to perform an Ollie Here!

3. Nollie

The Nollie, kind of sounds like the ollie, doesn’t it? Well because it's basically the ollie, but instead of using your back leg to pop off the deck, you’ll be using your front foot. To perform this trick, gain some momentum with your feet in the proper position (back foot just below halfway on the deck and front foot on the edge of the nose of the deck) then begin to lift your weight upwards and imagine performing the ollie motion just backward. Once you pop the back of your deck, lift your front foot up as soon as possible then control your ascent by scraping your back foot up the board. During the nollie, your feet should be level with trucks, and as you descend keep your deck as level as possible, and there you have it, you’ve completed a Nollie!

4. Shuvit

A Shuvit is a trick we definitely recommend learning. To Shuvit, you should start by gaining some motion and speed with your feet in the same position as the ollie, but allow your back-foot just to be hanging off the edge of the deck. Now you can begin to pop the board but this is where the shuvit is different, you have to allow the deck to do a 180 by rotating it with your foot at the same time! This will take a lot of practice and this is one of the harder skills on the list, but keep trying and practicing!

5. Kickflip

The kickflip is the oldest and is fundamental for most flip tricks. This trick was invented in the 70’s by freestyle skaters, even before the ollie. We have a full guide on the how to perform this trick Here!

6. Heelflip

The heelflip is normally known as the progression from the kickflip. The heelflip and the kickflip require similar skills and level of skill to complete. The difference between the two is that in the heelflip you flip the deck with your heel rather than with your toes. Let's start with your feet position, your back leg in the same position as an ollie, your front foot should be on the bolts of the deck and your toes just hanging off the edge, like ¾ of your front foot should be on the deck. To actually perform the trick make sure your feet are in the right position, then pop your tail then move your front foot up to the deck near the nose, then kick your front foot out so your heel will catch the edge of the nose of the board, this will allow your foot to flip with the back of your heel. After your heel has left the nose, your board will spin and rotate.

7. No-Comply

The No-Comply is one of the most advanced moves on this list, so if you're looking to perform this take extra-care and this will take time to perfect, as all the others do. To start, put your front foot on the bolts of your front truck, and place your back foot in the middle of the tail. In this trick, you have to really use your shoulders, before you pop the deck, prepare your shoulders and be ready for that 180 motion. Now take your front foot off the deck, and push the board down with your back foot, and your back foot will guide your board in a 180 motion. When this happens you need to jump and get out of the way of the board.

8. Rail Stand

A Rail stand is a simple trick where you flip your deck on its side. We recommend you do this trick toeside of the board. To perform this trick just put pressure on the toeside of the board until the heelside starts to rise up, then do a miniature jump to land onto the board when it is sideways!

9. Boneless

The Boneless is a classic street trick, which will take many attempts to learn, so take note. In a boneless, your front foot should be placed just in front of the front truck, and your back foot should place on top the bolts. To do a boneless, you need some momentum, we recommend you start slow so you can get used to it. If you're a goofy rider use your left hand, or if you're a regular rider, use your right hand to grab the middle of the board just behind the front trucks. Now start to slide your front foot off the board, then use your back foot and hand to pop the board like an ollie, make sure you catch it with your hand. Make sure you jump with the board as it's in the air, then you should start to level the board back out with your backhand and then you can land while putting your front foot back on the board.

10. 50-50 Grind

The 50-50 is a grind is a trick where you grind on a ledge, curb or whatever you would like to grind on. You can do a backward 50-50, or a forward 50-50, but we recommend you can actually see the obstacle in front of you, so do a forward 50-50 to start with. To start with a 50-50, make sure you're facing the obstacle in a parallel manner and your feet in the ollie position so you can ollie up to the ledge. Try to aim your trucks to edge of the ledge, and also don’t have a hard landing, this will make you stick onto the ledge, you have to have a smooth landing onto the ledge for this trick to work, during the grind make sure both of your feet are above the trucks for good balance. When you get the edge of whatever you are grinding on, move your body weight to the back of the board to slow down the board and then land and roll away.

That's it, our favorite tricks for all beginner skaters, we hope you’ve learned something and are able to start showing off your cool moves, thanks for reading!

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