How To Ollie For Beginner Skateboarders

starter guide for olle tircks

The Ollie is probably the most well regarded skateboard trick of all time. The Ollie is the basic skill to every skateboarding tricks, but it is very intimidating and scary to learn, if you're a beginner. But today we will break it down and help you start learning your first skateboarding trick. Every skateboarding learns at different rates, so take your time.

Before the Ollie.

With your back foot, you want to kick the back of your board with your back foot. This is will get you in the air and start the ollie. You will probably have to repeat this motion a bit, because it is very hard to get used to. Basically when you start, have your knees bent, then press your back foot on the ground, as you do that, when the back of the board touches the ground, your board will go in the air. When your board gets the air, try to get your knees up to your chest so your board can get more air.


Once your mid-air on the ollie, move your front foot to the top of the board. This has to be done in simultaneously coordinated fashion, to look like a ollie. So now that you're in the air, you should be half way through jumping and you should use your front foot as a ‘guide’ to landing yourself on the floor. It will kind of guide the position that you land. If you have your front foot horizontally, you will land horizontally. So make sure you foot is guiding you in the right place.

Staying balanced:

During the ollie, you HAVE to stay at a balanced body level, if  you lean too far back or too far forward you will just either, fall of the board or you land and you will fall off, either way you're gonna fall off if you do either of these things. Practice this by just riding your skateboard and staying at a balanced body level, believe this will help your ollie, and it will definitely help if you're a ollie beginner!


Landing is probably the most scariest part about performing an ollie. Once you're at the highest point of your ollie, brace yourself. Try to land with your knees bent so you don't injure yourself, bending your knees also helps control the board, which vital to a ollie. For Beginners skateboarders, bending your knees is something you need to think about, because when you're a beginner, you're thinking about other things, but make sure you focus on bending your knees.

Also, when you land make sure you land with your feet over the bolts of the skateboard, this will help with balancing yourself.

3. Whats Next?

After you have perfected the art of the ollie, we recommend you keep your progress of skateboard going, by learning a kickflip. A kickflip will teach you a lot about skateboarding, but can only be learnt if you know how to ollie, and guess what, you do! So try your best and keep learning, good luck!

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