Best Skateboard Workout

Skateboarding is very hard sport on your muscles, skateboarding takes a lot of energy and power in your muscles, so we created a guide on how to keep yourself fit and body fresh for your next skateboarding session!

Important Skateboard Muscles

There are a few muscles that are important to skateboarding, these include your lower back (balance), Calf, Core and balance, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves are all important to skateboarding and these are the main muscles you should be working on improving.



pic of calves

Calve Muscles are probably the most important to skateboarding overall. They help you keep balanced on a skateboard. A Calf workout should normally be around 20 minutes long. The best workout for strengthening the calf is the Barbell Calf Raises. Make sure your under the barbell with your feet split under it, one behind it and one in front. Hold the barbell with your hands split shoulder width apart and hands facing forward. Once you're ready, place the bell on the top of your shoulders, then get lift up by lifting your heels of the grown, that's one rep.

holding a barbell

Core Muscle

Strengthening your core muscles is important for balance and rotating your body on a skateboard. To improve your core there are many different ways to do it, here we will name the simplest and ones you can do at home. A Plank is actually a great way to improve your core, it strengthens your abdominal region. Make sure you lay down straight and have your toes and hands straight out to gain the full effect of planking. Hip Lifts are also a great way to improve your core strength, hip lifts. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms flat on the ground. Slowly lift your mid-section of your body on the floor and this will improve your core muscles.

strengthen the core muscles

Quadriceps & Hamstrings

Your Quads and Hamstrings do most of the hard work in skateboarding. To gain muscle in those areas of your body you should do Dumbbell and Barbell Lunges. These Lunges are great for helping growing and gaining balance in your quads. Leg Press can also help grow your quads, Leg Presses are done by sitting yourself down on a leg press machine and pushing up and down weights, you can’t do this one at home, but you can do Sprints at home which are great for gaining muscle in your quads, make sure you lift your knees while doing these squats because that's how you gain muscle in your quads.

Lower Back

Your lower back helps your balance and helps you gain core strength in your back and stomach. Make sure you keep improving your lower back, some good exercises to practice are wall sits, lean yourself on a wall and sit yourself down like you're on a chair, but there is no chair and see how long you can hold yourself on the wall. Sit-ups are also a great thing you can do everyday to improve your lower back!

exercise lower back


To achieve anything in life, you need repetition. So this Skateboard Workout is not easy and you should keep pushing yourself to go faster and faster. Make sure you keep repeating this exercise if you are interested in improving your skateboarding and gaining muscles. Doing it once does not help, make sure you keep pushing everyday to complete these achievements.


If you're looking to get fit for skateboarding look no further than these excersises. We also have a page dedicated to the best overall skateboards!

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