How To Improve At Skateboarding 
Tips To Being  A Better Skateboarder

improve at skateboarding

Now that you're comfortable on a skateboard, it's time to learn how you can improve upon your base learning.

Sometimes in life we get at a point where we feel stuck at the same point, that we can’t move forward. Doing the same things that you know over and over again will get you the same results, and it will become boring.


If you think your the best you can be, your not. Having the fundamentals for anything is the most important part of improving. Before you start trying to get your skateboarding skills better, make sure you have the basics of skating! Tricks likes Ollies and Kickflips should already be known if you're trying to get better. If you're a complete beginners, learning fundamentals means discovering the basic movement of skating. Basically, make sure you feel comfortable on a skateboard, and work your way up.

Surrounding Yourself With The Best:

With learning any skill, indulging yourself with people that are far, far better than you can dramatically improve your skills. You can learn off their talent and skills, you can ask questions and become a all round better skateboarder. But some people don’t have that leverage of being able to just skate with others and skaters that are better than them. But we all have internet, look up videos of talented skaters, and discover what you and them do differently.


Sometimes, being positive when you're down is quite hard. Let’s say you’ve been practicing this skating trick for quite a while now and you just can get it. You would want to just move on to another trick, wouldn’t you? But you should change your mindset to keep pushing, skating is one of the hardest sports in the world to learn and patience and practice could be your key to discovering how to improve in skateboarding. When you go to skateboard, clear yourself of all crap and negative thoughts in your mind, skating should be a place where you can have fun and enjoy it, clearing your mind. If you start to feel burnt out of skating, take a break for a week or two. So when you return, you feel positive and have a spark inside of you to push even harder.

Ramps & Risks

TAKE RISKS, now i'm not talking about trying to skate off a cliff and trying to learn how to land straight, take risks in trying to learn new things. My recommendation is trying to purchase a ramp and then using it to do more harder, daring tricks. This will can only make you a better skater over time and raise your skill level dramatically.


Another great way to improve your skateboarding skills is by fitness, and a great way to improve is actually yoga! Try out Yoga to improve your flexibility on the board!


To Improve at skateboarding, you have to be committed and willing to keep learning. Surround yourself with people more experienced, and keep your head high when it looks hard. On skatesphere we also have many other guides!

Best of luck in your skateboarding journey!

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