How to Kickflip on a Skateboard

skater doing a trick

After you have mastered the art of performing a ollie, you can move onto a advanced basic skill, the kickflip. A Kickflip is when you catch a skateboard mid-air after it has done a full rotation and landing it, now this skill takes weeks, even months to even get any sort of hang of. But make sure you keep practicing, especially all you beginners out there, you will get better. You will go from beginner to advanced in no time with this quick, in-depth how to guide on kickflips.

Standing For A Kickflip

This stance is very similar to the one of the ollie, put your back foot on the tail of the board and put the ball of your front foot on the skateboard, a little bit of your front should be off the deck, this is so you can perform the kickflip. Try to get the board rolling before you perform the trick, doing still will cause more problems to doing the trick.

standing on a board

The Pop

The pop is just what you did in the ollie, you should already know how to do this if you're learning how to do a kickflip. It's very similar to a ollie, but your feet just do different things, so try to do pop the skateboard as high as you can for this trick.

Body Positioning

When you perform the kickflip, like the ollie, you shouldn’t be leaning crazy backward or forward, try your best to get your body in a upward position. This will help with balance and if you lean forwards or backwards, you will fall off.

body stance positioning on a deck

The Flick

When you get in the air, you should slide your foot up like you do in a regular ollie, slide it up to the nose of the deck and flick the nose your deck with your front foot. It like shewing away a fly that is trying to eat your food, try to get the same motion with your foot to the front of the deck. A kickflip is like a ollie but instead of stopping, continue the drag toward the heel edge corner of your deck. Using the top of your toes, flick the board. Make sure you don’t kick the skateboard down when doing this motion. This will make it so that your foot is under the skateboard, making it basically impossible to land. Make sure you are really trying to get the nose of the skateboard when you flick it. If you flick lower or doing anything weird, you won't get the proper flick.

flicking the board

Moving Away

After flicking the deck with your front foot, get your body out the motion so the board can perform the flick, if you get your body in the way, the board will hit you in the back, Ouch! Try to pull your front foot up as soon as you flick the deck, keep practicing and you’ll get use to this move. (Yes, this is all happening in the air, you’ll get use to it)

Catching the board

Once the skateboard has fully span around, you have to catch it with your feet mid-air, it will be a hard task but once you got the move you can get used to it. To catch it, get your back foot on the back of the deck, your front foot will just follow it.

skater catching the board in the air


Once you have caught the deck, it's time to land, get your body in an upright position, and get your knees bent for the best landing, once your feet are on it you’ll kind of just fall into the landing, roll away after that! If looking for more information about skateboards, click here!

Thanks for reading, good luck!

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